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  1. Hi guys I need some help with my 72 2002s hazard switch wiring, someone removed the plastic retainer that holds all of the female connectors. The colors of the wires are one green/yellow, one green/purple, one purple/black, one blue/brown, one blue/black and one connector with 4 red/white. I have 2 good switches that are both 8 pin one came with the car the other is a spare from some parts i bought. I've spent the last 2 hours trying to figure it out and I can get the turn signals to work but not the 4 flasher. I just need a picture if someone could help that would be awesome! -Sevag Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G925A using Tapatalk
  2. I would like one of the regular high/low beam switches. Pm sent.
  3. Philosophy ain't my thing, I deal with facts. In any case glws man, I truly hope you get every penny of what you're asking. -Sevag Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G925A using Tapatalk
  4. I did a quick ebay search of "automobile quarterly 25th" and I found a few with that same cover although there were no pics of the 2002 sections I'm assuming the content is the same. They seem to be ranging from $3-$10 each depending on condition. Some are in sets of 4 or 5 other books which are around $20. Not trying to be a dick or anything just shedding some light. -Sevag
  5. My 02 search began when I was 15 finally after 3 years I found the perfect car for my budget. Yep so got mine when I was 18 me and my dad are still working on the car and I go to college as well here so finding the time is difficult but it's coming to an end. My advice to myself if I were 18 and just bought my 2002 would be to take it easy and not cut corners, you're going to enjoy the end result.much more. And oh yeah put school before your 02, trust me ik this was difficult for me too but ultimately it's ur future. My father grounded me from working on the car several times when he noticed my grades dropping haha. Have fun with ur 02 ik u will! Thanks, -Sevag
  6. I am having the same exact problem as JP. Same things he described with the rotating symbol, seems like it is trying to search for something but it cannot find it. Thanks, -Sevag
  7. Limey I saw that beautiful roof rack on the car at Vintage and I've been looking for one since. Not supposing you'll part with it since you're selling the car now? I would love to buy it. Thanks, -Sevag
  8. I need the early headlight high low switch pm sent! Thanks, -Sevag
  9. Dang that alpina pin is a want. Thanks, -Sevag
  10. Are you thinking about different colors? Perhaps a grey or something? Thanks, -Sevag
  11. I like that steering wheel pm sent. Thanks, -Sevag

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