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  1. Any progress on finding an A/C solution lately?  I’m in SW FL, so certainly am looking to take 2002 climate control to the next level.  I think I have now read everything on the site about this, and it’s not real promising if you want to keep your glovebox, but trying to complete my homework before I commit to a conventional solution.

    1. West Palm 2002

      West Palm 2002

      I used a period correct berh console 

      and all other parts new 

  2. Prefer enclosed but I’m not sure I can afford it. i would like to work with owner/operator thanks
  3. Struck gold is about right i don’t think there are any “rust-Free” original o2’s left. it took me 6 years to find my 1972 o2 I had no budget and traveled across the nation 4x’s
  4. After install of led tail lights I needed to change to electronic relay. is there also a electronic relay for wipers ?
  5. This is for 1968 1600 Prefer something nice
  6. With all due respect, even if you rebuild this car the best possible, it will though of as a Salvaged car. your insurance and his combined should cough up $ 60,000 for equal car in concourse condition
  7. West Palm 2002


    This is what it looks like put back together . All the parts were there. No Rust, No Body damages Lots of spray primer over were owner polished the paint off car.
  8. At this point I don’t know who speaks for Ireland Engineering with multiple poster appearing to be owner or employees could the Real Ireland Engineering step forward ?
  9. I’m the owner of the engine being discussed, I did inquire about adjusting the valve clearance and what was the recommendation. I was told that with only 240 miles it was too soon to worry about. Driving home from cars and coffee I heard a sudden high pitched noise from engine i estimate it took 4 miles to exit interstate. home is 1 miles from I-95 i discovered the number one exhaust valve concentric loose but still in place. I Removed the concentric to photograph the top of valve. the photographs were taken down to prevent negative or abusive comment. my only purpose for posting in the first place was to find advice from the builder at a late hour. My impatience came from my desire to drive the car from west palm Beach to Greenville, sc to attend the bmwcca Octoberfest. in the end, Jeff Ireland called me and offered to overnight a OverSized Concretic which allowed me to drive to Greenville and to Cesar’s Head state park. It’s a well built engine that had a little accident. when I return to west palm beach I intend to replace the valve ( which Jeff is also sending)
  10. Slight hesitation, need air/gas reader tuner familiar with 123 tune etc im on the road
  11. Need part number for the short one I searched but couldn’t find
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