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  1. I decided to replace the inline fuel filter . mine is between the pump and carb. the plastic housing is a almost see through but, has become less see through. when I cut it open to inspect I noticed the inside plastic was sticky like it was slightly started to melt ? I prefer a see through Any recommendation?
  2. Check that it shifts before install the shift fork can go between gears and basically lock had to remove mine and free by removing detent plugs
  3. Gertrag Guru’s are rarely found locally these days your luck to find one nationally. recently I sent my 245 from west palm beach to Missouri, metric mechanic company they have been the go to for 30 years. The owner, Jim, informed me that bearings and some Partd can be sourced but, he could not find many major parts and he was no longer able to rebuild some transmissions. He had suggested it was now 240 the go to for 5 speed my rebuild plus sourced parts was $ 4000
  4. I’m sorry mike but, I disagree with you. im certainly Not losing air every 100 miles. I averaged 250 miles between fill ups and it I start to lose air I want to know as soon as possible do I do something about it. Eyeballing it and having the exact pounds mob your cell phone is a big difference
  5. I’m a road tripping o2’ owner. Each year I drive to The Vintage from Florida and usually make it a 8 day trip. I’ve had a few trip ending breakdowns and now I pack for all potential fails. one thing I’ve learned to do every gas stop is check the tires for whatever’s and check the tire pressure. This can be very time consuming so I’m considering the Garman brand tire pressure monitor that shows on my iPhone. anyone else use any brand of monitors? are there other Bluetooth devices that can send water temp ?
  6. Thanks for all the replies, the photographs they clearly show best methods. Please indulge me with a Follow up question if you don’t mind. do any of you care to part with your MM tranny ?
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