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  1. What does Florida have to do with anything ??
  2. Me too i almost bit but, he insisted on vemo
  3. Me too i almost bit but, he insisted on vemo
  4. Three times since January I’ve been approached by sellers who refused to sell through PayPal today another revealed as scammers
  5. Need early oval water bottle with cap and decent tool roll for show car will trade
  6. I’ve been told this fits a 1966 bmw i need a wiper water bottle and tool roll will trade
  7. My connections are all tight but does this still require hose clamps?
  8. 13 months later and it’s installed in my car it will need its first valve adjust soon, what clearance ?
  9. Anyone who thinks this car is over priced , should sell their car for half this price just to prove a point.
  10. Need to complete display of car

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