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  1. Thanks for amping up my confusion. im waiting for seller to remove and photograph
  2. According to the Man himself, Jeff Ireland says it is 4:11 ratio because it is in a 1602 bmw switched from long neck to short in 1969 ? Ratio remained the same to gear down the smaller engine
  3. No, that is the earlier 1600 differential (long neck) im referring to a 1970 short neck in a 1602 i can’t exam because I’m buying from remote
  4. Would you know the part number for 1970 1602 differential?
  5. Can anyone tell me the gear ratio in this car ? thanks
  6. Thanks the horns most like the old school Maserati were listed as “tour” horns and supposedly are used in the Tour de France
  7. Turns out there is no repair or parts department at Stebel mine is not working because internal corrosion
  8. Thanks now where can I buy horns for the one I’ve got ?
  9. Thanks guys but, the Horns your sharing are not what got everyone excited back in the 70’s. the Horns I’m referencing make a modulating sound , in other words the low and high horns do not sound at the same time, they rotate into a Tutely sound i found the sound on YouTube but I don’t know how to share the link. now I need replacement horns
  10. I have the same set you have in my o2 i just hooked it up to my exiyhorn wiring I did not have to drill any used various existing bolts
  11. One of the earliest mods was the Italian Air Horns . There were several brands. the most popular were the ones claimed to be Maserati and made a distinctive tuteling sound that require 3 horns. the one pictured came from a 1968 1600. im not sure what to expect ounce it works. anyone have knowledge of this brand or model?
  12. Why soapy water ? Duct tape to tail pipe just blow air and check for air blowing out of joints
  13. The owners manual says there is 7.5 watts going to 4 speakers every modern speaker has minimums My double my watts which speakers will work best Without Amp ?

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