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  1. West Palm 2002


    Please explain the scenario by whic this happened. are you sure k
  2. West Palm 2002

    WTB Behr ac console

    Two guys who replied to this post are still looking for a possible. one man found his, fan turns but evaperator coil is not pressure tested and it’s priced on the upper side. i know the right one will eventually show
  3. West Palm 2002

    Rubber flaps on headlights surround

    Thanks mike, that’s exactly what i was looking for
  4. Pictured is the piece of headlight surround on my 1968 I need the rubber flap that goes onto it ( you can see glue residue). possibly Bmw part number 63 12 8 660 109 ? seems to be NLA has anyone sorces another material that can be substituted? thanks
  5. West Palm 2002

    FS.Still Loads of Parts for 2002 and 2002Tii

    I could not find wends in our preveous conversations ? my cell is 561-502-2009
  6. “Like New” restorations are what I’m all about. i like what you have done $80K sounds about right
  7. West Palm 2002

    Ac question installing r12 charging ports

    R12 is the Meth of freons r134 is the sleepy time tea
  8. West Palm 2002

    Trunk design Trivia

    Looks exactly like my 1967 1600
  9. West Palm 2002

    Ac question installing r12 charging ports

    I think it’s r134 because it’s a brand new evaporator that says it’s r134
  10. Can I install r12 charging ports on my r134 system my complete system will be brand new with correct oil for r12
  11. West Palm 2002

    WTB Behr ac console

    Still looking
  12. West Palm 2002

    Brand New Oil Pumps available at W&N!

    They’re not competing, they’re conspiring
  13. West Palm 2002

    Ac parts help please

    Here’s another question i searched Ebay and amazon noticed the condensers were all made in China. I’m not too keen on the quality of Chinese manufactured. I am a fan of Japanese manufactured. i researched and found the major supplier to oem Japanese is ( calsonic Kansei) I searched their site but couldn’t find dimensions only model of cars used in as replacements. i truly wish there was a sorce of higher quality componets
  14. West Palm 2002

    Ac parts help please

    May I ask, at what point is it necessary to upgrade alternator? and what upgrade requires no alterations ? the afore mentioned spal 505 draws 13 amps, how many amps are available to play around with on a oem alternator?
  15. West Palm 2002

    Ac parts help please

    Hey Rob, i read your book thinking I would just ( read the parts about bmw02) but in fact I read it cover to cover and have referred to it numerous times tying to self learn automobile ac. thanks also to your art department and your sense of humor it’s quite readable. every car enthusiast should have a hard copy of his cars factory shop manual and a copy of your books on vintage electric and a/c