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  1. mateomateo

    Windshield Wiper Arm

    Looking for a left or a set for a '76. Silver or black in decent shape would work. Thanks!
  2. mateomateo

    FS.Wiper Arms,Silver Or Black. Lots more 02 Parts

    Hi there, Possible that either silver or black are still available?? For a '76. (have heard varying opinions on whether all years are compatible) M
  3. mateomateo

    1976 Windshield Wiper Arm

    thanks buckeye, was the left one that flew off. gonna see if someone might have one and post in parts wanted. thanks for the tip! m
  4. hi there, i recently got caught in a torrential rain storm a few miles from home and had a windshield wiper arm ripped right off my 2002 entering a tunnel and obviously wasn't able to retrieve it. anyone have any thoughts on where to secure one of these? also any thoughts on year compatability? have a '76 as mentioned in title. appreciate any tips! m
  5. mateomateo

    Vintage Style Roof Rack

    @thinksound_mike thanks man! will look into it. perhaps pedro's was the link i had awhile back that i lost and couldn't find. either way, much appreciated.
  6. mateomateo

    Vintage Style Roof Rack

    See this gets posted occasionally, but I found someone making vintage style, (in the vein of type 1), roof racks awhile back, that were very reasonable, but have lost the post/link. Any thoughts out there? Looking to fit one to my 1976. Thanks for any thoughts and/or recs. M