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  1. Unfortunately I was rear-ended earlier last week. The damage is done. I would really just love to get my car back in the condition it was! I have attached pictures on the damage caused by this rear-end collision. The insurance auto appraiser has already done his assessment of the damages on my car. His personal opinion or maybe policy of the insurance company is to replace those parts that have been damaged, remove/reinstall parts that have not been damaged, pull the rear panel, and paint affected areas. In researching rear-end collisions in this forum I found one case in which the rear panel was replaced. The other rear-end collision post were about possible total loss cases(no conclusion was brought to those posts). I am wondering what this community believes would be the best repair for this damage? I have not taken it in to a shop yet. I am still researching shops in my area. I am located in the Bay Area. Are there shops you all recommend I should look into?
  2. P, Like Mike87 mentioned take off the door panel and see what has failed. It will more then likely be the window regulator. A couple weeks ago I was going to fix my window that didn't roll up all the way. While messing with it, a pin from the regulator broke. I tried to MacGyver it but I ended up finding a pin similar to it. I had to do some custom garage fab work to it but it worked! -Kike
  3. I'm not sure if you all have heard of Lyft, but its one of their pink mustaches. Just threw it on there for kicks and giggles. It's not a hybrid color, its just Sahara. It's the lighting that makes it look yellowish.
  4. Yo folks, My cousin, friend and I finally took some pictures of our cars together. The cars in the pictures are my friends 1970 Volkswagen Beetle, my 1972 BMW 2002 and my cousins 1977 Volkswagen Bus. My friend who shot the pictures posted them on the teams blog. Check them out! http://teammacktalk.wordpress.com/2014/08/13/young-guys-classic-cars/
  5. Oh and I look forward to learning more on here and sharing my experience with my 02!
  6. I posted up a topic a couple weeks ago asking about a BMW 2002 as a DD. I just got one! A 1972 BMW 2002. I'll post some more info on it and more pictures after I detail it tomorrow. But for now here it is! Hey folks! Sorry I took super long to get back at this. Im Enrique, I just graduated with a civil engineering degree from Pacific, NorCal resident and I love soccer. A month ago today I picked up my 1972 2002! I purchased it from an amazing third owner. Here is a history from his records of the car.... 1972 BMW 2002 VIN: ####### (April ’72) Ownership history First owner, name unknown, 1972-1975 Second owner, John , 1975-2003 Third owner, Steve , 2003-2014; mileage: 147,800 at purchase; mileage on 2/09/2014: 166,006; total mileage since 2003: 18,206 Fourth owner, Enrique, 2014-present: Description Rebuilt 4 cylinder original engine, 10/1999, 125,420 miles, Bimmers BMW Service, Belmont, CA (now San Carlos, CA) Mileage on rebuilt engine: 40,586 5-speed manual transmission conversion, same as above Drive shaft reconditioned (all bearings, front bushing, Giubo) and balanced, 3/2007 Reconditioned cylinder head and all-new valves and rocker assembly (original head: stripped threads in #1 cylinder spark plug hole), 4/2006, 157,530 miles, Alpina Car Center, Napa, CA; mileage on head on 2/09/2014: 8476 Paint (body work, bare metal sanding, primer, Sahara color coat, clear coat), 12/2003, Hanerhaus, Santa Rosa, CA) All new body trim, re-chromed all bumper parts, new window seals and sunroof seals, heavy duty sway bar, 12/2003, Hanerhaus, Santa Rosa, CA New custom carpet (Porsche material), 11/2003, Silverado Upholstery, Napa, CA New trunk custom carpet, 4/2007, Silverado Upholstery, Napa, CA Recaro seats; new front console; AM-FM-CD and Boston Acoustic speakers Always kept in the garage, never driven in bad weather Exterior, interior and mechanical condition: excellent Original keys (copy used for driving), original owner’s manuals; BMW shop manual (blue binder), BMW parts manuals v. 1+2, other BMW manuals; some spare parts Repair history (partial list) Exterior, interior and mechanical repairs as described above New exhaust system, 11/2003 New radiator, hoses, thermostat, 7/2004 New rear brake drums, shoes, cylinders, parking brake cables 11/2004 New alternator (upgraded output type) and new voltage regulator, 12/2004 Electronic ignition, Pertronix, 7/2005 New ignition switch (at key), 8/2005 New engine mounts 12/2006 New distributor, 4/2008 New front brakes (calipers, rotors, pads), all new Bilstein Heavy Duty shock absorbers, reconditioned original steel wheels, 9/2011, Bavarian Professionals, Berkeley, CA Rebuilt Weber 32/36 carburetor, 6/2012, purchased from 2002 Haus, installed by Bavarian Professionals, Berkeley, CA So the car was kept in really good condition, it has been treating me well and has been a real joy to my life. As Steve told me, "To know one is to love one." I thought I loved it before I even had one but I am definitely loving my car more as I drive it and learn more about it. All I have done to is since purchase is add a newer stereo and gave it a good exterior and interior detail( I have been lagging on the engine bay detail though). I have a little bit of wrenching experience and love to learn and be hands on with stuff. Currently this is my daily driver. Its on and off hot but mostly hot out here in Cali but I have always liked to roll windows down so driving with no ac and riding windows down in the heat is no problem especially since this car is awesome! A little minor issue that came up a week ago was the brake lights weren't working. Quick fix, wiring was loose. I plan on getting third brake light since I am still a little nervous about getting rear ended( I was rear ended in my like two months ago in my Corolla which I don't have anymore). Here are some more pictures...
  7. I took everything you all had to say into consideration. Thank you all very much for taking the time and giving me your input. I thought about my decision a lot to get a 2002 and this Friday I will be the owner of one. The gentleman who is selling me the car shared this quote with me "to know one is to love one." I already like this car and will love it as it grows with me. I look forward to being part of this community, thank you all very much again.
  8. I am interested in purchasing a BMW 2002. I have always been interested in this car and will be getting one if not now sometime in my life time. By that I mean have one and fix it up as I grew older and take it for joy rides and so on. I was in a collision about three weeks ago and my car was called a total loss by the insurance. So I need to get a new car. I figured why not get the 2002 now. I have a couple concerns though and questions if you all could help me out or give me your experience with your 2002. How is the 2002 for a daily driver? I know it's an old car and reliability on old cars sometimes isn't that good but what about the 2002? Another one is the cars configurations. I like the car a lot and would probably like driving it around and bear the fact that it doesn't have a moderns car configurations. So...have you all ever thought when sitting at a red light either hot or cold from the weather conditions and with music or no music because of the cars audio system and pulling off the line slowly hearing every noise from the motor and road.....have you ever thought I wish or I want or I miss modern features of cars these day? If you all have any other insides of what it is to own a 2002, I would appreciate if you told me your story. Or even if you have an opinion on what I should do. Many Thanks, Enrique
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