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  1. They are the original black. But Note that the vinyl is shot.
  2. It is available. As far as the year? Someone else might be able to help us here. I'll try to find a Vin#.
  3. Sorry Mvliotta. I really don't see myself dismantling and shipping parts, my Saturdays are worth a whole lot more than I'm asking for these. Thus STILL AVAILABLE.
  4. Its just sitting there. GOOD GLASS. Used the vent window on my car when it was first broken into. Now the cars stolen, just gotta get these parts out of my parents house. $25. offer up. Pick up in Costa mesa Ca.
  5. SOLD THANKS FOR YOUR INTEREST, GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR 2002'S Come get these out of my parents garage. Plenty of good parts on these. Or good restoration candidate. But the ass pads are shot. $45. obo shoot me an offer. Pick up only. In Costa mesa CA (orange county) close to OCC.
  6. BTW. Everyone keep an eye out for my car it was stolen 3 weeks ago. 1970 malaga with a black interior snatched up in los angeles 90036. Maybe whoever has her wants to pick up the original seats.
  7. loic althaus

    Custom One-Off Roof Rack Build for a BMW 2002

    Wow. Lucky guy. Can't imagine that kind of detail and labor being conducive to selling. That's a piece of art. Great documentation also.
  8. Price:: 70. obo Location: : Costa Mesa CA Okay condition. Vent window frame is bent. But all glass is good. Pick up weekends only.
  9. Price:: 70. obo Location: : Costa Mesa CA Nice chrome. They will need some serious upholstery work to bring back to life but mechanical they are good to go. Available for pickup weekends only.
  10. Just brought my car back into the city for one week and its gone. Keep your eyes peeled. If you see a heap of malaga body panels or a fresh motor for sale let me know. She's a 1970 with a bunch of rust and bent chrome, so not a whole lot of value in her but she's worth a whole lot to me. I'm sure that she wont pop up for a couple of months if ever. But its worth putting the word out. vin # 1670148. No really defining go fast parts but the motor is rebuilt repainted. Don't have the vin for the block unfortunately. Car has a bad quality repaint of the original malaga color. Rusted though rocker on passenger side. CH (Switzerland) sticker on the back window. Newish black and white coco check floor mats. Kenwood stereo. Mismatch black vinyl seats. Rust through on the spare well. Blue plate on the back (726APW), round import plate on the front. SHOEI Lawson graphics helmet in the trunk.
  11. loic althaus

    Vent Window frame

    Hi there. Do you still have these frames? My car was just broken into and the vent window frame was crowbarred. Would you be willing to ship to Los Angeles?
  12. My Car was on the street in the orthodox Jew neighborhood off of La Brea and 3rd. Suffered some major damage to the vent window frame on the passenger side. Also had the ignition drilled out. Looks like I got lucky that they didn't finish the job. Just a warning to others in the Los Angeles area. My car is not at all restored or nice looking. Its a daily driver with rust and a bad paint job. Keep your cars safe. I'm taking mine out of LA all together.