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  1. the drive is a loop around lake Roesinger, south thru Monroe, then back to Snohomish on Highbridge rd. about a 2hr cruise. if we leave by 10:00, should be back for lunch by 12:30 Hopefully the rain will hold off till later. Let's GO
  2. Great day for a drive today! saturday...maybe not? so, I'm thinkin'... we got the chance, we otta take it. these cars can dance, no need to fake it. So, c'mon everybody... won't break it. let's shake it! meanwhile...I'm still thinkin'... if it's a DRIZZLER, we'll omit it. dry and sunny? that'll git it. (OR,if the forecast gets worse, we can move it to next saturday, Oct 24th)
  3. Contact ANTON, he makes a great set of conversion brackets. [email protected]
  4. Come show your Verona, Inka, Malaga too, Turkis, Mintgrun, and Riviera blue, and the elegant Chamonix (for you Stu) (don't forget the donuts) Come to HARVEY AIRFIELD , Snohomish, WA SAt morning 9:00 ish OCT. 17th (all colors are welcome...even Primer! and Nevada) Anton
  5. bluebeem

    1. Duke906




      I have back dated my 75 rear bumpers and now am turning my attention to the front, You are mentioned as a source for a slick bracket that mounts the front bumper at the correct height.  Do you still manufacture these?  Price and availability?


      Kevin R.



  6. I'v got a nice hood from a '72 CS parts car, Seattle area, 425/334-0807 Anton
  7. Steve, I've replied thru the link many times but the last time i tried all i got was a notice... 'you don't have permission to do that' ??? how do I get permission? thanks Anton
  8. I've got a '72 that's just about to go to the scrap yard. I could cut that piece out for you. $80 plus shipping from Seattle. Anton
  9. I'm selling 4 14" gold center mesh wheels with almost new 195-60-14 tires, mounted and balanced wheels are VIA european I 6-jj-14 offset 15. I love 'em, they fit great- no rubbing but... I'm in Seattle...$500 plus shipping? Anton

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