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  1. Those are euroweaves 15x7 et24. I am currently running those wheel with no rubbing. My car is lower then that one, but my tires are slightly stretched.
  2. Spankins6


  3. Hi, I'm looking for a hood. Can be really crappy, but needs to fit on a car. In or around the central pa area. Let me know if you can help me out. -Josh
  4. I have a set of great condition e21 turbine wheels that came with my 2002 when I bought it. The size is 13x5 1/2 et18. The sumitomo htr 200 tires (205/60r13) are in good condition with a lot is life left. One tire has marks due to rubbing on the fender (can see in picture). $250obo Pick up only, sorry.
  5. I have a set of e21 recaros for sale. I had these in my 2002 before I got different seats. The fabric has been patched and are perfect candidates to be reupholstered. Comes with 2 extra lower bolsters foam. Pick up only, sorry. $170 OBO
  6. I'm guessing these are gone? If not, pm me.
  7. Stretch fro rubbing for sure. I bought the wheels before i lowered it and realized I was going to rub. I still had to roll the fenders even after. Thats why the autocross set up is different, I learned my mistake.
  8. Currently, the car sits on BBS euroweaves (15x7 et24) with 175/50r15 sight stretch to fit. The suspension is Bilstien struts with H&R springs one coil cut. For autocross, I am running 13x6 (haven't found wheels yet) with 185/60r13. The plan starting next week is to put in the e21 lsd and camber & toe correctors. As as for the engine and trans, stock engine, about to put dual side drafts with IE headers for better flow. The trans is a 5 speed out of an e21.
  9. Dont know why I am just seeing this. But yes, it's my car.
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