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  1. I am going to go but I might not drive the 2002
  2. I made it home with no problems
  3. I am no longer going to be at the peets downtown. I will be meeting the roseville group in west sac
  4. What time do you plan on leaving?
  5. here's what I'm thinking. meet up at the peets coffee on 19th st in the downtown/midtown sacramento and leave around 7-7:30ish. I think that location is generally on the way for most of us.
  6. is anyone here planning on going? do you want to drive down there together?
  7. it was nice to meet you guys yesterday
  8. I'm interested but I can't seem to PM you. feel free to call or text me.
  9. I'm sure everyone will be there as long as nothing more important is going on
  10. this sunday morning would work for me. I can meet up where ever
  11. yes, I was selling this car last summer but ended up changing my mind. It has a salvage title. The car runs but has a 32/36 weber carb that probably needs to be rebuilt. sometimes will smoke on deceleration. The previous owner started modifying this car. I think he was trying to turn it into a race car. there is a large aluminum radiator and a non stock alternator and the battery has been relocated to the trunk. needs new center bearing. there is some rust. has cloth recaro seats, momo steering wheel, new starter, the wrong size 14" wheels. Currently registered until December 2017.
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