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  1. Thanks all, these comments helped. I also read about the companion cylinder method and that helped greatly as well.
  2. Hi all, Doing my first 02' valve adjust using the 'rule of 9' I have rotated the cam so lobe #2 is what I believe fully displacing the rocker (See pic). Using the rule of 9 I determine I need to adjust #7 (9-2) I cannot get the finest feeler gauge I have under this rocker and it appears the lobe is at 9' oclock relative to the vertical axis of the motor viewed from front If I then try #8 I can get this thin feeler under the rocker and the lobe is at 6'o clock. I would assume I need to essentially adjust each valve when the lobe is pointing down (6 o'clock) or 180Deg away do there is no displacement? If this is the case that would visually be #8 Where is my logic wrong, as it feels like there is zero gap at #7 (and hence likely a little valve compression) it seems counter intuitive to adjust this?
  3. Bought a set of rear bumpers early May. Got an email in June saying delayed another 14-21 days but will try and expedite. Have tried to get a response on Ebay and PP since and complete and utter radio silence. Anyone had any issues - should I expect to eventually see my bumpers?
  4. So when I first read this I was skeptical but thought I would give it a go anyway. I reproduced the same effect by putting the car in gear, depressing the clutch and then starting it a couple of times to see if it would break the clutch plate loose. It did! Just took my "finished" car for a drive and I now have a list of the other 15 things I need to do! 😁 Thank you so much!
  5. Thanks, I will do and let you know. I'm a little confused though because pressure bled the system at 15 psi until clear fluid went through from the reservoir and that did not have any effect. All that was done with the clutch lever un- depressed but I did not think that would make any difference?
  6. I bled it with my wife helping. I would open the nipple and she would push down fast and then retract slowly and repeat several times and then I would close the nipple. Do I need to close the nipple at the bottom of every push down stroke and reopen at the top instead?
  7. No I get in there and pay attention the clutch pedal also feels very light when the motor is off
  8. OK, quick history. Car drove a shifted beautifully (but sloppily) a month ago Have been going over the car - new springs, struts, sways, brakes etc etc. I did not mess with the gearbox or clutch themselves but did fit a linkage refresh kit and short shift. Today, off stands finally ready to drive! With the motor off the shifter snicks beautifully into every gear, I can feel it engage. With the motor on will not go into gear. If you turn it off, put it in reverse, depress the clutch and then start it rolls backwards so I conclude clutch not disengaging. I knew I had redone the brakes so I got back under and pressure bled the clutch cylinder. No bubbles and no impact on issue. In general I have been rolling around under the car on a dolly, probably knocking stuff around. Any thoughts - don't think is a big issue just an unintended consequence or mistake of something else I did recently?
  9. Sprayed a little starter fluid to get the ball rolling and hey presto!
  10. Basically I just took the carb off, had a quick look to make sure it wasn't all gummed up and then decided I didn't want to re build at this point so put it back on.
  11. When you say primed do you just mean a couple of good applications of the throttle rod or something more complicated?
  12. One final data point. The fuel filter the other side of the fuel pump does have fuel in it but when I disconnected the hose from the carburetor downstream of that valve and turned the engine over no fuel came out.
  13. Just to be clear, this guy!Just to be clear, this guy!
  14. Hi all, over the last few weeks have been doing a general refresh - mostly brakes suspension etc. but also pulled the carb off and did exhaust manifold etc. I did have one issue with the valve shown here that the thread was stripped and so I tapped it a little deeper. The car will not start and now none of the hoses to the carb are getting any fuel and I wonder if I had tapped this a little TOO deep if that would be the root cause? E.g. have I broken through to the diaphragm area? What is this valve for and can I get rid of it and just plum straight from the fuel pump to the carburetor?

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