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  1. Did a bumper conversion have the stock bumpers, bolts and rubber bits. Must be local to Manchester NH area, will not ship.
  2. I put a thread in about vintage sports and restorations which I can back up with emails and invoices and it gets removed. This one has gone on for years.
  3. Thanks, I guess the idea of adding KF to my car would not work. Jim
  4. How much cam and compression can a stock system handle. Previously I mentioned my rebuilt/built 2 liter motor with 10:5 to 1, 304 schrick. Would the stock system handle this?
  5. Thanks again for all the replies, my life is getting very busy for the next month or so. I support clinical software and we have a go live this weekend. My friend will look it over while I am away but I think after I put another 1000 or so miles back to the shop it goes. I am just really disappointed right now, I was expecting happy times. Jim
  6. Thanks for all the feedback and I am sorry I don't have the answers for you. As I stated before I am not a mechanic. I did pay a local firm that has a good reputation to pull the old motor, build this motor and install it. The low end power is great, but from 3500 up it well...sucks. I am hoping someone else has had a similar build so they can talk carbs, settings etc. For elevation I am at 700 feet in New Hampshire. Thanks again, Jim
  7. We are running 93 octane, there were some disappointments in assembly and so far the have met e halfway. I don't think any jetting has been changed so far.
  8. Thanks for the replies, I just took the car out and it is struggling to go above 5000 rpm. No real difference at 3500-4500. Around town drivability is excellent with a lot more torque than I expected. Pertronix is in place for spark. I am not a mechanic but this is feeling like a 100-120 hp at most and I was expecting 140-160. The carbs were on the old motor that was a 1.8 with 115 to 120 pounds of compression. Would it be safe to guess that the jetting is off? Definitely not rich but this coming week maybe able to convince my friend who is a great mechanic to do some runs and check the plugs. Please keep the responses coming all are very much appreciated. I wrote some really big checks and I am a little disappointed.
  9. Nothing really happens above 4500, it just makes more noise. I am not running a fuel pressure regulator
  10. The above post was not intended to be in the forced induction section
  11. So I have about 500 miles on the rebuild since I got it back from the shop. The setup is dual 40 side drafts, 304 schrick, 10.5 :1 piston, 2mm larger intake valves plus a lot of cleaning up in the motor like port mapping etc. I have more driveability and power below 3500 than I expected My question is at 3500 when I thought things would start happening there is just a little surge. It doesn't seem to come on the cam as I expected. Do you think it is fuel starvation? Timing is bumped up.
  12. Well I got the car back from VSR on Friday and only have a couple of hundred miles on it so far. The carbs and timing need to be tweaked but so far I am impressed with the low end. To be honest even with the lightened flywheel it is very streetable. Knowing what I have now I would have gone with even more cam. It idles very smooth and pulls away from stop signs without a stumble.
  13. Price:: 750 Location: : Goffstown NH I am having my original M10 built and had this m10 in the car when I bought the 2002. 115 to 120 pounds across. It currently is at VSR in Bow NH. Both Mario and his son Chris have driven it. I am selling it without carb or Tii exhaust manifold but both can be purchased for a price.
  14. Thanks, I have posed in there before. What ya got ??
  15. In another thread I posted that VSR in Bow NH was rebuilding/building the original motor for 2002. What I have to offer is the 1982 or so motor that came out of the car. 115 to 120 across the cylinder, supposedly a regrind of the cam and my sidedrafts are going on the new motor so a weber two barrel will complete the package. No smoke out of the motor and I put a couple of thousand miles on it. Steering wheel, 45 carbs, 15 to 16 inch wheels, seats what do ya got? I don't want to ship and I am willing to sell out right. I live in Goffstown NH. Jim

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