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  1. McKinney


  2. So....I tried to purchase a brand new distributor through A1 cardone which said they have them I'm stock but according to an email I received this morning the are not in Stock and back ordered for more then 2 weeks I don't want to go through that rebuild and try to hunt down parts as I constantly need to move the car. I'm still in the hunt for either a refurbished one or possibly a well working original.
  3. Awesome. This is exactly what I was looking for cheap and simple. I ordered one.
  4. I believe the rotor is properly seated as I've inspected it, cleaned/sanded it, and removed/replaced it while changing points. It's been on and off many times since this stumbling issue started. I'll double check it tomorrow. I just checked the advanced distributors website and the have a 4-5 week turn around. I don't think that would be possible for me as I need to constantly move the car to avoid parking tickets.
  5. Ive searched as much as i can stand and i still have not found an answer. I have a 1976 2002 and because i live in silly california it a smog tested vehicle. Ive had a stumbling issue and recently an odd grinding noise coming from the engine bay. After fully inspecting the ignition system i noticed the rotor on the distributor has some deep scratches on it and the contacts inside the cap have some pretty deep scratches and marks in them. I think the grinding noise i have been hearing is the rotor striking the contact points and its causing my stumbling issue. The shaft of the distributor seems fairly loose (1/8 inch of movement up/down and right/left) and I'm sure the bushings inside are shot. I was looking for a rebuild kit without any luck and my next option was the IE Tii distributor with electronic ignition but because my distributor Bosch 0 231 176 059 is a vacuum advanced model i wasn't sure if I would still pass smog with it. Does anyone have an answer for me?
  6. Are these known to be working? Where are you located?
  7. Does having this pad make a big difference in noise canceling or is it negligible? My car hasn't had one since I have owned it.
  8. The headlight dimmer switch was very finicky on my car. I took the whole switch apart and rebuilt it. It is very easy to do once you look it over but putting it back together can be a pain. The contacts inside mine were very greasy and didn't make contact with each other. After the rebuild the switch moves and clicks much better. It also fixed my instrument panel lights. They wouldnt come on before. I tried to get a replacement switch from the BMW dealership and they wanted $250! I wish I took pictures and made a "how to". Anyone have a switch they want rebuilt? If you ship it to me I'll rebuild it and make a how to. Or I'll buy it from you as a spare Yesterday I was cleaning electrical tabs and grounds with a wire brush in the engine bay. Afterward I drove to the store and my tach was jumping badly. I poked around and found that the tab on the back of the distributor with a black wire going to it was loose. I pinched the connecter on the wire down with some pliers so it attached much tighter and it fixed my issue. Maybe play with that connection and see if it helps. The wire to the distributor is black and mine had a black plastic housing over the connector itself.
  9. Bumping this thread from the dead. I'm a new owner in Santa Monica and would like to meet up with other owners in the area and take some canyon cruises
  10. I'd like to drive or at least ride in another 02 with a somewhat stock motor to see how it performs at highway speeds just as a comparison. We know the tach is reading wrong but I'd like something else to compare it too.
  11. Norm drove with me, saw me drive and inspected the car personally. He verified my tach was double what the diagnostic tool was showing while it idled. I wasn't in third gear.
  12. So let me start off by saying how awesome and helpful Norm AKA pkchopp was today. That is not mentioning how much I drooled over his perfectly built 02. He plugged in his 2002 diagnostic tool and took a ride with with me to verify by the engine sound. He instantly knew my tach was off based on the engine sound. He spent at least another hour helping me diagnose other issues and letting me sit in and admire his 02. So my tach is definitely off and I will try a DIY calibration and of that doesn't work I will purchase a new instrument panel or tach and report back so the folks later on can hopefully search and reference this thread for their same issues
  13. Hey Norm, I get out of work around 430 and I'll give you a call. I really appreciate that! Conserv I appreciate you being thorough. I was just joking that I was insulted. It's a very valid question.
  14. http://www.bmw2002faq.com/topic/55176-re-calibrated-my-tach/ I guess I could try this? Possibly set it to read 4k at 65 mph I don't know if that's a good idea or not. Because the car runs through its power band and kind of plateaus when i get above 6K rpm it makes me believe that the reading is correct.
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