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  1. what offset should i be looking at if im getting a 15x8 , i got a 15x6 w a et 40 and its touching the struts, waste of money. (up for sale ). have no flares or anything yet
  2. Thank you guys I've soaked it again and going to try tomorrow hopefully it comes out. I'm just scared what should happen if I strip it ? Is it fixable?
  3. #2 spark plug is not coming out! It's really hard to turn, it turns but I'm affrid I might be stripping it, I used break oil but still hard, any recommendations? Please help(1973 2002 e12 head)
  4. any of you guys in tucson,az that could help me out with my 2002? need help/ guidance w lots of things
  5. just checking my options honestly, i got a good deal on the car and wouldnt mind spending some money to get it to where i want it. figured 2k for the engine / tran and another 2 k in fab, i should have a clean car for around 6k with the body work, not including paint. i understand its going to be a project, so im not rushing into anything and taking it slow
  6. im 28 with some(more than a little) experience in fabricating/ welding,i would have to fabricate an exhaust anyways for it, i would have a shop do that. also what are the issues with the steering column? also it does look like the fire wall is cut out. wouldn't it still need to be cut out with a f20c (s2000 set up)?
  7. starting on my project, after taking the seats out i found these rusted areas, where would i be able to find the panel , is there a website i can find them at. the floor pan has rust too but found the part on ebay but can find this part. please help!!!
  8. its no the same engine thats in the mr2 ( usdm) in the mr2 its transverse, but its the engine in a RS200 ( is300 japan) its a inline 4 , making around 200 hp. ill probably do the swap myself but have someone else do the electrical.
  9. I've seen a 2002 w a 3sge BEAMS (red top / black top) swap, was wondering if anyone has gone that route?
  10. i put it as my profile pic, sorry im a true n00b dont knwo how to attach pix
  11. Thank you guys for ur input. The wheels are Super advan the three spoke ones. Let me hear what you think. I understand everyone here is a fan of the basket weaves but lets hear it, I Photoshoped it and looked alright...
  12. thank you visionaut, i know everyone about the stock purist 2002 but im looking for a BADASS car to drive on the weekends. WITH A HELICOPTOR TURBO, TobyB
  13. Would I need to roll the fenders And turbo in the future fooo shooo, have a lot to fix to get it going first

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