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  1. Did this ever get sold? If not, I'm interested.
  2. That’s been my experience, too: ordered three or four times feom places suggesting they have ‘em... inly to find they didn’t, really.
  3. Those are the little flat ones that go on tue bumper. the ones I have are the larger domed-style. One on each side of the license plate bracket. Old part number was 63268777102.
  4. Mine work, but the clear domed covers are IV damaged and cracked all to heck. Looking for a pair to replace them. Any help would be appreciated. -Mike
  5. If I'm not mistaken, water temp sender is just off the head, where the two large/upper radiator hoses meet (one to upper rad tank, the other to the thermstat). Fan sensor/switch is between the thermostat and the lower tank. PSI is off the oil pressure sending unit, and oil temp off the filter housing.
  6. Mine is and electric sender, tapped into the oil filter housing, too. Looking at VDO sender units, and it seems like they come in 250F and 300F flavor. My crappy gauge goes from 0-280. Wondering if the sender isn't a 250, and is causing the 280 gauge to read a bit higher.
  7. Just curious... I have a street-driver '02. Just went from an OE rad with should and tropical fan to a new IE aluminum rad and e-fan kit. Water temps look good, and when the gauge gets a little above the 1/2 point, fan kicks on as designed and cools everything down just fine. I've noticed however, that my engine oil temp has taken a slight jump, based at least on the crappy gauge in my car. Where I was running about 210-215 on the gauge (right on the line between green and yellow). Now it hovers right around 235-240 (yellow, into red). Again, coolant temp, oil pressure all seem fine, and it was a 90-degree day, yesterday. So for those with better gauges than mine... what oil temps are you seeing? what engine oil temps are considered excessive in the '02?
  8. I'm guessing the Tii pump is the $390 BMW part number I saw?
  9. So, as luck would have it, I just get my car back on the road after a 38/38, LSD, and new exhaust install... aaaaaannnd the water pump gives up the ghost. Doesn't look like a horrible job (remove Battary, alternator, radiator for space-sake, perhaps). But parts a question: The price in pumps varies dramatically. From a $190 new BMW, $60 re-manufactured BMW, to a variety of aftermarket in the $40-60 range. Any tips on remanufactured parts? If new/non-BMW... brands to avoid?
  10. A change in work may be relocating me to coastal Georgia. Any 2002 members/activities in the South Carolina/Georgia/No. Florida low country? I anticipate being in the area around July/August and will be trying to figure a way to get my 2002 and an ///M Coupe out there sooner, versus later. Also, recommended mechanics between Savannah and Jacksonville?
  11. Interesting. Used that same box and searched 'car cover' at the beginning of the forums page. Poured through the first three pages and didn't get any of the returns in you link. Hence the post
  12. Greetings, Looking for some advice on a well-fitting car cover for a 2002. One that'll help keep the rain off through the wet pre, and post-winter, months when the car isn't stored. My car will get a winter reprieve (December, January and February). But it gets driven and parked outside in the fall and spring months. Any advice would be appreciated. --Mike
  13. So if I understand you correctly COOP... ...I'll be able to justify to the wife the complete strip and FULL restoration of my car in the next year or two!?! SWEET!!!
  14. That's anything but an un-modified car. If you had the opportunity to see the original ad online, it had some better interior and engine bay shots. Visible overspray from a re-paint at some point. E21 or E30 Recaro seats (very nice, but not 'original/unmodified' as advertised). Dual side draft carbs, relocated battery, and possibly washer tank. (nice, but again, not original). Looks like a very well done rolling 'preservation' and a super squared away build... which I would think would sell in the mid teens, maybe more, depending what's been done to the block. But NOT pushing $40K. Then again, if THAT car is $38,500... my square tail must be now pushing up into the teens, maybe early $20K mark!!! (or at least that's what I'm going to tell my wife when she questions the new limited slip diff project, new 38/38 carb and $200 for front and rear window seals).

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