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  1. Thanks for the recommendation. Had a good chat with Matt and will be sending his way once I source the parts. Considered having a crack myself as the task looks achievable but after a second look, access is an issue and I figure a complication better tackled by someone with experience.
  2. Thanks for the trouble shooting. Luckily these things are small and light. I was able to shove the wheels and position the car so that there was less disruption to traffic. I've covered and will be having towed soon.
  3. Catastrophic for the steering assembly in that an event damaged the assembly to the extent that the entire unit is no longer functional or operational. Definitely not a catastrophic life event or catastrophic for the car no. The real painful thing is the nose of the car is now stuck jutting out onto the road. Unable to move past the car parked in front, and unable to move backwards without making contact to a pole. The street is narrow too so towing is going to be a bitch.
  4. Catastrophic for the steering assembly as in
  5. Hey all, I've recently purchased a 1973 BMW 2002 in seemingly good condition. Car drives great and I've had only minor troubles so far. Ive had the brake boosters reconditioned, had brake lines replaced with braided lines. replaced fuel lines etc. No major issues or call outs so far. This morning when maneuvering out of a tight parallel park I over exerted the steering and it seems like i catastrophically busted some bushing in the steering assembly. The steering now spins freely without moving the wheels at all. Photos attached. To the best of my knowledge this is the stock ball joint BMW steering. Seeking some feedback on the following. General advice and comment Best mechanics to send the car too for repair. (for those in Sydney, NSW) repair/replace with stock parts? switch to rack and pinion? upgrade to power steering? Any ideas on indicative costs and effort? My mechanical experience is pretty much limited to changing fluids and brake pads only, so apologies if my description is off.

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