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  1. Have you used them to rebuild a Warmup regulator? Thanks for the tip.
  2. Thank you for all of your responses. They are much appreciated. as a prologue, I called all of the names folks gave me, along with some of the other usual suspects like Top End Performance, Korman even Coupe Kings. Other than Steve at Top End, I never heard back from Koram or Coupe Kings, even to say, "sorry, can't help you." The folks over-seas in England and Germany responded promptly but could not help; they were out of them (new & reconditions). Maximillian Imports claims they can rebuild them with all new internal parts for around $600, with a 4-5 day turn around. Wes Ingram can rebuild it, but said he was 6-months out. I called Precision Auto and spoke to Dave. He indicated that he can rebuild mine for around $300-$400 but it would take 2-3 weeks to get it back. Dave suggested I call JF Pro for whom he'd built 4-5 of them a year or two ago. JF Pro's answering machine is full so I sent them an email today. All-in-all, I'd go with Wes since he is the proven deal, but I don't have 6-months to wait. I think my "Plan B" is to try Dave at Precision. I got a good hit from him and folks think very highly of him on this board. In any event, I am very grateful for all of your responses. I'll post a final follow-up once the car is back on the road. Oh, and sorry for misspelling "Help"-- I blame fat fingers.
  3. Folks, apparently the warm up regulator for a tii is harder to find than "hen's teeth!" Anyone know where I can find one or have one rebuilt without having to donate a kidney first for either? Thank you in advance.
  4. Not sure why I got kicked into the "guest" category, and sorry for mistyping "Rebuild." Otherwise, any help is much appreciated, HD
  5. I've got 15 x 7 on my car, running 195-50-15s. Fenders were not rolled. The ONLY time I have had any issues is when I hit a compression or bump, which causes the fronts tires to rub, but that's because the car is significantly lowered. If you keep the stock ride height and go to the 15X7, and as long as you don't go wider than 195s, you should be fine and should not have to roll fenders..
  6. 195 50 15 should work without having to roll your fenders. I once ran 205 50 15 way back in the day. I loved the way the 205s looked but hated the rub when I turned too sharp. I've got yokohama S drives on mine now in the 195 50 15. Great tire and looks great on the car. My car is lowered quite a bit so the only issue I've had is if I hit a compression too fast, they rub on top of the wheel. That is most certainly a set up issue and not the tire issue. Post pics when you have them on the car. I really like those rims.
  7. My 15s are 4-bolt (yeah, I know: "duh"), 100 mm offset. I believe there are 7 or 7 1/4 wide. I run 195-50-15 Yokohama S-drives. Lots of great combos out there. Good luck.
  8. The blue car in my profile pic did not have rolled fenders. My current car has rolled fenders. Ran 195-50-15 S Drives on both. No issues when turning with either. I bottomed out my front left one time in each car (I know, weird that its the same tire same side on two totally different cars). Both times I hit a pretty deep compression. Other that that one time in each car, no issues what so ever with the 195s. And, for what little its worth, a long time ago in a galaxy far far away, I ran P-77s on my 74tii (205-50-15). Those used to rub a little when turning but I never bottomed out with them. I think you can run 205s, if you really want. Having had both, I personally think the 195s are the better size. Good luck, Hafez
  9. I'm running Yokohama "S" Drives (195-50-15). Love the tire. My car is lowered and I tend to rub when I hit a compression, but other than that, the tires have been great. In the interest of full disclosure, I don't drive my 02 much when its wet or "wintery" out there. Hafez
  10. Sent you a PM. Contact me if you are interested or need more info.
  11. I haven't opened them up but do know they are factory stock 45s so I believe the answer is: Veture (choke): 36 mm Main jets: 145 mm Air Correction Jets: 155 mm Emulsion Tubes: F16 Idle Jets: 55F8 (.55 mm) Let me know if you need more info.
  12. I want to keep the Ireland Engineering one-piece with the carb bundle for now. I do have a brand new two-piece manifold I'd be willing to sell. if you are interested, make me an offer. As an FYI, the IE manifold costs $210. I'd sell the two-piece for $100 plus shipping. Let m know if you want pics.
  13. Had a '75 2002, just sold it and bought a tii so I need to get rid of a bunch of great parts I'd bought to convert the 75. I bought everything brand new, within the last 6 months (except for rims & tires). I'm not interested in splitting up the bundles, at least not right now. Buyer pays shipping (no handling charged by me you pay actual shipping to your designated address). 1. double weber conversion kit -- SOLD 2. Top End Performance's Ultimate Spark Package. They sell it for $545. I'm asking $450. Kit includes: MSD-6A Capacative discharge box, Tach Adapter (So your tach reads correctly), 8mm Wire set, Pertronix Electronic Ignition conversion, Bosch Red Coil, NGK BP6ES Spark Plugs. 3. Four 15" Panasport knock-offs with Yokohama S-Drives (195-50-15) and BMW center caps. Rims were $150 each and tires were $90 each. Asking $750. Rims are about 18 months old, tires used less than 4,000 miles since new. Slight road-rash on one rim. Other three are perfect, as are the center caps. 4. Brand new, never used, R & L turn signals. Selling both for $200. Fair warning: I bought them from a European source. They are probably aftermarket because they are BRAND NEW. Here are some pics. Contact me via email if you have any questions: [email protected]
  14. Not suggesting I want to to do this. There is a care for sale someone has already converted. I'm thinking of buying it, but I'm trying to figure out what the real value is. H
  15. So, two totally (mostly) unrelated questions here: First, the easy one: 73 tii with stock tii exhaust manifold. Muffler and exhaust pipe are finally rusting/rotting out. Car sounds like a Honda (insert cringing sounds here). entire exhaust system should be replaced. My mechanic is suggesting that I keep the stock tii exhaust manifold which will provide better performance than going with an aftermarket header. He is suggesting just replacing the pipes from the manifold back with a new stock-ish muffler. I want to put something on the car that helps performance and gives it a nice sport car rumble, without making folks think I'm trying to be 19 again. What do you think? And, for those who have gone with a performance muffler set up, what have you used. I had a 75 02 with an Ansa muffler that I liked, but I'm wondering if Borla or Magnaflo might be an equally good option but might cost less. Second, the harder question: how much of a value difference do you think there is between a stock 73 tii and 73 tii that has been transplanted into a 70 1600 body? 20%? 30% 50% value difference??? Assume the following to be true: both cars are drivers. Both are equipped the exact same way (5-speed, rebuilt motor, rims & tires, suspension, interior, paint). For the sake of this exercise, assume that both cars really are equal in all respects, except the difference in the body. This is just an academic question. Thanks a bunch! H

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