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  1. grotflo

    WTB: Ash tray for center console

    That’s generous of you, but let’s hold off for now. I was able to find another one in the meantime. If for some reason it’s not as nice as I want, I’ll get back in touch. Thanks!
  2. grotflo

    WTB: Ash tray for center console

    Still on the hunt. Anyone have a lead?
  3. grotflo

    Driveshaft problem. Help!

    Mine was pretty darn stuck, too. I used a pipe wrench to clamp the driveshaft, then stood on it to keep it from rotating, but you could also create a bracket out of angle iron and bolt the flange to that. See images in this thread for inspiration: I ended up having to heat the nut with a torch, then used a 24mm box wrench and a cheater pipe to move the nut. It was hoping the nut would "crack" and rotate easily after that, but it was hard going the entire way. A word of caution: the U-joint is filled with grease, and too much heat can cause it to bubble out. It's not easily serviceable, so be judicious with the torch.
  4. grotflo

    Cleaning House. More 02 Parts.

    Interested in the radiator. PM sent.
  5. grotflo

    Cleaning my extra stuff out

    You may get more views posting in the Parts for Sale section. This is the Parts Wanted section. Good luck!
  6. grotflo

    Lower steering column pad

    Thanks Saul. But yikes, that's more than I can spend. I'm hoping to find a nice used option out there.
  7. grotflo

    Lower steering column pad

    Anyone have a nice lower steering column pad? Shipping to 30315. Here's a photo of what I need: Thanks, Garrett
  8. grotflo

    center loudspeaker connection

    Good tip, thanks. The speaker that came with it when I bought is 4 ohms. It sure seems original to me. I'm not sure what the impedance rating on the radio is, but my assumption is that it must be compatible since it's worked for the last forty years.
  9. grotflo

    Original shift knob

    Original plastic shift knob. Pretty nice shape, although the threads inside are a tad loose on the shifter when tightened down. Some electrical tape or epoxy would solve that. Asking $25/shipped.
  10. grotflo

    center loudspeaker connection

    What's strange is that the cover is entirely made of plastic. I don't know how or why it altered the volume, but it does. File that away under obscure knowledge about these old radios.
  11. grotflo

    center loudspeaker connection

    Well, I figured out the issue. The plastic DIN cover was unplugged. Apparently that reduces the volume to almost zero. I plugged it back in, and problem solved.
  12. grotflo

    center loudspeaker connection

    Thought I'd piggyback on this thread instead of starting a new one. I'm testing the same setup. I hooked it up to a 12v power supply, and the radio turns on and powers the mono speaker, but it's whisper quiet, even at full volume. What would that indicate? It's also only drawing a fraction of an amp. Is the speaker toast? Is there too much resistance in the radio somewhere?
  13. grotflo

    WTB: Early black rear door cards

    Early (what I'm looking for) have the chrome trim at the top, like this: Late (what I currently have in my car) are just plain vinyl, like this:
  14. I'm just wrapping up this project on my car. I removed all the old soundproofing with dry ice, applied POR to the floorpan, installed Kilmat over most of the floorpan and transmission tunnel, then covered the floorpan with mass loaded vinyl. The mass loaded vinyl (MLV) is what really reduces the noise. It's heavy, but easy to cut and odorless. It gets held down with special velcro that is designed to bond with vinyl. Experts will rightly say that I used more Kilmat than necessary, but the kit I ordered had a lot of extra material that I figured wouldn't hurt to use. It's not in the photos, but I also put some carpet padding wrapped in trash bags under the rear seat for extra sound absorption. Total added weight was probably around 50-60 lbs. The net result of all this time and cost? Much quieter ride now, feels more solid, fewer rattles and echoes. I'm happy to answer any questions on what to do (or not do).
  15. Looking for a nice pair of black rear door cards (is that what they're called? no doors back there). I need the early style with chrome trim. I currently have a decent set of the later style, so maybe a trade plush cash is an option. Shipping to 30315.