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  1. grotflo

    OctoberFest 2018

    A couple more random shots. Gotta get ‘em started young. There were some beautiful cars this year.
  2. grotflo

    A/C keeps blowing fuse

    Battery checks out, no problem there (12.6V off, 13V running). The terminal on the fuse box that the blower's hooked up to puts out 12.8V while running. So that's no help. New plan of attack: clean fuse box to remove all oxidation, disconnect compressor clutch and see if that changes anything, then if needed, figure out how to test the blower motor w/o removing it from the car.
  3. grotflo

    A/C keeps blowing fuse

    Hmm, yeah that's a possibility for sure. I'll put a multimeter on it today and see if it's getting less voltage when it's running. If that's the case, what is the solution? Bad battery maybe that's not providing the full voltage?
  4. grotflo

    A/C keeps blowing fuse

    Update time. I've crossed a few things off the list of potential problems. The blower switch is good, as is the wiring from that to the blower. One odd thing to note - the high blower setting only blows the fuse when the car is running. When the car is not running and the ignition is turned to the "on" position, it works fine. But when I start the car, setting the blower to high blows the fuse. I can't think of anything that would cause an increased current draw only when the engine is running. Any thoughts? I think I probably need to go through each wire in the fuse box and see if anything is hooked up incorrectly. And a good cleaning wouldn't hurt either. But still, it's weird to me that the car running affects this.
  5. grotflo

    A/C keeps blowing fuse

    jgerock, this is how it's currently wired up. Maybe I did something wrong? One thing that's not in this diagram is that I have a manual override switch for the fan. It never kicks on automatically because I'm using R12a. The high side pressure has to reach 255psi for the trinary switch to engage the fan, but R12a runs at a lower pressure so it never gets that high. I think I understand the basics of A/C, but if I'm off base on something here I'd love to know.
  6. grotflo

    A/C keeps blowing fuse

    Looks like I spoke too soon. It’s on the fritz again. I’ll try what Tsingtao_1903 suggested. I sure hope it’s not the motor that’s bad - getting that unit installed in the glove box was not easy.
  7. grotflo

    A/C keeps blowing fuse

    It has two connectors that go to the fuse box, if that’s what you mean. One for the blower, one for the compressor. Its an aftermarket evap/blower called the Mini-Kooler, not a Behr or Frigiking. Is that important that is has two relays?
  8. grotflo

    A/C keeps blowing fuse

    Thanks for the suggestion. As I was reading over these comments, it seemed that for whatever reason, the motor was drawing more current than it should. That would indicate extra resistance somewhere. So I took a close look at the motor, and the brushes has a bunch of thick, carbony dust. I cleaned everything out and it seems to have fixed the problem, knock on wood. Thanks to everyone who helped me think about this.
  9. grotflo

    A/C keeps blowing fuse

    Yeah that makes sense. But the fan seems to spin freely. I don’t see anything glaringly obvious. It’s strange - I installed this A/C last year and it worked fine until recently. Not sure what would suddenly cause this.
  10. grotflo

    A/C keeps blowing fuse

    Update: I moved the connector to a fuse that’s isn’t drawing load (cigar lighter), then moved the ground to a more amenable location. Still blows the 15 amp in-line fuse on high fan. The blower motor has three wires coming off it - red, black, and orange. Orange controls the fan speed. Resistance between the red and black (which I assume is how I would measure resistance of the motor) is 0.6 ohm. Is that normal? How would I check to make sure the rheostat is good?
  11. grotflo

    Dome light - non sunroof

    I should have marked this as found. Thanks for the reply though!
  12. grotflo

    A/C keeps blowing fuse

    Thanks all. Looks like I have some homework to find the culprit. I'll also see if there's anything else pulling a lot of current on that fuse.
  13. grotflo

    A/C keeps blowing fuse

    I can do that later today. Is there a range of acceptable for resistance? And back to my original question, is it hooked up to the right terminal in the fuse box? Does it matter? My electric fan for the condenser is wired directly to the battery - should this also be?
  14. Hopefully there’s a simple explanation for this. When I turn my A/C blower to high, it pops the in-line 15 amp fuse. Low fan works, but it isn’t a steady speed and it sounds like there’s something wrong. I currently have it hooked up to the fuse box at the following location (green wire with blue plastic visible): Maybe that’s the wrong place? I also have a few other terminals open on the opposite side (toward the front of the car): FWIW, the car is a 1973. So maybe it’s caused by being hooked up to the wrong terminal, or maybe a bad ground? Anything else might cause this?
  15. That's interesting, I've never seen that before. Is it a permanent bond like red Loctite? Looks like it is designed to fill in gaps between metal (i.e. gaps between worn splines like my transmission). This may be a question for Toby, but if I had to get the flange off someday, could I heat it up and pull it off?