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  1. Looking for a nice exhaust manifold for my '73 (not-tii). Also looking for the associated heat shield. Shipping to 30315. Thanks, Garrett
  2. Removing rear struts

    Slightly off topic, but maybe relevant for others - for some reason, my old rear shocks didn't have that allen head at the top, it just had two nuts tightened against each other. The height of the nuts was relatively short, so even my thinnest wrench didn't work. Putting a wrench on the bottom nut interfered with the top nut, so they couldn't spin independently to remove them. I ended up buying this bicycle cone wrench:
  3. interesting compact aircon system

    That looks interesting. I installed an even smaller version of that ( in my car. It actually replaces my glovebox for a totally stock, stealth look. It blows pretty hard for its size. If maximum cooling isn't your priority, it's a great option. Since these photos, I've added some flexible ducts - they work pretty well. I need to make a thread with some more photos.
  4. Oil Viscosity

    To quote FAQ user peterschop: "For motor oil, you will want one with a high ZDDP content such as Valvoline VR1 20w50 racing oil. Brad Penn is also a good one. The old motor oils had it in them but most of the new formula oils had it taken out because it will ruin the catalytic converters. Flat tappet engines like the M10 motor need the ZDDP to protect the camshaft from wear." I got mine on Amazon.
  5. Driveshaft for stock 4 speed

    Will do, thanks. I'm hoping a local source turns up, but if not, I'll reach out.
  6. Driveshaft for stock 4 speed

    Looking for a driveshaft for my stock 1973 '02. Needs to have good U-joints. Shipping to 30315. Thanks, Garrett
  7. Garage clean-out

    I'll take the passenger side vent window. I'll send a PM.
  8. Dome light - non sunroof

    Anyone have an extra dome light for a non sunroof car? Shipping would be to 30315. Thanks, Garrett
  9. Four hubcaps, driver quality. With some elbow grease and knowhow with a hammer, they could be quite nice. $60 plus shipping.
  10. 1976 Passenger Front Window & Vent

    PM sent (just interested in the vent window).
  11. Grill advice 70 2002

    Here's a thread that should answer your question. There are photos of the OEM parts, and my DIY solution. I've since added some rubber tubing to the eye bolt to prevent metal on metal contact.
  12. Hubcaps for stock steel rims

    I'm looking for a set of four hubcaps for the stock steel rims. They can be dull or lightly scratched, but with no dents. Shipping to 30315. Thanks, Garrett
  13. What is this?

    When I added A/C to my car and switched to an electric choke carb, I removed that manual choke switch and put the A/C power knob in its place. Totally stealth - it's not the standard Frigiking/Behr unit so the power switch is separate.
  14. 13" tire group buy

    I'd be interested in a set of five tires for the stock steel rims. I believe 165HR13 (or 165/80R13 based on Steve's post above).
  15. Any Panasport experts out there?

    Now just enhance that image, like this: