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  1. grotflo

    3.64 diff, half shafts, 320i turbine wheel

    Still available - any reasonable offers considered.
  2. grotflo

    3.64 diff, half shafts, 320i turbine wheel

    Bump, prices lowered.
  3. grotflo

    Parts Pile

    Are the rear door cards black? What kind of condition are they in? A few photos would be great. Thanks, Garrett
  4. The plot thickens. Hope the concours judges are taking notes. I have to say, at first I thought the non-flush look was strange, but an upside is that it helps conceal the uneven gap around the edges of the flush versions. Fifty years of wear and tear make that inevitable.
  5. I should preface this thread by saying I’m not really concerned with being 100% factory correct, I’m just curious. It does seem odd that the factory would have multiple versions of this relatively trivial part. But I believe other components in the center console changed between roundies and square tails (the shift surround comes to mind). Here are two photos (not mine) that seem to show a flush ashtray: It it appears the actual ashtray is smaller, not the cutout in the faceplate.
  6. Quick question. I pieced together a center console and ashtray from separate sources, and the plastic face of the ashtray is larger than the hole, meaning it doesn't sit flush. Is this how it's supposed to be? Were there different versions of these parts from year to year? Some quick Google Image sleuthing shows both flush and non-flush examples, but what's actually correct?
  7. His name is Frederik. His email is
  8. Just finished installing a nice little Bluetooth adapter for my Blaupunkt Frankfurt, and thought I'd share it in case anyone else was looking for a good option. I found this ad on the (a VW community): He makes each one to order, so it took about 3-4 weeks to arrive. Just plug it into the DIN port on the back and you're done. It also comes with a few momentary switches and a microphone to allow for quick switching between playing music and answering a phone call. Super simple, works great. Once your device is paired, all you have to do is start playing music on your phone and it switches from radio to Bluetooth, no need to press any buttons. Much cheaper than eBay options I've seen for sale. It's always nice to support fellow car hobbyists (even VW guys!)
  9. grotflo

    WTB: Ash tray for center console

    That’s generous of you, but let’s hold off for now. I was able to find another one in the meantime. If for some reason it’s not as nice as I want, I’ll get back in touch. Thanks!
  10. grotflo

    WTB: Ash tray for center console

    Still on the hunt. Anyone have a lead?
  11. grotflo

    Driveshaft problem. Help!

    Mine was pretty darn stuck, too. I used a pipe wrench to clamp the driveshaft, then stood on it to keep it from rotating, but you could also create a bracket out of angle iron and bolt the flange to that. See images in this thread for inspiration: I ended up having to heat the nut with a torch, then used a 24mm box wrench and a cheater pipe to move the nut. It was hoping the nut would "crack" and rotate easily after that, but it was hard going the entire way. A word of caution: the U-joint is filled with grease, and too much heat can cause it to bubble out. It's not easily serviceable, so be judicious with the torch.
  12. grotflo

    Cleaning House. More Parts Added.

    Interested in the radiator. PM sent.
  13. grotflo

    Cleaning my extra stuff out

    You may get more views posting in the Parts for Sale section. This is the Parts Wanted section. Good luck!
  14. grotflo

    Lower steering column pad

    Thanks Saul. But yikes, that's more than I can spend. I'm hoping to find a nice used option out there.
  15. grotflo

    Lower steering column pad

    Anyone have a nice lower steering column pad? Shipping to 30315. Here's a photo of what I need: Thanks, Garrett