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  1. Shift boot mount

    Bump - still looking. I’m also open to buying the entire shift surround piece if it’s not too pricey.
  2. Garage Sale

    PM sent about rear seat.
  3. Interior Floor Measurements Diagram

    Very cool, thanks! Do you have any photos of your sound deadening install? Did you end up using both CLD tiles and Mass Loaded Vinyl?
  4. V-Belt styles

    Good info, thanks! Makes sense that the grooves on the inside of the belt allow for more flexibility.
  5. 1968 BMW 1600 (NM/NA)

    I’m not in the market, but since I started the thread and thought it had some potential, I’m curious to know how it was in person. Were the photos small and blurry for a reason?
  6. V-Belt styles

    Question for the experts on here... Out of curiosity, what are the benefits to different v-belt styles? I noticed on my car that my fan belt is cogged on the inner surface while my A/C belt is cogged on the outer surface. Is one style more efficient, or does it produce less noise, or are they all interchangeable? I found some photos on the FAQ of different belt types below. Interior cogged (like my fan belt): Exterior cogged (like my A/C belt): Exterior cogged:
  7. Crickets in the driveline

    Good thoughts, thanks. I'll see if it's the exhaust support hanger, or something else exhaust related. That would make sense based on when I hear the noise.
  8. 1968 BMW 1600 (NM/NA)

    NM/NA. Interesting 1600 from 1968. Claims to be one owner, original paint, although the tiny photos aren’t very helpful. I have a soft spot for cars with original paint, tarnished as they may be. Hopefully it will go to a good home. https://losangeles.craigslist.org/sfv/cto/d/1968-bmwe10/6402188665.html
  9. Crickets in the driveline

    Is there anything (i.e bearings) inside the tranny that could be causing this noise? Or something near the bell housing area? It's tough to pinpoint the source sitting in the car. A noisy guibo wouldn't explain the chirping at idle when the car's not moving, but would a misaligned driveshaft (not perfectly square with the trans output flange) cause noise or vibration while driving?
  10. Cleaning out some old parts, make me an offer. Local pickup preferred, but I'll ship if buyer pays. 1) 3.64 open diff, stamped 1972, needs to be rebuilt, making some noise, I'll throw in the dirt and grime for free - $70/obo plus shipping 2) pair of half shafts from my 1973 car, no tears in boots, but I haven't had them apart to assess the condition, were making some noise when I removed them so they may need a rebuild - $70/obo plus shipping 3) one 320i turbine style wheel and tire, been sitting in my trunk as a spare for who knows how long, tire size 165/70R13 - $35/obo plus shipping
  11. Crickets in the driveline

    Not a distraction at all, I appreciate the suggestions. But you're right, a non-spinning driveshaft won't make noise. Hmm. Guess my diagnosis wouldn't be correct then. It has a new 320i transmission mount, seems to be secure. New shifter mounts/bushing. The exhaust support is an interesting idea, certainly a possibility. Thanks for all your suggestions. I think I need to crawl under while it's running and see if I can pinpoint the source. Glad it's (probably) not my driveshaft - that's a more time-consuming job than a loose bolt somewhere.
  12. Crickets in the driveline

    Sure, a new alternator could squeak, but it's not coming from that area of the car. I've put my ear up there and it's all normal. I'm pretty sure it's right under the shifter, which leads me to believe it's driveshaft related. Guess I'll have to jam some grease in there and see if it stops.
  13. Crickets in the driveline

    Zinz: Yep, I did remember to remove the metal band. It's not a loud, clanking, screeching noise, just a very high pitched squeak. Tough to describe with words. Mintgrun: I hear it even when the car is sitting still. Doesn't go away when I push the clutch in, so not a throwout bearing. Seems to go away when I get moving, although it could be drowned out by the engine and road noise. It's not the alternator or fan belt either (just replaced them too).
  14. After I replaced my guibo and CSB recently, I've noticed a high pitched squeak coming from the driveline area, pretty much under the shifter. Sounds like crickets, especially at idle. Researching the issue more, I'm thinking that I may have forgotten to pack grease into the front of the driveshaft. Two questions: 1) Before I get my hands dirty and remove the guibo, is it likely that a lack of grease has ruined any of these parts? Or will a fresh greasing make the noise go away? 2) I don't see any real specs on how much grease to use, so I'll probably just cram as much in as I can. Is this correct?
  15. I purchased this turn signal flasher to replace mine, but it turned out my problem was just corroded fuses, so I ended up not needing it. It's supposed to work with LEDs, incandescents, or any combination of bulbs. It's model number CF13ANL, which is an LED-friendly version of the EL13. I paid $20 shipped, asking $13 shipped (continental US). Here's the link (it's the one third from the right, replaces EL13): http://www.autolumination.com/equalizers.htm