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  1. +1 on Munich Motorwerke - Lewis Allen, the owner, personally did a PPI on '72 2002 for me earlier this year. I was amazed at the level of written detail that Lewis provided & the time he subsequently spent on the phone with me.
  2. Color change from Agave to Baikal, appears well done & looks great with the interior.
  3. Harry, I would like to purchase a set if still available. Please PM payment info, etc. Thanks, Steve
  4. You might try speaking with Lewis Allen, Munich Motorwerke's in Houston - he mentioned to me several weeks ago that he uses Sanden compressors, parallel flow condensers and Spal type fans to enhance the AC system.
  5. 1. Alan Albanir (paid) (ships next week) 2. @steve k. (paid) (ships next week) 3. Andrew Adams (no payment yet)  4. Kyle Schultzchael Reinhart (Otisdog) (no payment) 5. Brian Bertotti 6. Steven Cappel 7.Shiphigh Montri 8. Steve Shackleford (2 Sets)
  6. RNM at $87,777 on BAT, 11/13/18. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1974-bmw-2002-turbo-3/ Apparently sold April 2018, listed at $114,500. http://www.finecars.cc/en/detail/car/512511/index.html?no_cache=1
  7. gsshack


  8. I posted & PM'd shortly after he offered it for sale & haven't received a response.
  9. This is an Ebay re-list of the same 1600 posted on July 17th. It was determined that the interior and engine bay photos were lifted from other sources.

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