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  1. Personally I always use stainless zinc coated anti-spin rivnuts in situations like this. I you pre-plan the screws you can make them close ended too with some sealant, so as to avoid more moisture inside the door cavity. I've used these on race style door panels, fender flares, over-fenders, etc for 10 years, never had a single one strip or twist. https://www.mcmaster.com/mva/library/20121105/95105a119l.gif
  2. I'm with Doug on this one
  3. These are so absolutely brilliant, nice work as always bud! I'll probably pick up that front if I can get over the fact that it's hinged...
  4. I can't give mine away after like 2 years lol, but they're '74 seats. Hopefully yours are more special and someone will want them
  5. Which package is for the m42 swap? There's one kit that doesn't say what it's for (though it looks like e21 5 speed), and then the two other kits just say they're for the 245 swap. 5 SPEED CONVERSION KIT 1363BTKT $512.50 2002 ULTIMATE 5 SPEED SHIFT KIT 1420BTKT $499.00 ULTIMATE 5 SPEED CONVERSION KIT 1417BTKT $889.00
  6. I'd be interested as well if price was fair enough. I've got a very ratty 72 that I simply will not pay $1500 on grilles for.
  7. LOVE Frank. Great pick on the wheels man, those are absolute stunners! Agreed, it took me damn near half an hour to unpack mine too, pretty sure they could have just dropped them out of a plane and been just fine. I just got a pair I had never seen in 15 years from him too. ALWAYS worth the wait if you get wheels from him. Enjoy!
  8. WOW, you should be really proud, this wheel is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!
  9. EV West has essentially drop in kits for our 2002's
  10. Got one fast and easy, thanks gents!
  11. As title states, I am in need of an e21 shifter platform for a M42 swap. Would need to be shipped to a commercial address in 94583, or can pick up locally nights & weekends. Thank you!
  12. Would love to take that diff from you! The one that came in my '75 makes horrid noises and I've been meaning to find one to refresh and replace it with. I'm at a commercial address in 94583, thank you!
  13. That looks drop dead gorgeous. I seriously want to do every piece of my car lol
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