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  1. Definitely do the AutoSportsLab tach adapter. I treid without as someone said the 75+ didn't need one.... But it DOES.
  2. Thank you very much, I'm not the kind to just hack stuff and be happy with it. I can't wait to actually have some time to finish some things, I've stupidly taken on a second job that I don't need but I'm constantly afraid of being broke. It's taken all my wrench time away and I dislike that VERY much.
  3. It's the same Lokar piece that JakeB recommends in his write up, really nothing special. In fact the same thing could be made up at a bicycle shop. Sorry for the late replies, I had no idea anyone actually read this!
  4. Thanks again Rich, it was so nice to have this off the checklist. I was constantly fretting about when I'd be out of luck adjusting, finding a better box, piecing a new one together, etc etc. Now I don't have to worry about it for a long time.
  5. Everything is in and running. Picking up from my last entry, I had to chop up a DSSR I had sitting around to add an extra inch to the length. I purchased a small length of stainless rod in the same diameter from McMaster along with some electrodes to match from another supplier. It was impossible to find them locally, and difficult to find anyone online that would sell me less than 10 pounds of them, but I prevailed. I shaved a small amount off one side of the DSSR to clear the guibo when it's twisted to select the further gears, but after sneaking my phone
  6. What?! I thought it was canceled. Would have loved to run through for parts, but I would have bolted as soon as it got crowded
  7. I will take a full set as well, and I'll go through Ireland for a CR set
  8. That's what I don't understand. Tracing the OEM diagrams, I don't see either pin 6 or 7 having relays. So why would they need relays in a swapped configuration, but not in the stock layout?
  9. That's massively helpful. Looks like pin 6 and 7 are indeed just signal only, so I'll be ignoring Jakeb's call for relays. Thank you very much, I'm not sure why that didn't come up in all my forum searches, but I am saving the shit out of that link. Thank you kind sir!!!
  10. Yup, that's one of 3 that I have, but it conflicts with Jakeb's writeup, which is why I am in limbo on 6 and 7
  11. Bump, I think I have almost everything figured out besides two wires and one questionable wire that I may not need at all.
  12. It works great, it was super cheap, it won't have to be redone every 5-10 years, and nobody can see it unless you remove the seat from the car and turn it upside down. Yes. Seriously.
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