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  1. I would highly second Forrest's recommendation of nutserts (from the Classified post) as well. You can find sealed/close ended versions on McMaster-Carr and other places with a good selection of hardware. Use a dab of seam sealer before inserting it into the floor board and you should never have to worry about it causing further rust. I use them for almost anything I can on cars, they're simply marvelous.
  2. Spyke

    KoogleWerks cast aluminum dead pedals

    Definitely going on my list of stuff to get from you!
  3. Cool, thanks for the contact. It's nice that there's still people out there to help
  4. I dig them. Easy as it gets to install. At WORST you'll need a tap with a tiny mallet to pop them in. I usually torch the rubber bushings and use a 2 jaw gear puller (in reverse so it pushes the old bushing out) while they're still a bit melty. They slide right out like hot marshmallows. This way there's as little force exerted on the old metal suspension bits as possible. I maintain that as long as I have soft engine & trans mounts, a tall sidewall (55+) and non-sport rated suspension my car will still ride like a pillow, and IT DOES.
  5. Confirmed - gorgeous. Nice and simple.
  6. Spyke

    dashboard cover?

    I have one in my 75, it's very "meh" as far as fitment. Would MUCH rather prefer a molded ABS (or similar thin rigid material) dash cap or something that I can just plop on and maybe trim a bit. It's been on my mind a lot lately
  7. I've successfully dyed MANY e36 vinyl interior pieces from "dirty camel" (as my wife calls it) to black with outstanding success. After 12+ years there's no fading or discoloration yet, though the surface does feel a bit more "rough" when caressing it. I used Duplicolor matte black since it was available locally and prepped heavily with 90% alcohol until it was spotless. Alcohol not only cleans but opens up the vinyl to more readily accept the dye. Sadly that's the only bit I can offer, I've not been brave enough to do anything on the 2002's yet.
  8. Spyke

    BA02 2019 Swap & Show Artwork and Shirts

    Love the simplistic hoodie, myself
  9. Spyke

    R&L Door latch mechanisms

    I'd love to take these from you. My buddy was trying to help me align the doors better and somehow damaged one in the process. 94583 commercial address for the shipping. Thanks!
  10. Spyke

    02 Spotting SF - “E RUMMEL”

    Oooff, she's a pretty one.
  11. Spyke


  12. Spyke


  13. Spyke

    NOS early nose panel

    Grille and bumper cutouts are the main points
  14. Spyke

    50,000 quarts of Liquid Moly for $35

    Still have no idea how they're able to do this. I've known about it for a long time, but never bought into it. I suppose they're writing it all off as "damaged goods" or something...
  15. Spyke

    3d Printing interior/exterior bits?

    Those front bumper delete plugs are the bee's knees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!