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  1. Do you happen to know if this came from an early or a late chassis?
  2. I went AGM as well, and have been using the usual green Battery Tender with great success. However, if you start the car, it must be run (higher than idle) for at least 5 minutes to allow the alternator to recharge it enough for it not to dip into the upside-down. Not a big deal for me, as that's kinda my standard practice anyhow. **Somewhat related, but I was gifted a Lithium jump box just for my emergency kit and it absolutely REFUSED to work on my car with the standard battery. I don't know exactly what that means, nor do I care. That along with the price and maintainability made it a very easy choice.
  3. There's no such thing as dude-ette Everything is dude. "He's a dude, she's a dude, we're all dudes"
  4. Onto more pretty-fication. New independent ground for the turn signals New dual filament bulb holders retrofitted into US bases And because I'm dumb I put new Hella's on (instead of Cibie's or something nicer). They're okay, I don't do much night driving with this car. Signals were sporadic at best and I needed to change the flasher relay anyways for the LED's Dash indicator still doesn't work no matter what I do, but at least I have working signals all around. Don't mind this, just seating deleting. The car is too small and too underpowered to have more than two people in it and it looks so much more tidy. Might as well build my own center console too.
  5. The stock coolant inlet has a weird angle, so I found a custom fabricated part from JSP that turns the neck straight towards the radiator instead. New thermostat from Toyota, they have a small bleed hole in it unlike another manufacturer we all know. Always hated that the e36 didn't have this, it was always difficult to bleed.
  6. That center looks like it's gonna be super clean!
  7. God DAMN it this infuriates me. I am terribly sorry for the attitude and apathy towards yourself. Absolutely check signage, surveillance and insurance on location. Even if he has a sign posted WITH correct ordinances cited, it just means he is not personally liable. His business and insurance however, ARE. Seems like he could definitely be involved, but you never know, maybe lots of people have tried to dupe him and he's sick of it. (I really doubt that given his reaction towards you though.) Don't relent on this, PLEASE. if you can't get the ball rolling pretty soon, try your absolute best to get legal proceedings wrapped up before a 2 year from incident mark, as past that anything will be near impossible to exact justice. Best of luck to you sir.
  8. A whole other route, but I did the 2002 Underground rear subframe, with an e30 diff and e36 dual eared cover.
  9. I personally used the superbrightLEDs one. Everything works except the dash indicator for me.
  10. I wouldn't mind snagging those Cibie's from you. (The Hella's really have not impressed me much.) Commercial address in 94583. Thanks!
  11. Aesthetically, I love seats without headrests. In general they just look better/more proper in our cars. But driving mine on the streets with the rest of these disrespectful distracted imbeciles means I have to make certain sacrifices. I know that while I may not have airbags or crumple zones, at least my neck won't break in half when my head snaps back in an accident.

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