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  1. A whole other route, but I did the 2002 Underground rear subframe, with an e30 diff and e36 dual eared cover.
  2. I personally used the superbrightLEDs one. Everything works except the dash indicator for me.
  3. I wouldn't mind snagging those Cibie's from you. (The Hella's really have not impressed me much.) Commercial address in 94583. Thanks!
  4. Aesthetically, I love seats without headrests. In general they just look better/more proper in our cars. But driving mine on the streets with the rest of these disrespectful distracted imbeciles means I have to make certain sacrifices. I know that while I may not have airbags or crumple zones, at least my neck won't break in half when my head snaps back in an accident.
  5. LED's suck in EVERY location in the 2002 except brake lights and turn signals. Change my mind.
  6. Brilliant, I love stuff like this!!!
  7. Also worth mentioning, IE stage 1 springs do sit higher than ~50 year old sagging stock springs.
  8. Also yes. Just don't leave your belt wrapped around your bolster too much or you'll have a nice farmer's belt fade stripe there
  9. Why not just use a seat belt stop button that just pins through the webbing like any other car? It's small and doesn't really harm anything.
  10. BMW would rather shut down it's entire corporation, I'm sure of this.
  12. Spyke

    2019 Swap & Show Images

    I added originals of the ones I took (02's only) as well as the one you copied over (better resolution than the screen grab).
  13. Nah you've got good prices for sure. It just seems kind of hilarious when you put it that way lol. I need almost every bit of rubber for two cars so 2k is pretty tough to to look at all at once.
  14. $8.03 savings if you buy a grand of rubber?
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