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  1. That looks drop dead gorgeous. I seriously want to do every piece of my car lol
  2. I just fill with the nozzle upside down. Never had a single problem in any of our CA stations.
  3. This. I do like a little bit of rake myself, but probably not on these cars... I think the 1st pic makes the car look better, but a spacer half as thick would be absolutely the ideal way to go, as far as tire gap.
  4. Just arrived, $367 shipped to CA, no extra customs fees or anything like that either. Box is intact so that's already a great sign.
  5. Stupidly cool wheels man, amazed they haven't been swooped up yet
  6. Damn it, now I have to freeze this winter
  7. These are so great, if I hadn't already found some I'd be all over this set!
  8. I just bought one too, though it will be a while before I can get around to replacing it. Coupon code made it only $350-ish USD shipped
  9. This is why I would much rather just take a failed alt to my local rebuilders and have them do it. Usually a 1-5 year warranty depending on where you go too.
  10. LOVE these, they fit and function so damn nicely!
  11. Those are gorgeous! Also my first time hearing of the process...
  12. You've got a PM, Hung Luckily, I don't believe any part of it is dangerously sharp either! -Gregg
  13. I've never had this issue in CA honestly. I usually fuel with the handle upside down though.
  14. Right there with you. I tend to take old neglected, too far to save BMW's and then do my own thing with them. This 72 Colorado is as unspecial as they come, save for it being a roundie and Colorado. It was run hard with apparently zero upkeep, eventually sideswiped something and then rusted away in a tow yard until I found it. Under the dash core no wiring will be visible, however the interior Colorado paint will peekaboo through the dash skeleton holes and should look pretty sweet.

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