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  1. Thanks for confirming, I've been jumped on before for not knowing which iteration something was before and wasn't keen to repeat that.
  2. I would one million percent not put holes in my floor, especially where you live
  3. Why does it have North American market cancer lights then?
  4. This is the rear seat out of my 75, though I am not certain what year the seats are. (The front seats were from a 74.) Everything is VERY nice, except the very top edge of the seat back is dry and cracked. Not horrible yet, it's been conditioned a few times and doesn't seem like it will get worse if if stays moisturized. All other parts of the seat are supple and soft with no tears, stains or other afflictions. Undersides of both parts are equally as nice. It's been in my storage for a year and will continue to remain protected there. ***Open to offers and trades, I got the price from a similar post for black seats 2 years ago.
  5. Thank you for the update! Gives me time to do my m42 swap, so no hurt feelings here 🥰
  6. I thought the same when I saw that on the boxes lol Cool though!!!
  7. Don't know anyone there, but typically I always drive through there from Los Angeles to Yuma. Seems like a great place to keep a car rust free!
  8. I'll be there, this time with my Atlantik actually looking 15% decent
  9. Can't trust you guys based on the bird's legs alone lol Pics are all great, nicely done and welcome to the madness!
  10. Personally I always use stainless zinc coated anti-spin rivnuts in situations like this. I you pre-plan the screws you can make them close ended too with some sealant, so as to avoid more moisture inside the door cavity. I've used these on race style door panels, fender flares, over-fenders, etc for 10 years, never had a single one strip or twist. https://www.mcmaster.com/mva/library/20121105/95105a119l.gif
  11. I'm with Doug on this one
  12. These are so absolutely brilliant, nice work as always bud! I'll probably pick up that front if I can get over the fact that it's hinged...
  13. I can't give mine away after like 2 years lol, but they're '74 seats. Hopefully yours are more special and someone will want them
  14. Which package is for the m42 swap? There's one kit that doesn't say what it's for (though it looks like e21 5 speed), and then the two other kits just say they're for the 245 swap. 5 SPEED CONVERSION KIT 1363BTKT $512.50 2002 ULTIMATE 5 SPEED SHIFT KIT 1420BTKT $499.00 ULTIMATE 5 SPEED CONVERSION KIT 1417BTKT $889.00
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