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  1. Give him a call, he might still have it ! I just got rid of my landline, so Mike's might still be connected. I know, right?
  2. Thanks for the heads-up Mike...I've been wanting to get new springs s=ince I cut mike to make them good again !
  3. And I use to think blinker fluid was just a bunch of hogwash!
  4. Another one of the faces showed up on another discussion.... orange Kermit...strung up to dry Okay, I'm bored
  5. Great job...it takes a lot of fortitude to tackle a rust job...but some cars are worth it and these are ! I'm digging that jack stand...safety first ! Thanks for taking all these pictures...that is a job all by itself.
  6. Hello All, For sale is an original VDO round washer bottle. It is marked as 6.77. I am not sure what car I removed this assembly from. The motor works, however it is loud when operating, but is pushes the water. It is almost complete, except I do not have the cap, it does include the VDO tank and working pump. The tank is in good shape with no cracks and nothing is broken. Please PM me if interest. I accept PayPal. Thanks, Anthony
  7. Added the mounting brackets one is broke off.
  8. BMW Late Model 2002 Purolator Air Cleaner Assembly from a Solex, Double Barrel Carburetor. I have cleaned it, however, I do not paint them. It has some minor surface rust at the connection to the carburetor. It is in good used condition. All clips are in good shape and work fine. Please PM me if Interest or have questions. I take PayPal. PLEASE SEE MY OTHER ADs FOR OTHER BMW ITEMS. Thanks.

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