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  1. Alpinaguru

    Scheel Seat adapters

    I need Scheel Seat adapters for 1971 2002ti Alpina car. Thanks
  2. Alpinaguru

    2002ti ti intake bellow rubber boots

    I’m interested, but need to put things on hold for a while. Go ahead and sell if someone else is interested
  3. Alpinaguru

    WTB : backing plates 230mm

    I have a set
  4. Alpinaguru

    WTB driver seat rails - late model

    I have a set
  5. Alpinaguru

    Want to buy 230 mm backing plates

    I have a set
  6. Alpinaguru

    Haunt your dreams

    Check out the tail lights on upside down, sideways etc! Awful
  7. Alpinaguru

    1969 2002ti

    The car has the basic 2002 brake booster, not the ti/tii version.
  8. Alpinaguru

    1969 2002ti

    Someone changed out the Brake Booster too. I’m sure 2002ti/tii’s had bigger brake boosters.
  9. Alpinaguru

    1974 BMW 2002 Chamonix for sale in Blacksburg, VA

    I can vouch for this car. I owned bout 12 years ago. The car was shipped to Korman and had motor & gearbox rebuilt in early 90’s by PO. I did Euro bumper conversion, Seats & upgrades on interior. I sold to Andy Stuckey & he sold to a friend I was told. Best driving 2002 I ever drove, period.
  10. Alpinaguru

    Dash bulb holder

    Pm me
  11. Alpinaguru

    E21 rear brake backing plates

    Pm me. I have several sets
  12. Alpinaguru

    Seat slider adjuster

    Pm me. I have plenty
  13. Alpinaguru

    License Plate Light Assemblies

    Pm me