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  1. No, in DFW. It’s been around for quite some time. Always heard about it, finally seen it in person.
  2. This car is considered a unicorn, I’ve been searching for it for years. Finally found it at a local shop. Very original and plenty patina, Bristol color.
  3. I have a complete e12 head.
  4. Hi . 

    I am also looking for a set of hella license plate lights. 

    Do you have aset for sale? 




  5. I need diagram for OEM fog lamp switch. I have both orange & green buttons with 4 prongs.
  6. I have several. I'll post photo tomorrow
  7. Looking for repairable set of sport seats. Scheel or recaro preferred.
  8. There was someone selling Petri steering wheel covers. I need to buy one.
  9. Need rear Tailight lenses, left & right for a 1974.

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