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  1. Pic request. The coolest baddest 2002's ever!

    That’s one of my favorites too ! [emoji6]
  2. looking good this morning 

  3. Derby woke up like this...
  4. 18th Annual MidAmerica 02 Fest Update

    I’m booked and looking forward to this event! [emoji6]
  5. It’s time to get some tacos with Tesoro on 2002sday at 2PM! 😉🌮
  6. ‘Lisa, you have Tesoro, why did you buy Derby?’ ‘Because.....’ 😘 How many of you can relate?
  7. I’m excited and honored to say that TESORO has been selected to be included at the BMW FOUNDATION’s 50th anniversary for the 2002s! I have arranged for TESORO to be there the second half of the year. I hope in this way, people from the East Coast can get a glimpse of TESORO too.. 😉
  8. Tesoro glowing for 2018! Love how Tesoro looks in front of this Frank Lloyd Wright building... such an art deco/vintage feel under this warm lighting.... Pic taken by yours truly
  9. Survey: How do you like your event T-Shirts?

    **I did not buy one of these... LOL! I just have the shirt that came with my swag bag... I assume that ladies will order shirt sizes to fit (some women are smaller than others...) from the "Adult" sizes we order. Does a Small-size Adult shirt fit a petite woman? **I'm 5'2 and I typically choose Adult size XS... It's possible to order some similar ladies shirts; am I correct they would be smaller for any given size designation and they may have a smaller diameter in the lower section? **Correct I'm also curious, how would a youth T-shirt fit a petite woman? Last year our youth shirts were very popular in small sizes but no large-size shirts sold-- would youth-Large fit a small woman, especially with a Tesoro-colored car image on the front (different colors coming this year...)? Or is a youth shirt basically straight-cut sides and short in the midriff for a poor fit on a small adult? **I wouldn't have an answer to how youth sizes fit smaller women.. but what is this about a Tesoro colored car image?? One ongoing concern I have is storing left over shirts-- they can take a lot of room on my garage mezzanine. Youth shirts are small, so not much of a problem, but XXL can fill boxes quickly. I prefer to only have 10 or 20 shirts left each year (people who preregister are "guaranteed" their requested size while on-site registrations may find our cupboard bare for a particular size) and luckily we have moved, occasionally at a giveaway to use as polish cloths, some older shirts especially in XXL size. What this means is that I shy away from ordering, say, 24 ladies shirts in an annual design as I wonder how many will be left over and I think they would be more difficult to encourage a later purchase unless a lady were the recipient. **perhaps taking count of previous orders and checking out the demographic on the registrations for Brisbane this year may give you a better idea of what to expect in terms of ordering. I'll buy some of your older S&S XXL shirts.. they'd be great to stitch into a picnic blanket to use for next year's S&S Thank you for all your organization and enthusiasm for putting events like the Bay Area 02 Swap and Show on... Its my favorite 02 event... !
  10. The 25 02s going into the CCA Display

    I thought about this too... and with the cost of trailering and all that ... but " when there's a will... there's a way... " It would be a huge honor if Tesoro does get picked, but if not, I'm totally ok with that too..
  11. Some women have a heel fetish... I have a steering wheel fetish... 🙃 I collect vintage BMW steering wheels. 9 wheels total. Starting top to bottom... 380 Moto-lita 2 380 GT GLAS wheels 380 Horn Ring 400 NK wheel 2 380 Petri’s The other two are in TESORO and DERBY. One of these will be going in TESORO ... can you guess which one? 😏
  12. Survey: How do you like your event T-Shirts?

    Ladies size shirts would be appreciated! I have waaaaay too many car event shirts that will never fit me properly....
  13. The 25 02s going into the CCA Display

    I turned in my submission for TESORO.... so we’ll see if he makes the cut... [emoji6]