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  1. So impressed how this little 1.6 L, 4 speed, 6volt has so push behind it! No wonder this NK model was the savior to BMW's brand! I don’t have to drive Derby mildly anymore! This car is on 🔥 ! 😉
  2. I did get invited by Richard Gale but it’s father day weekend and I’ll be in Monterey with family. I do hear One Lap is such a fun event and it’s on my calendar for next year... 😉
  3. Thanks so much!! Perhaps Derby will be the car to drive out to Mid Am next year! 😉
  4. Thank you! And yes... Patience is a virtue... 😉
  5. Behind the scenes, engine wasn't hoisted immediately, as we all slowly had eyes on it while it was being lifted... but I hear what you're saying...
  6. Clear CV boots were only for the early 1600's.. Amazing aren't they? 😉 . I've done a lot of research with the help of some magnified reading of the magazines and brochures for the 1600's. Friends like Tom Jones, Bill Arnold, and Conner Elkington from Vintage Autobahn were guiding me in the right direction for source of invaluable information and parts.
  7. DERBY IS DONE! @northbaybavarian Rick had completed Derby’s engine to ORIGINAL SPECS in less than 3 weeks! That’s including rebuild of transmission, carburetor, suspension, painting, bead blasting... it’s really remarkable and the quality of work is superb!! Unlike TESORO’s restoration with the exception of the body and paint, DERBY’s engine and mechanical restoration was quite enjoyable! No stress at all! It was a great honor and pleasure to work with Rick! He does projects as if he was working on his own car. There’s so much passion and care that was put into this rebuild project that I think he had a lot of fun doing it! 😉 I can’t wait to show you what under the bonnet! ☺️Now its time to break in the engine and take Derby to the beach! 🌊🏄🏻‍♀️👙
  8. I’m beyond pleased at the progress Rick @northbaybavarian has been making! Super stellar work on such a tedious project to make this special 1600 back to life! Watch for the engine installation pics coming soon!! 😉
  9. Hi I was wondering if you point me in the direction to obtain some Italian edition front indicator lights. Thanks in advance for any help.


    1. 02princessLisa


      I'm sorry,  I don't know of anyone selling them at this time. You might try ebay perhaps? You can always check back at the "parts for sale" in the Classified section on the FAQ too.

  10. Car enthusiast friends are one of a kind! I feel so very fortunate to receive such pieces of history from a few1600/2002/NK aficionados and friends! We as Vintage Car Collectors know that these collective articles are a prize possession that gives us details as to how these cars were brand new out of factory. I will be using these to help guide Derby’s light restoration of the engine bay. Here’s a sneak peek of the factory firewall in the background 😍
  11. This special little car has been so well cared for and maintained from Germany and the previous owner has kept this car in the most original form. I have felt like the torch has now been passed to me, therefore, I plan to keep this car running like it just came out of factory in 1967. Derby has been smoking, so I have decided to have the m10 engine with 6volt restored in its original state by using BMW 1600 OEM parts. North Bay Bavarian will be taking on this engine project. Doing a project like this needs the expertise and experience of someone who has been there for the 1600 since new, Rick Row has graciously allowed his time and energy to help me get Derby running smoothly. With the additional guidance from Bill Arnold and Thomas Jones , This little Derby car is ready for some amazing drives ahead! 🏆 I am excited and will be documenting Derby’s journey through the pics taken by Courtney and also through my blog on the BMW2002FAQ!
  12. Anyone interested in the North Bay to join the 02 train, we are meeting at Bill Arnold's shop at 8:30AM 68 Woodland Ave, San Rafael, CA 94901 Please note that he's in the Woodland Shopping Center (Waze has you going to the back of his shop, but enter at the Woodland parking lot) See you all there!
  13. For Wheel Wednesday, I switched out to this super rare steering wheel for TESORO. This is an original BMW 1600 GT GLAS steering wheel (sans original horn button) I really like how this flows with TESORO’s interior.
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