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  1. So ecstatic to have Tesoro back home! Now its time to drive! (only when its not raining) 😜
  2. Feeling Brisbane vibes today for a TBT! Looking forward to the next one in May! When I grow up, I am going to be that little old lady driving her classic car(s) - with driving gloves on! ... ☺️
  3. 02princessLisa

    2002FAQ at HooptieCon - Sonoma Raceway!


    Hey Steve! The link is not working?
  4. Closing gala for The BMWCCA Foundation museum for the 50th Anniversary of the 2002s was a success! Great to have met so many new faces and thank you for including TESORO in this incredible honor! Time to bring Tesoro home! ☺️ If you haven't already bought the ICON Book... You NEED to buy the "EXPANDED EDITION" ... This is the complete book of all the cars that were there. Here is the link: https://bmwccafoundationstore.com/collections/the-icon-50-years-of-the-2002/products/expanded-edition-the-icon-50-years-of-the-2002
  5. 02princessLisa

    Bay Area gathering

    Hey there Diego! Yeap! I know Carlos! I didn't know if this was the same event that is happening with the BMWCCA Golden Gate Chapter's Cars and Coffee on Sunday in SF... https://www.facebook.com/events/509731322766306/ It would be cool to bring down Derby (weather permitting) to Carlos' event on Saturday!
  6. 02princessLisa

    Bay Area gathering

    Who is your buddy? I haven’t heard of this event? Lisa
  7. Motorvision TV stopped by the BMW CCA Foundation Museum and spoke with Museum Coordinator Michael Mitchell about the special 50th Anniversary Display of the 2002s. Check it out in the youtube video listed below. (PS: its in German with no subtitles) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X80Sig4B2Gs
  8. Making arrangements for TESORO to come home soon! In the meantime, there’s only 2 weekends left before the 2002 display is over at the BMWCCA Foundation Museum! Hope you got a chance to check out those on display! 🤩 (The Golf 2002 in the background is 2002AD's Alpina also on display...)
  9. 02princessLisa

    Happy Birthday ray_ !

    I'm gonna dodge that smooch and send it over to Tesoro and Derby! hahahaha 😅
  10. 02princessLisa

    Happy Birthday ray_ !

    Happy Birthday Raaaaaaaaaaaay!!!! 😎
  11. First drive of 2019 in my little DERBY.... Some days, nothing beats a really great drive! Here’s to wishing everyone fabulous drives for 2019!
  12. It’s been a quiet winter without you TESORO ....
  13. 02princessLisa

    Correct paint for 1967 rims ? ( no it’s not Wurths)

    https://www.bmw2002faq.com/blogs/entry/1162-these-go-to-11-april-15-2017/ https://www.bmw2002faq.com/blogs/entry/1173-checklist-for-brisbane-may-02-2017/
  14. There wouldn’t be 2002sday..... if it weren’t for the predecessor 1600! 😉
  15. 02princessLisa

    BMWCCA North Bay C&C in Petaluma

    Just FYI : For those of us who couldn't make the Not the 49 mile drive on Saturday, there's a CC on Sunday in Petaluma hosted by the BMWCCA.