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  1. Big thanks to BigDog! His fine vehicle is already planning adventures with it’s new 02’ stable mate. His generosity with parts will also help keep both of these 02’s running around the PNW for along time to come! Thanks again -Dan
  2. I'm in! Been getting bogged down with my current 02' project, this would be great to drive in the meanwhile. I can come get it tomorrow. Dan 253-509-8273
  3. Hi David -


    If you still have the engine and any other parts I'm interested.  


    Thanks Dan

  4. If you still have the engine, I'm interested in it. Located in Gig Harbor by Tacoma, WA Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  5. Is it still available? I m over in Gig Harbor, WA. Email me at [email protected] or PM me.
  6. Mike472. I agree with you, but it's a trick of the light in my garage photos. Paint on the roof has failed and has started some surface rust. The rest of the paint is pretty tired. The roof is the worst spot on the car. Floor pans, trunk, shock towers, front valance, quarter panels all are okay, apparently the car sat with a tarp on the roof which trapped the moisture. I've seen the same thing happen on vinyl top muscle cars where moisture gets trapped. The good news is the headliner is out and none of the rust penetrates thru, a little sanding gets me down to good metal. Last project car I had, involving blasting the whole roof and outside body only repaint. Sigh, unfortunately had to sell when economy went south in 2008 and was threatened with work furlough. That car taught me though to not skimp on paint, and that I don't like doing body work.
  7. First time poster, but finding valuable information here. I have a 1976 2002 that I'am 6months into rebuilding. Plans call for total paint job re-spray, overhauled engine, overhauled 5speed, new interior, suspension upgrade, 4wheel disc brakes, automatic to standard conversion. Not the first car I have breathed new life into, but certainly a challenge. Partial to the 2002's as my mom had a new Sahara 76 2002 from 76 to 1980's always wanted to drive it, but was sold before I could drive. My car came from Spokane, WA as a craigslist special, very minimal surface rust only, no big holes or penetrating rust so far. Story is original owners had his and her BMW 2002's, got divorced and the her 2002 which is mine got parked due to maintenance issues in the year 2002. There it sat behind the divorcees house until 2013. It has had some TLC over the years to the year 2002, but never a total strip down and rebuild like I'm doing. Currently the body is still being stripped, and motor and tranny are now out.
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