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  1. I sell my rare 38cm vintage steering wheel. I know this to be a Cisa although this one is unmarked for no obvious reason. I know this since I have seen the same model in smaller sizes which where marked Cisa, and also the bold pattern is Cisa style. This is a leather wheel in very good original condition, please have a look at the pictures. Never restored and original. The wheel comes complete with a vintage solid hub and a new horn button, since the old one is worn.. but for the purist I`ll add this one in the package as well. Asking price $385,- / 350,- Euro`s Ex. Shipping and PayPal fees
  2. Hi People, I have this 42cm wheel which I would like to part from, it deserves a better home. At my place it is just laying around and I am not going to use it. The wheel is in a usable condition but it could use new stitching and new leather, or use it as is, but then it`s not perfect. Also usable in a 02 as power steering , but then it needs a contact pin and it is a bit bigger then the 40cm tii wheel. Stitching is partly gone in the top part of the wheel, steering wheel has to small pressure marks, leather feels hard. Please have a good look at the pictures, I can always make more when desired. asking price $275,- ex shipping/paypal fees. Or make a reasonable offer. Cheers, Bouke
  3. Great! Happy to hear that and most welcome Cheers! Bouke
  4. I sell this steering wheel made in1972, in Italy by the brand Personal. It has a date stamp: Italy 72 Personal markings are not on this wheel instead it says: "Kleyer" which is German. I know Heinrich Kleyer founded Adler Werks.. but in the seventies they made typewriters....That is all I know.... I also don`t know if it has anything to do with this particular wheel . I just think it is a bad ass wheel. The steering wheel is in super good condition and looks great. A strong wheel with grippy leather and very nice stitching. Comes complete with hub and horn button for E10 Price: $280,- ex shipping PayPal accepted Shipping WW : $45,- Cheers and good day
  5. I sell this beautiful 1968 Personal, complete with hub, horn button and horn ring. This Personal is in good condition and looks great. It has some marks of usage since it is over 50 years old. The condition of the wood and spokes is therefore described as good, but not 100% perfect. Please have a close look at the pictures. The wheel is 38cm in size. This is an amazing piece of vintage design to complement your interior. Any questions? Don`t hesitate to PM me. $440,- ex shipping PayPal accepted
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