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  1. I could not add pictures to the main message... here they are:
  2. I sell this 38cm wood wheel. This one is probably a Personal wheel, but an OEM version. It did not get the Personal stamp, but it got the recognisable date stamp and the Collaudo stamp on the back. The wheel has the more rare sporty look with it the anodized spokes. I filled some hair cracks in the varnish, and kept the rest of the original varnish and revived the old varnish. This wheel is very solid, the spokes have some marks and scratches, but the overal look is good. Please have a close look at the pictures for all the details. This wheel is stamped: April 1968. Comes complete with a solid hub for the BMW 02 and an aftermarket horn button. $430,- ex shipping Paypal accepted
  3. Hi, sure! Where to ship to? Pls send me PM Best, Bouke
  4. I sell this 4-spoke Alpina steering wheel. It has a German KBA number stamped on the back. Comes with an aftermarket horn button with Alpina logo (BMW when desired) Leather in original and very nice condition. The spokes have been coated with satin black. The wheel looks UberCool, but is not 100% original (coated spokes, non original horn button). Comes complete with the long hub (slightly longer than standard) and horn button and the ugly rubber thingy which almost works as an airbag . Only thig which is missing is the contact pin, but this is available at Walloth for example. Since it is not 100% original I don`t ask top money, asking price is 250 Euros / $285,- ex shipping, paypal accepted (price already taking in account paypal fee). Cheers, Bouke
  5. It is aprox 382mm and the grip is around 21mm indeed. FYI; The wheel is currently reserved, waiting for payment. Best regards and cheers, Bouke
  6. A wooden Personal dated 196something, most likely 1968/1969 (date stamp on the back). Spokes are glossy and in good condition, has some small marks of 50 years of age. Wood is also in good condition. An awesome vintage aftermarket time capsule. Comes complete with a polished solid aluminium Hub for BMW 02, and a horn button. Please have a good look at the pictures and feel free to ask any questions. Asking price $495,- ex shipping shipping world wide $45,- PayPal accepted
  7. Leather wheel in good condition. Some marks of usage on matted aluminium the spokes. Unrestored and in original condition. Great stichting. Hard to let go but it deserves a car to be used in. Comes complete with hub and horn button for BMW 02. Price is $550,- ex shipping Paypal is possible / world wide shipping $45,- with tracking code Please feel free to ask any questions. Cheers!
  8. Thanks for your answers and thinking with me, both the brake calippers, the pads and the dust guards where not installed when hearing the noise. I still suspect the grease seal or the bearing. When I am at the car I will try to record the difference between left and right which starten all the fuzz. Best regards, Bouke
  9. Hi Hans, When I swapped the hub with another ons the slight noise was still there. I adjusted the bearings again. Went to another workshop, specialised in old cars, and got MOT flawless... the noise is very faint, there is no play. In the winter period I will put other bearings in again, just to find out if I was unlucky twice with the bearings. But the good news, MOT, hurray cheers and thanks
  10. The criteria are a bit vague, that is what I found out now. No play, that is obvious, but then there is the noise from the bearings, one workshop said, no noise at all. The other ons said, a little bit of noise with these old cars is ok, as long there is no play. I am going to get another workshop to get my MOT. In the meantime I have tried to replace the hub, made no difference. So i have the idea that there is something with the bearing still, but my guess it should be ready for MOT since the noise is very faint. Also.. when I jacked up the car after the workshop did my bearing, they where allowed to do it since I just wanted to get it done, the bearing had enormous play... shocking. My guess is that they did not torque the bearing well enough to push out the surplus grease... crazy. I have re adjusted them and try again at a local classic specialist. Modern workshops should stick to what they are good at.. laptops and replace everything with new parts according to the faulty code.. Cheers and again many thanks for all the thoughts

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