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  1. I will need to do the same. Where did you get the new tubes?
  2. I pulled the seal out as described by Buckeye and pushed a new one in. Worked fine.
  3. Looking for new or near new Passenger Visor. Please PM
  4. Front left and right original black door panels from 74 tii. No speaker holes. Look good. Back is solid but shows age. All peg holes solid. $95 each PM me
  5. Price depends on what you want and need. Powder coating etc. All in, much less than Mesa.
  6. As recommended on FAQ, I had my leaking fuel pump rebuilt by Fuel Injection Corp. Looks great. 18 mo. warranty. 👍
  7. Looking for a new NOS passenger visor. Please PM me.
  8. My original harness has a rubber boot connector. Is the only option to cut that off and replace it with the plastic one?
  9. The wires are frayed inside the connector.
  10. Helpful post. It looks like terminal connector is 61 13 8 608 021 is now NLA. There may be other sources. How do you get the connectors out of the rubber boot? I know they are held my a prong in the plastic connector but the whole plug has a sealed rubber boot.
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