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  1. Thanks Mike! Great recommendation
  2. Hello FAQ community! Looking for a new door brakes as my drivers door brake just failed. Just old! I heard that E28 rear door brakes might work? Not sure about that. Is there a member that is selling upgraded door brakes? Thanks! 73 tii Malaga
  3. Hello FAQ! I'm also looking for some of these same clips to do one side only (7 clips) thanks!
  4. Got both bearings on! Hard to believe both sides just needed some Emory cloth and polish to smooth out the spindle. Thanks for everyone's input! Spindle was .749, bearing guru said the inner diameter of the new bearings are .75. Very close tolerance. Ended up using the FAG German bearings I bought in the 90s. No Vietnam bearings on my car!
  5. Hello Faq members! I am having a problem getting the front outer wheel bearing on the spindle. It won't slide on properly as the diameter seems too small. Everyone says they are the correct bearing. I have a set of German FAG bearings from 20 years ago, new FAG bearings (Vietnam), and SKF bearings. All have the same issue. Has anyone had this happen to them?. Tii struts with tii calipers (3 1/2 inch) with a spindle diameter at 19.0246 mm (.749 inches). The wheel bearing inner diameter is just over 19mm as well yet will not seat properly. I have tried both part numbers and the result was the same. 312 126 34 103 and 312 111 07 456 Online, BMW Northwest states the bearing size is 19x45mm. I've never had this happen before and was hoping one of the members had the same issue. And a solution! It sounds crazy When I started to tighten the lug bolts, I was literally pressing the bearing onto the spindle. I needed a puller to get the rotor off! Any ideas anyone? Thanks! Kevin 73 Malaga tii
  6. Hello FAQ! Does anyone know where I can find some of the chrome screws for the rear window latches? Mine disappeared into thin air! Probably NLA. Its for my 73. Thanks, Kevin 1973 Malaga tii
  7. Hello FAQ! I'm looking for a NOS or very nice gas pedal for my tii. Taller pedal also fits automatic about 9 1/2 inches long. Have a NOS short pedal if anyone needs one. Thanks!
  8. Hello all! Where do these wires go? 73 tii. No small spades on the back of the cluster. The shop manual indicates a green wire should go to the tach light but a white stripe is not noted. No idea where that ground wire goes. Thanks
  9. I do. I have a NOS regular pedal so no help there but actually a buddy has an extra one. No way I was going to pay $150 for a gas pedal!! Thanks
  10. Saw this old post and wondered if you still had a tii gas pedal? Thanks! Kevin
  11. It’s in hardware in the pull out drawers You can find it online at your store.
  12. Hello all, I was installing a new clutch master cylinder and noticed I was missing my pedal box access hole plug. NLA. Searched and found a perfect fitting plug at LOWES, picture attached. 7/8 inch fit snug! Hillman # 881289.
  13. Thanks John, I will try locally first. After looking at other threads, we won't be seeing new vinyl anytime soon! Kevin
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