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  1. Yeah still available. Text or call me 5309068481 https://sacramento.craigslist.org/pts/d/loomis-bmw-2002-door-seals/6960277545.html
  2. not a joke. works fine. Just follow the thread
  3. I think lots of people have gotten them to fit fine, I just used ford focus seals following this thread.
  4. https://sacramento.craigslist.org/pts/d/loomis-bmw-2002-door-seals/6952414224.html see ad
  5. I should have been a bit more clean Cocquyt, the entire piece is gone not just the mylar / chrome tape. I'll probably use some aftermarket plastic strip and put chrome tape on it. Thanks for the quick responses
  6. One of my door cards is missing this piece and I'm wondering if there's somewhere you can buy it separately. I've searched online and on the forum and haven't seen anything (probably because I don't know what it's specific part name is). It's a 74 02, same design as the photo below
  7. Lippincott


  8. I'm looking to put the early roundie SIDE grills on my car. I have a 74, (I know the fitment is wrong, and especially difficult for the center kidney, but I'm not worried about that bit, I'll be doing the bodywork for that fitment and understand its kinda of PITA) and I'm wondering besides the screw / mounting holes being in a different place is there any other problems when fitting the early side grills into a squaretail front end? Cheers Noah
  9. Would you be willing to sell the passenger side fender separately? I'll pay $100 I'm coming from Sac so I'd be able to pick it up Text me if interested 5309068481 Thanks Noah
  10. Is there anywhere where I can get this for cheaper than at rogerstii.com? http://www.rogerstii.com/servlet/the-34/bmw-2002-sill-rocker/Detail Or better yet has anyone installed the rocker trim with just the clips and no rubber (and had no problems)? Or perhaps some makeshift alternative to this rip off rubber? Cheers Noah
  11. Just saw this post on Stanceworks. Not sure if someone already mentioned this but I thought I'd share the video "We're hard-pressed to think of anything we're more anxious for. Adrenalin - The Film takes BMW's unparalleled touring car history from the history books to the big screen. Catch the preview for amazing footage of some of BMW's best race cars -" http://vimeo.com/108230034
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