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  1. Yeah I put the manifold and water choke lines in and bolted everything together, looks like I need the linkage from a 2 barrel solex since mine was originally a single barrel.
  2. Ill get some pictures today. The way the bracket connects to the Weber can only go towards driver or 180 degrees to passenger. The rod is perpendicular pointing straight up. Ive got it roughly connected but I can’t get it to run except on starting fluid or fuel dumped into the barrel. Despite this I can see the carb functioning properly as it dumps fuel down when I press the throttle, yet won’t run on its own yet for some reason. It’s been years since I had a weber so I have to relearn the thing.
  3. It’s a 1bl solex so the rod bends straight up but I need it at 90 degrees towards the driver side. I adjusted it a little with the linkages to the pedal and I got it in there but I don’t think it’s perfect yet.
  4. Hey there I’m pretty much finished with my solex to Weber 32/36 conversion and the last thing I need to do is tie in the throttle rod, but the design is slightly different 90 degrees off. I searched but couldn’t find a thread on this specific issue, how did some of you solve this incompatibility? Am I going to have to fab something up or is there a simpler tried and true method using existing bits?
  5. LOL i got one! No cracks, but dusty, lemme see if I have the horn cap.
  6. I'm looking for the hosetail which screws into the block where the water choke return is on later cars. Anyone have a used one laying around?
  7. That makes sense, mine is a 72 glad to see they were thinking ahead.
  8. Cool maybe I can find something that will fit in there with that info and the part number, I didn’t realize they had diagrams for aftermarket setups on that beautiful website. Thank you!
  9. I re-keyed mine but ended up just putting a keyless entry from eBay that does the heavy lifting since the cylinders are so fragile. Mileage may vary!
  10. Hey y’all I tried searching but couldn’t find the part. Im switching from a stock solex to a Weber water choke but my block just has a bolt in the spot where I’d return the water after the choke/carb. Is this fitting just something I’d grab at the hardware/parts store (if so any idea the measurements?) or is it a specific piece? Thanks in advance.
  11. ITS THE GROUNDS Edit: Man if it ain't the cable like was posted above I be surprised. Seems like for sure an electrical issue rather than a faulty starter.
  12. So to make sure I'm reading this right, I'm going to set my car (carbed 1bbl early 72) at 2700 rpm and check for the OT with my timing light set to between 38-42 degrees advanced? I feel like I'm starting to get it, but not sure I'm there. My closest to perfect result was when I did 35 degrees at 3000RPM as per another post. I think maybe I just need to do 34-36 degrees again but at a slightly higher RPM, say 3400? I'll try it tomorrow when I won't piss of the neighbors with a car running outside at 3500 rpm for minutes on end.
  13. Other than safety features none of that stuff can't be added to an 02 or even an ancient RV with a nice radio and an iPad mount. E28-E30 is right where you get the modern engine management with the old styling, nothing from the 90's moves me as much. My e28 535i has bluetooth etc, power everything. What else you need?
  14. Mine did this the Ignition Switch was broken, same part these guys described above. Found one on the forum cheap, head to Parts Wanted they'll sort you out. Also clean your grounds.
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