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  1. I'm guessing that's "Propeller shaft or joint disc to gearbox"? I've tried an impact, heat, PB Blaster, and standing on the end of a 4 foot breaker bar, and this thing hasn't budged. And yes the lockring has been removed. It must be Loctited or something.
  2. What's the torque spec on this bad boy? Gudentite?
  3. I've acquired one through a PM. Thank you though, your photos will be very helpful for reassembly.
  4. I'm designing an aluminum center console in cardboard and CAD, but I have nothing to go off of because my car doesn't currently have a center console. Would anyone be able to take some basic measurements of their console? The lines in red would help the most, the overall width of the console in a few places and the width of the side panels as well.
  5. Anyone in this thread have the CAD files mentioned? I'm PMing a few people as well. Designing a center console myself and it would be great to have something to go off of.
  6. PM'd you as I already have the rubber boot and the rest looks quite good.
  7. I guess I should specify that I need the entire handbrake, the actual handbrake itself, and not just the handle! All that I have is in that picture 😀
  8. I've been driving around without a handbrake for 5 years and over 50,000 miles now, and while the empty hole makes a nice hand-warmer on those chilly night drives, it's about time to fix this problem. Attached are a photo of what I have and one of what I think I need, but to be honest I'm not really sure what all I need. I planned on picking up a William Gruff bushing kit if those are still being produced. My car is a 1969, but it's pretty far from original so really anything will work.
  9. Thank you! Turns out mine are standard 2002 struts at 3". I'm sure this new photo will help others as this thread is the first Google result for anything related to identifying your struts. Cheers
  10. This thread is almost old enough to drive, but does anyone have images of the measurement points talked about on Page 1? Trying to ID my struts to order bearings. Thanks.
  11. Wouldn't Rommel drive a Sahara 02?
  12. Thanks Mike and everyone else. Oddly my car doesn't have the snakebite holes for AC, so the holes in the top of the tunnel remain a mystery. I'll source or make a piece of foam for that dish... lots of noise gets in already!
  13. Today I'm checking another thing off the "later" list. I've been driving around for 5 years with this system in place and I know it's wrong, I just don't know why. My battery is in the trunk and has 1/0ga wires running from it. Ground goes to the rear passenger's side of the engine block. Positive goes to the starter. The starter is grounded by a strap to its own body. A roughly 6ga wire labeled "audio cable" then runs from the starter's positive lug to the alternator, which is an AL110X hooked up as shown. Two positive wires run from the alternator into the harness. The alternator is grounded with a probably 12ga cable to the fender. I understand I need to beef that up and I suspect I should also replace the "audio cable". This was all how I got the car with the exception of the last part here: Years ago I ran a 4ga cable from the alternator straight back to the positive terminal on the battery. Without it the battery doesn't charge. I know now that 4ga might be a little small for that distance and an 80a alternator. Why would that be? That circuit should have already been covered, right? Does any of how this is laid out sound wrong? My guess is yes.
  14. Correct indeed, my car is a December 69 build. Explains why most of the ones I've seen are square. Never had AC that I know of though nearly every original part is long gone. With the original engine and center console gone are there any other signs of AC left? Usually I'm one of those dud peanuts you crack open and it's empty.
  15. As part of my custom console build I was trying to source this center foam piece, until I noticed that this metal dish isn't in anyone else's interior pictures - with or without carpeting. What is it? What's that foam part called? Were these usually removed? Bonus: What's that silver plug covering up? There's another one on the other side and they're both somewhat loose.

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