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  1. One thing you can always try (even though I don't see why the wires would be dirty) is soaking the sending unit in acetone to clean the wires. Also, make sure all your terminals are clean along the wiring harness from battery, to sending unit, to gauge, to ground (and also check for loose/fraying wires). Besides that, idk what your problem could be...
  2. Damn I shoulda never taken mine out of the box haha! On a side note though, i might try to do a 3d printed replica. I already have the main piece CADed. I would just need to figure out what to do for the actual keychain part. Heres a pic of a blown-up version I printed as wall art for a buddy (changed "2002" to "S14" by request)
  3. It was a lot of fun! My trunk has no torsion spring on it, so when doing the trunk scene the first time, the actor accidentally got his head smacked by the the lid when it was slammed shut. Luckily he was okay. Thanks! They're all extremely talented musicians originally from Boston. The singer and drummer are actually Berkeley-trained. They're all great people that play great music and I feel lucky to call them good friends.
  4. until

    I wish I could go. Alas, I left my 02 in SoCal
  5. Hey everyone. I know I haven't posted in a while, but I just wanted to share a music video with everyone. The band is Convey and they're all really good friends of mine. I had the awesome opportunity of using my car in the video and it turned out amazing! We all had a lot of fun shooting this and I hope everyone enjoys!!! CONVEY - Speed Dial I tried embedding the video, but it didn't quite work Either way, the youtube link should work! Some sexy screenshots CGI headlights!!! The band in my car Not the first person to be shoved in the trunk.... And 1 awesome dirt burnout!
  6. Thanks for the post! Sent the guy a message, so let's see what happens... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. If you ever feel like coming up to Ventura County, I can help you out! I manage a shop, S14 Fabrications, and I'm a machinist
  8. I'll be sure to keep the faq in the loop! Also I'm fairly certain that I have access to a laser scanner, which will make life easier (for initial setup at least) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Hello everyone. I was wondering if anyone had an accurate CAD of a stock M10 rocker arm or at least accurate dimensions that I could CAD from? I am very interested in doing some FEA/optimization on the rocker arm, but unfortunately I currently don't have access to any of the spare rockers I have (so I'm SOL unless someone has some info that they could share). Any help would be greatly appreciated! Regards, Logan P.
  10. So I've been messing around in SolidWorks and this is what I have so far. Obviously this currently wont work, but it gave me a good idea of sizing and overall design
  11. I'm not 100% sure about the injector placement on those. I know you can run injectors higher up in the system for better mid-high rpm performance.
  12. I thought I recognized the car in your profile pic! If you don't need it, I would gladly borrow it until I can eventually get my manifold. Really pretty car by the way!
  13. Wouldn't it be great if someone made a direct bolt-on slide valve throttle body for the BMW 2002 when converting to fuel injection? I'm pretty sure that nobody does, but I'm going to change that! First off, a little bit about me: I'm currently a freshman at San Jose State University, Mechanical Engineering Major. I have many years of experience building racecars and have worked with slide valve applications on early Porsche 911's. Also, I am part of my university's Formula SAE team, where each year we design, manufacture, and race a formula-style racecar. Also I have a 1976 BMW 2002, which is built as road/track car. The Plan: I am planning on using designs of Porshce slide-valve throttle bodies to design the M10 throttle body. I am utilizing SolidWorks to do all of the CAD work. The motor will likely be injected using a Megasquirt injection system, but I'm not 100% certain yet. I am also planning on utilizing CFD to optimize throttle body components so there is maximum airflow. The throttle body itself will be machined out of aluminum. Also, I am planning on running velocity stacks. Currently I am CADing the base of the throttle body. Unfortunately, all I have are traces on paper of the base of a stock intake manifold. I have an extra stock manifold that i can get dimensions from, but its currently down in SoCal and I wont be able to get it until next month. Luckily though, I can still CAD with rough dimensions, and then I can make everything precise once I get my manifold. Also, If anyone has CAD files of an M10 intake manifold of any style (stock, side-draft, etc.) that they can send me, I would greatly appreciate it, as it would save me a bit of work!
  14. Hey guys so the Friends of Steve Mcqueen Car and Motorcycle Show is coming up on June 7th at the Boys Republic campus in Chino Hills. This year they are celebrating the 1968 film "The Thomas Crown Affair." It is an absolutely awesome show and there are sooo many beautiful vintage BMW motorcycles. However, when I went last year, I had the only 2002!!!! There were only 2 other BMWs at the whole dang thing, one an art car/race car, and the other some ok 80's bmw. LETS CHANGE THAT!!! (a pic of my car from last year.. felt kinda awkward parking in a row of corvettes!) For more info, go to: http://SteveMcQueenCarShow.com Seriously guys, this is an amazing car show, so lets show people how amazing our 02s are!
  15. Ohhhh! Thank you very much!!! Matte Black (less glossy than Satin Black) Same! Thanks!
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