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  1. He is definitely not making much at that price. It will be a good deal for someone. These are pictures from October just before he took it down south.
  2. This car belongs to a friend and it it as clean as it looks.
  3. Open to reasonable offers.
  4. That's too true. Unfortunately I have other cars I need to finish and need the space. I thought it would move quickly. It's a way cleaner car than most I have built. I guess all the different colors are making people shy away.
  5. Thanks. I just really enjoy working these little cars. This one was just sitting after a friend wrecked it and I was tired of seeing it sit.
  6. Passenger side rocker front Jack point.
  7. Driver side rocker was super solid except the front Jack point.
  8. Made some repairs to the car. The driver floor pan needed some attention. Lucked out the frame rail was still solid. Cleaned, treated and weld through primer.
  9. No problem. If it doesn't go at this price, I'll keep it. It's not like it's going to go down in value.
  10. Did a little tidying up on the wiring, made a mount for the afm and fuel filter. Price reduced to $6800.
  11. That's what I was looking for. Thanks guys.
  12. I'm surprised nobody has anything to say. Usually y'all with either pick em apart or praise. Oh well.

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