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  2. I was fully expecting everyone to tell me i was off my rocker... thanks for the link that gives me an idea on how to set it up i have been asking everyone i know for ideas and they all were telling me i was crazy and they cant see why i would ever put all that work into a car like that. They all say old American cars are the only way to go
  3. and I figured out what was wrong with the mig.... it was me. lol. I was running way too big of wire so voltage had to be turned up and it would just keep burning through. Never said I knew everything about welding but I know enough to get myself in trouble and I guess I will learn as I go
  4. Well i have run into a huge wall lost my job, started a new one, moved from New York to Vermont and now find myself without a garage and my car is sitting on a trailer, covered and waiting for some love. I am looking day and night to find a place and when I do I will be back to work but until then i have been researching and coming up with a few crazy ideas...... well earlier AceAndrew told me that an m50 would put too much weight up front and make the car potentially undriveable so i have been thinking what if i put the trans. in the rear right too the diff and make a torque tube that would give it better weight distribution and sence im going with a sequential trans anyways it wont need too much fab for the shift linkage what are your thoughts????
  5. I jumped back to the rocker and where the fender mounts and started cutting the rot out, made a piece and tried to weld it in. I have never struggled with a mig so badly. I got a little 110 mig from a friend, figured it would be fine for sheet metal, and started trying to weld lol. I have used many of welders before but this has no voltage adjustments besides a couple of switches between high and low. So it was more of a trial and error for my first piece. It turned out horrible but what ever it held fine. My terrible weld
  6. And I my usual ways I cant stick to any one thing so I jumped to modifying the front radiator support and front clip so I drilled the spot welds and took the nose off.
  7. so I started cutting and pealing away layers
  8. The very first thing I did was put some mystery oil in each cylinder and cross my fingers. I was hoping the pistons weren't seized. I bought a new battery, wired in an electric fuel pump (I know the mechanical fuel pumps have worked for years but I hate them), put in new plugs, changed the oil, poured a little fuel in the carb and the thing fired up on half a crank and ran like it had just been run yesterday. My very first idea I had was to rebuild the m10 and get around 400hp out of it and reconstruct the rear end. Then I got a crazy idea put into my head by a friend (thanks Ivan) to put in the m50 I had in my garage. I know some people say that is the last motor they would put in that car and that it would be hard to drive but I am set in my ways. The m50 that I have is out of a 92 325is and has 30k original miles on it. It is a non-vanos motor and is what I believe as the best m50 because it has the potential to become almost an S50 no problem. It has the only block that can handle the m3 3 liter pistons. I have herd many people say otherwise but this is what I have found through my research. The reason im not doing an m20 or anything like that is because I already have the m50 and all the parts that go with the engine $$$$. I started striping the body of the car and pulling out the interior (figuring this was the best place to start for my build) and here is what I found
  9. Well I was going to start this blog from my phone but my phone is a hunk so here it goes from the "humble beginning". When I bought the car it did not run and had been sitting for about two years at the owners house. The owner said it sat in a field for about ten years before that so the car had been doing a lot of sitting. It was in what looked like good shape only a few rust holes and very bad paint fade.
  10. Well here is the humble beginning of my 68 02 when I bought the car it didn't run but everything was there it wasn't missing anything.
  11. I do have carbs but they are used factory stuff my email is [email protected] What are billies
  12. I just recently purchased a 68 02 and I am thinking of putting a m50 motor in it I have the all of the major components and I know its been done before just trying to get more info before I begin I have a little knowledge of the swap just want more so tell me what you guys know
  13. I am new to the site and new to owning a 2002 I have owned quite a few BMW but the 2002 has always been my favorite can't wait to get the car done but in the mean time I'm selling allof my spare parts I have six bare heads six rear differentials five four speed trannies two spare motors one running and a bagillion misc parts let me know what you need mostly motor stuff but do have some back seats I forgot my info duh my name is Tim call or text 5one88two19two16

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