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  1. Mike thank you for the advice , I did what you said and am replacing the master cylinder at the pedal. John in VA thanks for your sending me the links. Sometimes it’s the personal interaction from fellow members that lead to the best answers , and create contacts, but I get the fact that there is way too much info for me to ask the same old questions. Conkitchen that’s advice I need to hear ... fabricating isn’t as easy for me. I like assembly. so I’m sure your all aware Ireland sells a gasket set, which was a relief for me, I’m sure I paid a pinch more , but getting all the correct gaskets in one shipment is a real A+++ for me. I hope to within a month install the drivetrain , thanks again. To be continued, fred
  2. Hi everyone , I recently posted about installing a 5 speed into my formerly AT 2000c . And I met up with some very helpful people, with great knowledge of this procedure. As in my nature to move along at a snails pace for things I am unfamiliar with, I am inching forward. my questions are. 1) confirm the identity of my trans . I believe it’s a typical 245 OD from the early 80s . It does not have any M20 stampings. It has a mechanical odometer hook up and reverse light switch on top. ————— I am dropping it off at a manual transmission builders for a cleaning and re-sealing, inspection. I was told when I bought it that it is in good order ? —————- 2) Does anyone have a parts list for this trans such as gaskets , or any other must haves just for inspection purposes. (I know of internally there are problems the list will change) 3) where can I get the reverse light switch? 4) where can I get hard parts if needed ? 5) Is there any reason I should buy blunts conversion at this time? I think it can wait until this inspection process is done. (I already have a slave cylinder new) thanks for any help fred
  3. Wow , great information . Thank you for the help. And zinz , great looking coupe. I love the red chassis. Very clean . I did my chassis in white chamonix . So this knowledge will get me going in the correct direction. On the subject of the horseshoe , if I buy the blunt tech kit it appears to come with a rear bracket in a C shape . For the 2000c coupe am I going to need to fabricate the horseshoe and not use the supplied bracket? Thanks again. Fred
  4. Hi, I haven’t posted in a while. But I do like to lurk around. Much knowledge. I am Still working on a 2000c 1968 coupe. My car was an Automatic. I am slooooowly making progress. Almost ready to install a drivetrain. I have a typical M10 engine from a 76 2002. I have also a Getrag 245 5 speed trans with mechanical speedo. My pedals and clutch master cylinder are already sorted out along with my clutch fluid reservoir. I have the original rear subframe and long nose differential installed. I have the original 2 piece driveshaft. Question is “How will i benefit from a blunt tech conversion kit?” I have never done a conversion and am not hands on familiar. I won’t be diving in immediately, but trying to prepare myself. Has anyone on here done this conversion with this car? What do I need to know? Any info will help. Trans mount(s) shift plate etc. Thanks Fred
  5. Located to the left of instrument panel. Curved corner piece .
  6. Needed left dash wood corner to the left of instrument panel . Curved piece . Any condition. Fred . Call or Text 413-531-2966
  7. Question is . What is the red knob ? What does that control?
  8. Hi , this first picture is not of my car . I am attempting to sort out my 68 coupe electrics. The red pull knob under the steering wheel, I am guessing that is the US market hazard switch? It only has 3 electrical spade connectors on the back. My car was purchased disassembled and with wire harness out of it. So if anyone has knowledge of the wiring that would be very helpful also. As I don’t believe it appears in the wire diagram I am using. The last two pics are some beauty pics of progress. Thanks for any help. Fred
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