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  1. Dang, I'd so love to do this. Just confirmed timing yesterday with a friend of mine to use his shop starting that Friday and into the weekend to strip my '73 down to its shell; can't pass up that opportunity. I'll look forward to meeting everyone for the next one if I stay on track!
  2. I was able to find it: https://victoria.craigslist.org/cto/d/victoria-south-1967-bmw-nk-2000/7200600460.html
  3. Send me your address and I'll mail you one - I have a couple laminated extra's I wont use. I'll even pay the postal fee
  4. Hi Rudolpho(?)


    I'm interested in the silver dollar gauge cluster. What is total cost, including shipping to:


    Mark Manasas

    6 Bennett Ave

    Lexington, MA 02421


    How do you prefer to get payment?


    Many thanks,

    1. rudolpholaspari2002


      Hi Mark, 


      Awesome! With Ground Shipping included its $177.44. See attached image of the UPS quote. If that's OK, I can take paypal which is: [email protected]


      Let me know and I can ship tomorrow.



      Bret Hagen aka rudolpholaspari :)

      Screen Shot 2020-09-20 at 6.26.14 PM.png

  5. '74 Fuse Box - Cleaned/Refurbished - price includes shipping to the lower 48! Selling as mine had a problem and the configuration for my Tii was different.
  6. Silver Dollar Cluster, everything in working order - buyer pays shipping.
  7. Thanks Mike and Toby, great intel. I’ll pay extra attention to these points.
  8. Tackling mine soon, thanks for the tips!
  9. I'll aspire to make my '73 Tii as clean as this one 0- that'll be a tall task.
  10. Hi, If you have the Brake pedal Grommet/boot from the Box as part of those parts shown (looks like it), I'll pay you $15 for that part only + shipping to 98077. My grommet is toast and I can't find one. This is the grommet the brake fork comes thru in the pedal box. Thanks! Bret
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