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  1. Good deal and there's a 2000 touring shell if I'm not mistaken in this group. If I wasn't in the most distant part of the US mainland I'd be all over this! Good luck with sale, you have some good stuff.
  2. That's the screen for the Tii, I also couldn't find a new one prior when looking. You might give Paul at Maximillian a call or Ireland. They both sell new sending units that are remanufactured, maybe they have access to the actual parts only as well.
  3. Thanks Mike, great stuff indeed! Bret
  4. This is a pretty cool solution to substitute the brake booster, but you'll need a couple custom hard lines to connect. https://www.chasebays.com/pages/search-results-page?q=BMW+2002
  5. Thanks everyone, the mineral spirits are finally having some effect so far. I’m going to let it sit in them until late tomorrow and will try some light compressed air once complete and report back. Appreciate the input.
  6. Hello! I'm presently struggling with how to clean the fuel sending unit's screen, as seen in the picture it's pretty much fully clogged and nearly opaque in all locations. So far I've tried the dishwasher (shhhh) Carb and Brake Cleaner, POR 15 Degreaser and Solvent, Krud Kutter, Denatured Alcohol, and presently some mineral spirits. Several of which I let the screen soak for 24 hours, to date I've seen a very minimal change at best even using toothbrushes etc. Anyone have any other insight on what might actually break this stuff down? Thanks!
  7. Have you tried blowing out the fuel line? It could have picked up some gunk from the tank change.
  8. If you need one, I have a very clean center kidney and full assembly from my 74 I could sell, it's not perfect but very nice. Let me know and I'll send pics.
  9. Received mine today. Emily’s illustrations are even better in person, excellent quality and quick shipping. Thanks Emily! Bret Hagen
  10. +1 I have the IE Stainless exhaust setup and when I switched from an old Stahl to the IE Header, a little persuasion was needed Fortunately for me I'd opted for the full stainless header so it matched and no ceramic coating like I'd been tempted to do!
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