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  1. chook

    Engine parts

    The distributor was sold to a friend yesterday. I will mark it sold right now. Thanks, Cameron
  2. chook

    Engine parts

    Money sent for pistons. Please keep me updated on the head. Thanks, Cameron
  3. chook

    Engine parts

    Hey I'm really sorry about that. The pistons don't look usable to me anymore. I can refund you the cost of the pistons. I had the head bolts tucked in the bottom of the crate pretty well, I'm surprised they managed to rattle out. Again, I can refund the cost of the pistons and please let me know if you find any damage to the head. Thanks, Cameron
  4. chook

    Engine parts

    Hi, the pistons will work with the e12 cylinder head and require the block to be bored. Im not sure what head came stock on your motor so i cant say if they will work for sure. Thanks, Cameron
  5. chook

    Engine parts

    Haha thank you, the ruler is not for sale. It gets used all the time around here.
  6. chook

    Engine parts

    Prices dropped
  7. chook

    Engine parts

    Intake and linkage are sold. Open to offers on other items.
  8. Hey guys, I built an engine for my car a little while back that ran well but the rings never seated so it had excess blowby. I have decided to change directions and build a turbo motor for the car. 1. E12 Metric Mechanic? Head. I got this from the previous owner who said it was from metric mechanic. It has dimpling which i have heard is an old technique metric mechanic experimented with. I dont know what its worth but ill ask $400 and am open to offers. It is complete with a Norris 301 cam. There is some slight surface rust from sitting SOLD 2. Ireland tii Distributer. It has a pertronix igniter installed. Im asking $80 obo with the plug wires SOLD 3. Ireland dcoe intake and linkages. Im asking $250 obo SOLD 4. Ireland tii pistons 9.5:1. Im asking $100 obo SOLD Im located in Redlands, Ca and can ship or can meet for local pickup
  9. still looking
  10. Thank you, I just registered to vwvortex in search of these wheels. Im sure they will be hard to find but hopefully I can track a set down. Thank you, Cameron
  11. Ill take the webers if Andrew doesn't want them.
  12. Hi, im looking for ronal racing turbo wheels in 4x100 or centerlocks if you have them. I open to anything 13"-15". Also i will take just faces or possibly complete wheels also. Im in Southern California but am willing to ship if not too expensive. Thanks, Cameron

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