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  1. I will take the rear window seal and lockstrip if you are willing to split them up
  2. chook

    Getrag 245/5

    Jim Blaschke is first in line. If the sale falls through it will go to the next person in line
  3. I have a getrag 245/5 that was disassembled to replace the 2nd gear syncro but was never put back together. I should have all the parts. I’m not sure if anyone is interested in this. I’ll ask $50 for all the parts. Located in Redlands, Ca.
  4. chook


    Thanks for letting me know. I called a local company and they wanted $380. I will call around and see if anyone else has one. Thanks, Cameron
  5. chook


    Hey, I’m looking for a clean windshield in the SoCal area. I’m in Redlands but will drive to pick one up. Thanks, Cameron
  6. chook

    Bbs ra375

    bump shoot me an offer
  7. chook

    New Fenders

    Thanks for pointing that out. You definitely are correct, the sticker is identical to walloth/nesch. I will probably hold onto these and use them to repair my original fenders. Thanks, Cameron
  8. chook

    New Fenders

    I believe these are OEM, however they came with a car I bought and the sticker is torn so I am not positive. If they are not OEM I will obviously lower the price significantly. Thanks, Cameron
  9. chook

    Bbs ra375

    I have a set of 4 bbs ra375. They are 15x6 et35. The tires are in decent shape but one has a gouge as pictured and small curb rash on the same wheel. All other wheels are in very good shape. I’m asking $400 but am open to offers, I don’t really know what they are worth. Thanks, Cameron
  10. Hey Andrew, Forgive me if I missed this somewhere but how does the radiator mount to the core support? I really like the radiator setup!
  11. chook

    Engine parts

    The distributor was sold to a friend yesterday. I will mark it sold right now. Thanks, Cameron
  12. chook

    Engine parts

    Money sent for pistons. Please keep me updated on the head. Thanks, Cameron
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