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  1. Doug Riparetti

    Coolant Overflow Tank

    Mine is located behind the passenger side headlight.......
  2. Doug Riparetti

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Had a custom built E21 case/318ti LSD delivered to me this morning, it took less than two hours to swap it out by myself. That was the 5th differant rear end that I’ve installed in my “02”. This was the 1st time I felt comfortable rollin on the gas really hard, confident that I was not gonna pop the rear end. I logged a TON of miles, just kinda babying it for the last fifteen months, so I would not distroy another rear end. My buddy Kaelin who built the rear end for me, he was quite impressed, today was the 1st time he was in my car........
  3. Hmmmmm....... That's a GREAT idea. Thanks for the tip..................... Salute'
  4. I have a buddy that bought a 76, he did not know that he had the peel and stick trim, I pointed it out to him. I'm torn on what to do when it's time to paint, peel and stick, or find replacement stuff. Cuz every one of my pieces has damage. I think a few may be able to bang out, some are just toast.......
  5. Doug Riparetti

    2002 Beauty Shots

    Pacific Grove, Ca. My almost daily cruise along Asilomar Beach.......
  6. Doug Riparetti

    Mid America 02 Fest 2019

    Thank you
  7. Doug Riparetti

    Mid America 02 Fest 2019

    Love to. Is the Texas group here or on FB....?
  8. Doug Riparetti

    Mid America 02 Fest 2019

    Thank you for the heads-up,.....
  9. Doug Riparetti

    Mid America 02 Fest 2019

    Any West Coast folk planning on making the trek this year to the Mid America 02 Fest? I'm leaving the Monterey Peninsula on the 22nd, Hwy 5 to 40, with stops in Flagstaff the 1st night, Amarillo. Looking to do 10 to 11 hours of driving a day.
  10. Doug Riparetti

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    How about motor swaps?
  11. Doug Riparetti

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    What a bummer when restrictions are placed on modification to ones personal vintage car, another reason I'm thankful for living in the USA. (Other then the ridicules smog rules in California)............ Regarding the sway bars, if allowed, go with the I.E. 22mm front and back. Install the links on the front holes for the front bar. For the rear sway bar, from the back of the bar to the backside of the link, 2-1/2", that's a good comfortable balance. Good luck, Salute'
  12. Laguna Seca is holding their first “Cars and Coffee” event of 2019 tomorrow morning, entry is free. We’re meeting at 6:30 for burritos, then caravaning over to Laguna Seca if y’all are interested. Will be meeting at Roberts Lake, (where the Red mark is on the map), grab a burrito, leaving at 6:50 for Laguna. The third photo was taken the last time we had “Beamers and Burritos” at Roberts Lake, it was for “Legends of the Autobahn”.......
  13. Doug Riparetti

    Brake booster delete master size?

    I.E.'s standard street brake pad, nothing special.
  14. Doug Riparetti

    Brake booster delete master size?

    I drove mine for about 500-miles with the E21 master cylinder before the S14 blew. My brother came to California and brought the car back to Idaho, that's when John (my brother) and Dave did the brake booster delete. I did not like the way the Wilwood big brake kit performed with the E21 master cylinder, it left my brake pedal WAY too spongy and my brother felt it was dangerous. That's when Dave Lewis (Caveman Hot Rods) fabbed up the adapter to mate the Corvette master cylinder to the factory mounting points on the foot-box, modified the bell crank, installed the new master cylinder (that I got from O'Reilly's for like $45), an I was off with manual brakes with NO brake bias gauge.
  15. Doug Riparetti

    Brake booster delete master size?

    Until you change the ratio at the bell-crank, the pedal will feel uncomfortable stiff.