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  1. Y’all can call them “Bimmer‘s”, I will never. This photo was taken back in like 1987/88 of me and my “ex”. “73”, factory black, factory sunroof, 15” MSW’s rims with 195/50, Fulda tires, Suspension Techniques springs and sway bars, duel Dellorto’s, pop-up piston’s with a mild cam. I bought it from a lady in 1984, gave up on it in 1989 when I start falling apart, and I wasn’t into you really working on cars back then. The second photo is what it look like when I first bought it in 1984 ...... Beamer for life..........
  2. I bought my 1st 2002/"Beamer" in 1982. I had two buddy's who also had "02's", two others guys has Bavaria's , one buddy had "79" 7.33, 4-speed car, this is around 1983/84, we all referred to our BMW's as "Beamers", still do to this day. "Bimmer" sounds weird (an I'm being political correct, what I want to say is that it really sound stupid).
  3. I've been running the Electromotive "HPV-1" with a 60/2 trigger wheel since 1997
  4. S14 block can run larger pistons, I'm running 94.5mm. The standard M10 block is safe around 90mm
  5. That's sounds about right to the crank
  6. S14 with (4)-44mm round-slide Mikuni motorcycle carbs, I'm 209 to the rear wheels. I never did dyno my M10 when I was running the (4)-36mm round-slide Mikuni motorcycle carbs
  7. I'm leaving the Monterey Peninsula on Monday, rollin Hwy 40........
  8. Factory green tint from BMW here in the USA, I got one a few weeks back....
  9. I gave up on my last "02" back in 1989. Factory black, sunroof, but it needed work, LOTS, I was done, I ended up giving it to my brother. I started looking in June of 2013, found an "02" in the Los Angeles area. I broke down in December of 2013, decided it was time to get another, flew down to L.A., drove it home. Soooooo glad I did, it's been a GREAT five plus years, met LOTS a cool enthusiast, learned a TON about working on "02's"..........
  10. WOW Ben, Clay sent me some photos couple weeks back. WOW. Can't wait to see it completed........
  11. I have a set of stock S14 144mm rods for $250 plus shipping
  12. YEP, amazing drive. lots of farm land, a HUGE cactus farm, winery's. There is a cool vintage motorcycle museum at "The Village" in Carmel, (we pass by the museum on our way to "Baja Cantina"). Baja Cantina web site www.carmelcantina.com http://www.latimes.com/business/autos/la-fi-hy-carmel-motorcycle-museum-20160826-snap-story.html

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