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  1. Yes. The cables for the motorcycle carburetors were binding when I closed the hood, I had no choice but to cut a window in it. I did finally install a hood scoop when I made the trek back to Arkansas, when I attended Mid America ‘02 Fest earlier this year. With rain in the forecast for my trip back East, it was time to cover up the hole.
  2. Curious what kind of miles y’all have put on your “02” since doing the S14 swap? Since December 11th, 2017, I’ve racked up 39,665 trouble free miles. I did make a 3905-mile round trip to Mid-America ‘02 Feat, 2019. Looking forward to Mid-America “2020”. Shout out to my brother at “Riparetti Cylinder Head Service”, Kuna, Idaho for building one AWESOME motor...... 69470078-0B1A-4C24-9000-74852E99FC70.MOV
  3. I’m not aware of a calculation chart to determine the size of carburetors to go with. I went with these carburetors because of experience. My brother and I started racing with these carburetors at Madera Speedway in California back in 1997. With over 20-years racing experience with these carburetors, I felt pretty comfortable about installing them on my S14. I had (4) 36mm Mikuni motorcycle carbs on a stock low compression M10 motor, it ran pretty decent, but I never tried to 44s on it. I would not recommend the 36s, I would go straight to the 44s.
  4. What would you like to know? I have over 35,000-miles since installing the S14 back in December of 2017. LOVE the sound and the performance of the 44mm Mikuni motorcycle carbs. They’ve been running the same set-up on 4-cylinders circle track cars since the early 90s out here in California, and around Idaho, Utah, and Washington. I've seen the Mikuni motorcycle carbs on the Ford Pinto motor, Renault, Datsun and Toyota’s (we ran the Toyota 3TC motor when I was racing).
  5. In my opinion, the E21 brake master cylinder does not put enough volume, does resulting in a soft pedal.
  6. I had ZERO luck with the E21 master cylinder when I did my big brake kit upgrade, I ended up doing a brake booster delete, modified the bell-crank to change the peddle ratio, an installed a generation 2 Corvette master cylinder with a custom adapter to bolt to the stock pick up point where the existing brake booster was mounted. Brakes work AWESOME, and NO proportioning valve for balance was used.
  7. I spent the last several days cruising the ole “Sh*t-box” around the Monterey Peninsula, I’m heading to the Pacific Grove Sunset in my “02” tonight......
  8. That's the 1st time I ever saw someone setting the "Bump Steer" on an "02". Nice, I ran circle track on asphalt and dirt for twenty, beautiful work.
  9. Y’all can call them “Bimmer‘s”, I will never. This photo was taken back in like 1987/88 of me and my “ex”. “73”, factory black, factory sunroof, 15” MSW’s rims with 195/50, Fulda tires, Suspension Techniques springs and sway bars, duel Dellorto’s, pop-up piston’s with a mild cam. I bought it from a lady in 1984, gave up on it in 1989 when I start falling apart, and I wasn’t into you really working on cars back then. The second photo is what it look like when I first bought it in 1984 ...... Beamer for life..........
  10. I bought my 1st 2002/"Beamer" in 1982. I had two buddy's who also had "02's", two others guys has Bavaria's , one buddy had "79" 7.33, 4-speed car, this is around 1983/84, we all referred to our BMW's as "Beamers", still do to this day. "Bimmer" sounds weird (an I'm being political correct, what I want to say is that it really sound stupid).

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