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  1. Gauges and sources

    Thanks Simon
  2. Gauges and sources

    Summit Racing
  3. Anyone use Ireland for head rebuild?

    Had to install a new bung on the back of the head.
  4. Anyone use Ireland for head rebuild?

    He's owned a machine shop dating back to 1993, he is a certified machinist.
  5. Anyone use Ireland for head rebuild?

    Ireland or my brother John?
  6. Anyone use Ireland for head rebuild?

    "Riparetti Cylinder Head Service" Kuna, Idaho. John Riparetti 831-682-2257 .
  7. oil catch can

  8. What changes did you make to gain over 32hp? Timing, jets......?
  9. 2002 Beauty Shots

    EC///FEST in San Luis Obispo this past Saturday
  10. 2,200 miles on rebuild, decel smoke

    @TobyB. My Brother is the machinist, not me, and yes, his work is impressive. For my build, we did use ARP studs for the crank and head along with a Cometic head gasket.....
  11. Fuel Cell Placement for the daily driver

    Mine is 20-gallons, it’s over to the right to allow a little more room to run the exhaust, it exist to the left of the fuel cell. I also recessed the factory sending unit so my gas gauge works. I like the 1974 through 1976 extra structural support in the trunk area, made it a real easy mod to perform..... (mine is a 1975)
  12. 2,200 miles on rebuild, decel smoke

    You have to, it gets cold in Idaho. Heated, insulated shop......
  13. 2,200 miles on rebuild, decel smoke

    I would NEVER have a block bored unless a torque plate was used, whether it's a street car, or a race car..... When my Brother built my S14, we bought a torque plate, it also helps that my he owns a automotive machine shop......
  14. name inspirations

    The motor is a 1978 Chevy V6, with a Turbo 350. The motor was built for only two years, 1978-1979, it came in El Camino’s and Malibu’s. It looks like a small block Chevy, minus two cylinders, perfect size motor for the ole “Sh*t-box”..... Circled in red is the shifter, the air cleaner cover is a headlight bucket from a 39 Ford, the grill is from a 26 Durant, frame is Model A with buggy springs, no shocks or knee actions, just the buggy springs. Rear end is from a 1949 Ford Crestline, 4.10 final gear ratio, The body is a 1926 Dodge Phaeton with the back half removed. You can see the door jams from the back section..... The interior has not changed since the day I got the car, just a couple pieces of foam from Beverley’s Fabric. The last photo is of the bullet holes on inside of the door, I guess it was used as target practice.
  15. name inspirations

    I’ve only named one car in my life time, it’s the ole “Sh*t-box”, given in rememberence of my late Father. The “Sh*t-box” was a gift from my Mom and Brother back in September of 2010. A total surprise gift, I had NO idea about this car. When my Brother was showing the car to me, with tears in my eyes, I said to him, “John, would you be offended if I called it the “Sh*t-box” cuz if Dad saw it, that’s what he would say". We laughed, and that’s how it got the name. It’s well known around the Monterey Peninsula as the “Sh*t-box”, and yes, that's an approved plate from DMV. It reads 26 Short Box in DMV's eyes...