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  1. I’m running water temperature, oil temperature and oil pressure gauges along with air fuel ratio. I highly recommend running all four of those gauges, this is the best way to handle your engine management. This photo was taken on my drive home from SoCal vintage a couple weeks back. Fifth gear, 90+mph going North on Hwy 5.
  2. I've had my SPAL generic/universal electric windows since May of 2014, damn near 80,000-miles since installing them. I'm happy, I did have to replace the rockers like eight or nine times, I buy spares. They are a bit slow rolling down, I should clean and grease the tracks. I do use a silicone spray in the vertical felt guide, that seams to help.
  3. Early morning lining up to enter the “SoCal Vintage BMW” gathering in Woodley Park November 2nd, 2019.......
  4. Between 12:00 and 1:00 for lunch, pending on pit stops. Regards to joining lunch and drive, please, and tell your friends.
  5. Is ANYONE planning on attending this gathering? Sounds like I'll head over to Chromatic Coffee on Sunday for the BMW GGC event, instead of 3-hours on the freeway. I'll go North on Hwy 1 for a cruise up to Alice's Restaurant, spend the 3-hours on backroads.
  6. What way are you going? I'm leaving from 93955
  7. Looking to caravan to the "NK" gathering in Sacramento on Sunday, are there ANY "Bay Area 02" folk planning on attending this event?
  8. The 2nd stop is at Chevron station at 1390 Prospect Ave, Hollister, CA 95023. Meeting there at approximately 8:30 if y'all would rather start the drive from there.
  9. Inquiring if any "Bay Area 02" peeps are planning on attending the Sacramento Neue Klasse and Kaffee this Sunday?
  10. As much as your motor is moving, you may want to switch out your motor mounts to the AKG ones.


    I put a S14 in my car, the motor moved WAY to much with the factory mounts. I installed the AKG, my motor barely even moves. Not cheap, but worth it.


    I bought their tranny mount, but did not install it.

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    2. Doug Riparetti

      Doug Riparetti

      The Ireland motor mounts are shit, send them back. I.E. has lots of good parts, these are not one of them. 


      I have no stake in the game with AKG, it was a recommendation from Le Tran, so I went with them. 

    3. Benjamin A.R.

      Benjamin A.R.

      Thanks for the heads up!

    4. Doug Riparetti

      Doug Riparetti

      I tried to post a video showing the stock motor mounts, and the AKG mounts, but it would not load. Good luck with your build.


  11. Spend the money, and the time, buy the one that "Ireland Engineering" is producing. Well worth the effort. wish I would have done it SOONER………...
  12. Yes. The cables for the motorcycle carburetors were binding when I closed the hood, I had no choice but to cut a window in it. I did finally install a hood scoop when I made the trek back to Arkansas, when I attended Mid America ‘02 Fest earlier this year. With rain in the forecast for my trip back East, it was time to cover up the hole.
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