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  1. Doug Riparetti

    Perfect motor build

    I'm a little over 209hp to the rear wheels with my S14 build, with a bit 18,000-miles since Dec 12th, 2017........
  2. I did power windows and power door locks back in 2014.
  3. Are those "hp" numbers to the rear wheels or crank?
  4. I can tell you 8-1/2" wide, et25 will fit on the rear for sure with rolled lips. 7" wide in the front with rolled lips, and you'll still get some rub on the fender on compression. I can't see 9" wide rims fitting without cutting.....
  5. Go down to your local Mom & Pop muffler shop, and have them do the job. It will cost between $250-$300, an it will fit perfect with a guarantee. Use 2-1/4" tubing with one muffler in the back. The muffler shop will be able to recommend something that will be quiet and still sound good.....
  6. Doug Riparetti

    Ireland Engineering Open House!!! - 09/29/2018 11:00 AM

    I gonna try and make it. Are there any drives scheduled around this event? Salute'
  7. Doug Riparetti

    Should I Do the IE Air Dam?

    I like front spoilers, I have a "Zender" now on my "75", no bumper. Back in 1985, I had a spoiler on my "73", I can't remember the Mfg. It was fiberglass, and came with a rubber lower lip. It hung down to low, ripped it off a couple of times, gave up on it. I do like the look of the "Zender", that's what someone should be replicating.......
  8. Doug Riparetti

    Any 02 events at Monterey?

    I mostly drive the ole “Sh*t-box” during “Car Week”, but I do jump in my “02” for some fun.......
  9. Doug Riparetti

    Any 02 events at Monterey?

    Any "02" folk coming into town for "Car Week" not familiar with "Monterey County" back roads and looking to do some "Fun Runs", contact me at 831-262-2853, I'll keep y'all entertained 😊 Salute'
  10. Then who's responsible for stopping the raising of smog exempt from 1975 to 1981 a few years back? It sure was not the DMV,
  11. Cars that are 1975 an older do not require smog here in California, I do not see an issue regarding getting it registered through DMV....
  12. Doug Riparetti

    get those 2002's going: Hwy 1 is open !!

    The "Monterey Bay Area BMW 2002" group is trying to put together a drive South on Hwy 1, Let me know if that's something y'all may want to do. Trying to decide on Saturday July 28th, or Sunday the 29th. Thoughts? Salute'
  13. Doug Riparetti

    Single weber side draft conversion

    Or you run something like this....