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  1. Thanks for the tip, Magnus. I'm guessing you do all your own work on the tii?
  2. A persistent squeak has developed in the steering of my dad's 1972 tii. He's in Roseville, CA, just outside Sacramento. What shops in that area to folks recommend for work on '02s? Thanks in advance for any leads. Fred
  3. @AnnemarieBridy Did you see the CAR?

  4. RT @JefAtLaw: New rule: before you (FCC commissioner or congressperson) can vote against #NetNeutrality, you must find and use a different…

  5. @TeriKarobonik Go forth. Conquer.

  6. Maybe not what copyright was meant for: The curious case of the Fortnite cheater https://t.co/qhaNUjckg4

  7. @fugueish What does lawful good look like when you make protection of plant and animal life at the center? "Avenge… https://t.co/6FxEBq20co

  8. RT @AnnemarieBridy: The CLASSICS Act is classic rent-seeking. Nothing new is being created or incentivized by it; it’s just the naked creat…

  9. RT @techdirt: Microsoft Defends Putting A Computer Recycler In Jail With Misleading Statement https://t.co/AiQ7YXLndX

  10. RT @sergeivh: Roscomnadzor officially confirms the blocking of Google in Russia for letting Telegram use its IP addresses. Dark times for t…

  11. @CreativeFuture @Google Fanboy knows a hater.

  12. @IntrepidWerx @PamelaSamuelson Hijacking his message to subvert it is a pretty good working definition of "parody".

  13. @AnnemarieBridy Google has had more time. And the number of FB users and engagement suggests that it is very valuable to its users.

  14. https://t.co/lL96N7KgjA

  15. DMCA Safe Harbor Applies to Some Unfair Competition Claims--Capitol Records v. Vimeo https://t.co/IubyvlOmvY

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