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  1. They did offer tuning services to the average car owner though right? I’m sure there would have been other 2002’s tuned by Alpina that weren’t Colorado.
  2. These cars could well be Colorado. You're right. Has there been any history of other colours prior to the original workshop in 1970?
  3. It is a cool picture and as I said, my current inspiration. Nice investigative work on the licence plate @Tommy. I have these comics in 13x6 and it was shared with me that the original owner got them from the dealer in BMW Wollongong (NSW Australia) when he purchased the car in 68-69. My car is beige too so you can appreciate the attraction to this image. I must finish it with the black tops too.
  4. Hi Folks. The below photo has been an inspiration for me and the restoration of my car. I'd love to know more about it. Likely that it is an old Alpina garage or something but I cannot seem to verify where the image has come from. A search will show that it is all over Pinterest but that is it. Does anyone have more information about this image and its history? Thanks
  5. Can I please confirm this is correct for the rear cards too? That clip goes over the sheet metal?
  6. My neighbour printed them for me. Plater is in Victoria, Australia.
  7. I finally got my 3D printed dash pieces off too, and back from the plastic chrome guys. They came our pretty well. Not perfect. The plating shows up all of the little imperfections that I didn't see before. However, I think it'll match my glove box and ash tray perfectly.
  8. Thanks Guys. This clears it up. I think I’m best off trying to refurbish my old set. Reflectors are ok. I think the glass could do with a light polish. No wonder the bloke was selling these sealed units cheap!
  9. Hi Folks. Im sure that headlights have been discussed at nauseam here but I cannot for the life of me find out the answer to a question that I have. Likely that I am not searching for the correct words and terminology either. I have a 68 2002 RHD so presumably Euro spec. I removed the headlight buckets to replace the light itself but the reflector and lense were separate pieces to what I have to replace it with. In the picture below you will see from left to right, the reflector, the new headlight assembly, and the bucket. I was expecting a straight swap out! Can this be done? If so I assume that i will need a rubber seal at the front and some modifications to the bucket to somehow affix the new headlight to the bucket.
  10. So I have a right hand drive car in Australia. I see what you mean about the up tick on the lense but I can't quite figure out how that would illuminate a road sign. Some sort of reflective sorcery? There is an arrow on both lenses saying R with an arrow pointing right if you're facing the lights head on. The pattern is the same as what is on my car anyway so I guess that its all OK. The little park light offset to the left on both had me thrown but all good thanks chaps.
  11. Hi Brains Trust. Today I purchased a pair of H4 E4 headlights. I am aiming to use these to replace the original ones that are in pretty poor condition. Upon getting home, I noticed that they appear to both be identical. As in not a specific left or right. there is a little hole on the back for I assume a park light sitting in the lower left position on each light. So the question is, should there be a left and a right? And have I got two rights? Thanks
  12. Save you got a photo to share? Very keen to take a look. Cheers
  13. Has anyone used a similar stick on product for the roof drip line trim? I assume it would be a 'U' shape or something like that but I've never seen anything like a stick on product used here.
  14. Thanks Guys. I like Pierre's ones but want them spaced out further. I also didn't realise that the KW ones hat the hole on top either. The cibies are fairly deep. Hopefully they'll fit. I may just fab up my own. I was just hoping that someone had done it before so had a pattern to follow.
  15. I have a set of Cibie Oscar's that I would like to mount on my bumperless '68. The koogleworks ones that replace the bumper brackets look fantastic however, the hole for those is on the vertical plane. The Cibie's that I have need a horizontal mounted plane (the bolt is at the bottom) I thought about modifying a KW one to suit but it seems a shame as they are reasonably expensive to just chop up. Has anyone fabricated their own mount using the bumper bracket fixings? Any drawings or plans i could copy? I have searched here and on google extensively but no help just yet! Thanks Scott
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