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  1. @dlacey Mate that would be awesome. Can i grab a photo? And i'll PM you and we can sort something out. Cheers Scott
  2. Hi All. I'm after a replacement LHS arm rest for a RHD Australian car. It will be to replace what you see in the photo. Or if any one has the parts to fix what I have, I can manage with that.
  3. @2002iii I'm not sure that this would be strong enough by itself. An additional metal piece may be the answer though, bringing it all together and attaching it like the opposite side arm rest. Thanks
  4. Thanks Mike. Legend. The piece marked metal/plastic? is in fact plastic and was once a part of the plastic piece that is un labeled on your file. The unlabelled bit is the bit that was screwed into the door like a bracket. This was then placed under the metal piece and it was all sandwiched together - poorly - and screwed/rivited together. @02Les it is a 1968 RHD Australian Delivered car. VIN 1650555.
  5. If I know what is missing or how it should attach, I can get a 3D piece made up. But as it stands, I cannot figure out what I am missing. The smaller part of the arm rest does not have a hole for the screw. The drivers (RHD) side does. Hence the correct assembly is a mystery to me.
  6. Thanks all. So the plastic piece that I have is incomplete and broken? And the metal piece is someone else’s handiwork? @Mike Selfid love to see a photo of yours. I still can’t understand how they mount to the doors. The shape is identical but this left hand piece doesn’t have a screw hole from the smaller piece back into the door. It must mount differently?
  7. Hey Guys. My left hand arm rest (passenger side in Australia) has failed. I'm unsure what pieces I have here and what I need. I think someone has had a go at 'fixing' it previously as seen with the metal fabricated piece below. It is a different assembly to the drivers (right) side and the left ones on a search appear to be a different style for a left hand drive car. Any tips appreciated. Thanks
  8. Epic

    South Australia in a '68

    Beige is the new black
  9. Hi Mate. I may be able to help you out. Where are you based? Im in South Australia.
  10. They did offer tuning services to the average car owner though right? I’m sure there would have been other 2002’s tuned by Alpina that weren’t Colorado.
  11. These cars could well be Colorado. You're right. Has there been any history of other colours prior to the original workshop in 1970?
  12. It is a cool picture and as I said, my current inspiration. Nice investigative work on the licence plate @Tommy. I have these comics in 13x6 and it was shared with me that the original owner got them from the dealer in BMW Wollongong (NSW Australia) when he purchased the car in 68-69. My car is beige too so you can appreciate the attraction to this image. I must finish it with the black tops too.
  13. Hi Folks. The below photo has been an inspiration for me and the restoration of my car. I'd love to know more about it. Likely that it is an old Alpina garage or something but I cannot seem to verify where the image has come from. A search will show that it is all over Pinterest but that is it. Does anyone have more information about this image and its history? Thanks
  14. Can I please confirm this is correct for the rear cards too? That clip goes over the sheet metal?
  15. My neighbour printed them for me. Plater is in Victoria, Australia.
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