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  1. prfh1975

    lower belt molding

    Do you still have this parts available?
  2. prfh1975

    WTB BMW 2002 Parts

    Thanks Mike for your message! Mine is a EURO 1973. I found almost everything. Just need the 2 missing molding. So hard to find them. 2 pieces from have my car finished 😞
  3. prfh1975

    WTB Lower Molding

    Need these parts here: Can be used or new: Part# 51.131.814.687/90 lower moldings Thanks, Paulo
  4. prfh1975

    WTB BMW 2002 Parts

    Hi, I need to following BMW 2002 parts: Part# 51.115.670.106/107 rear bumper brackets Part# 51.716.454.239/240 door gaskets Part# 51.131.814.687/90 lower moldings Could be new or used in a very good condition. Need to be international shipping. I can pay using Paypal. Thanks, Paulo
  5. I WANT A WORKING CONDITION BMW 2002 Ti / Tii / Turbo Getrag 235/5 close ratio dogleg 5 speed gerabox I'm looking for a 235/5 gearbox (factory optional) close ratio five speed gearbox for the 2002. These units are fairly rare. A guess is that there were perhaps 2000-3000 of these units produced. This transmission was an option even on the 2002 Turbo. This gearbox is used primarily for track type events and for people searching for the best performance and overall gear selection. It is well suited to cars with heavily modified motors which have a narrow powerband. Getrag 235/5, optional close-ratio 5-speed for the 2002: 1st: 3.368 2nd: 2.16 3rd: 1.58 4th: 1.24 5th: 1.00
  6. prfh1975

    My Chamonix 2002 - NEW PROJECT

    I've just started my 2002 Project. Its going to be a nice journey and I will post pictures from each step of the restoration process. Now just to make a quick start lets share some pictures about how my 2002 looks like today!