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  1. Looking for a seat rail drivers side, I know it is welded in, but if you have it and are willing to cut it out I will buy it off of you. Needs to be the same as an early model though, not sure if it is or not
  2. This is an odd request, but I need the seat rail for the drivers side, i know it is welded into the floor, but if you have one and willing to cut it out, I will buy it. Thanks
  3. It will need a driveshaft, fuel lines, brake lines, it has brakes but I would upgrade them, it has suspension but I would upgrade that, it does not have door cards, it does not have wiring, I have an ECU although it will need a tune, I planned on going wasted spark for this motor but I have not gotten any of those parts. It has injectors but you would probably want to upgrade those. It has one master cylinder for the brake/clutch it will need 1 more. I have some additional photos of parts that I have that I will add when I get home.
  4. After a lot of contemplation I have decided to sell my BMW 2002 Project Car. The car is a 1972 BMW 2002 with a clean Texas Title. I had intended on building this into a track car powered by a 2.7 M20 Turbo and 5 Speed Manual. Time got away from me and I never finished the build and now it is time for me to move on as I have too many projects and not enough daylight for all of them. With the parts I have on hand you could get this to about 90% complete without having to purchasing anything else. If you did not want to. Included in the sale is the rolling chassis 1972 BMW 2002, again clean Texas Title. The body is in great shape with no rust issues, a few sports of surface rust but that is about it. The original Color was Malaga however the hood was completely stripped and is covered in primer, the trunk lid was replaced with another colored lid. The Roof was stripped and is sealed with POR15, much of the work done to the interior is covered in POR15. The trans tunnel was cut out and a larger tunnel was put in to accommodate the Getrag 260 5 speed manual trans (included). There is already a cutout for the AKG DTM Quickshifter on top (included). The drivers side floor was replaced and the pedal box was replaced to support wilwood floor mounted pedals (included). The truck and gas tank was completely cut out and replaced with a 15 Gallon Summit Aluminum Black Fuel Cell (included). Not all of the fabrication on the trunk was completed. The radiator mount and was cut out of the engine bay to allow the 2.7 Litre M20 to fit (included). The suspension is complete and stock as of now, with stock wheels and tires with original hubcaps. The drivers side fender was removed and a wider flare was welded on. The flare is from a VW Mk1 Rabbit, it allows about 2 inch wider wheels to be run. The fender was sealed in POR15 and then primered. I never got around to installing the flares on any of the other wheel wells however I do have the flares included to get them done, or depending on your taste, find a drivers side fender stock and run it that way, up to the buyer. The original steering is included and hooked up to make it easy to move the car around. The rear window is still installed and in excellent condition. All other windows are included, including rear pop out glass windows and the smoker windows for both driver and passenger doors. I do not know if the window mechanisms work in the doors but they are still in there. Included in the sale is a 2.7 Litre BMW M20, this has the eta bottom end, it had good compression when I put the motor together so this was not rebuilt. The 885 head was completely redone, if my memory serves me correctly it was ported and tested and rebuilt with all new hardware. Stock Cam, The valve cover is a one of one BMW Motorsport valve cover. Wrinkle powder coated to match the air intake. The turbo manifold is a CX racing manifold that was ceramic coated and adjusted to fit perfect, this manifold was run prior before being ceramic coated. The turbo is a rebuilt Garrett M24 Turbo with zero play. This motor was put together but never ran about 4 years ago and has been sitting in storage ever since. New Timing belt already installed and Nuke cam gear timing adjuster installed. Here is a list of everything I know off the top of my head that I have for the car and is included with the sale, this list is nowhere near complete, it’s just what I remember off the top of my head that I have somewhere. If you dont see it on this list but curious if I have it just ask, and If you want specific pictures of something in the list just ask. - 1972 BMW 2002 Rolling shell with hood, trunk lid, and doors - Stock suspension - Stock Wheels and tires (tires will need to be replaced) - Stock rear axles - Stock Diff (I assume its open but I have no idea) - Stock Steering box and column and wheel - Stock Dash, both upper and lower (not in great shape) - All windows - Most if not all trim - Tail lights - Headlights (apparently they are some rare euro headlights) - Kidney Grill - Headlight Grills - BMW M20 2.7 Stroker Motor - Getrag 260 Manual Speed Trans - AKG DTM Quickshifter and Selector Rod - Wilwood WIL-340-12411 floor mount pedals - 1 Wilwood Master Cylinder WIL-260-6089 - Garret M24 Turbo - Tial Blow Off Valve - Downpipe - Intercooler (I don’t remember the Brand) - BMW M40 Radiator - CX Racing M20 Turbo Manifold - One off BMW Motorsports Valve Cover - Nuke Cam timing Gear - New Water Pump - New Timing Belt - M42 Radiator - M40 Radiator - Oil Drain Bung welded to Oilpan - MLS Performance Head Gasket - ARP Head Studs - Oil Pan Windage tray - Silocone Rubber Hose Set Black - Condor Speedshop Motor Mounts - 2002 M20 Motor Mount Adapters (powdercoated) - Condor Speedshop Transmounts - 2002 Getrag 260 Transmount (powder coated) - 2002 Momo steering wheel adapter - Stock Cluster - 2 Corbeau Racing Seats small (Super rough shape may be worth restoring) - Summit Racing 15gal Aluminum Fuel Cell with Foam and sender - Stock M20 Starter - Optima Red Top Battery - 3 additional Mk1 rabbit fenders for flares - 1 Stock E30 Rear subframe, was going to modify the 2002 subframe to accept a medium size diff - Car Cover I will throw in a balanced M52 Crank and pistons and rods to do a 2.9 stroker build if you wanted. Should also mention this is a slicktop I have a binder with all receipts for everything purchased for the car since I acquired it. I am not interested in parting out the project, I would prefer to sell everything in one package deal. I am asking $8000 or best offer, I have well over that in the car and parts, not including any of the finished fabrication. If it does not sell I will find some time to finish the car as is and sell it as a running driving car for more.
  5. Ok free if someone just takes it...dont make me turn it into scrap metal
  6. I have a 4 speed manual trans came out of a 72 02, needs rebuild but does work, just whines quite a bit. Just need it gone, $40 picked up in Burbank CA.
  7. Thank you while it is still a little confusing I do now understand what your ad is for, thank you for sort of clearing that up, but basically what I get is You sell refreshed grills your price for the side pieces is $284 and the price for the center kidney is $226, a full set is roughly $800 Thank you for clearing that up
  8. Ok so that everyone is clear, wtf is the price???? is it, A) $60 B ) $1400 C) $410 D) $72 E) $482 F) $1600 All of these prices are listed in this ad with no clear clarification of what is what price? Also keep in mind if it is indeed $1400 or $1600, that is well above how much these cost new from the dealer, list price on the left and right sides is $480.31 and the center kidney is $119.49, grand total of $1080.11 plus tax
  9. Also isnt that an m40 radiator? how do you plan on filling it?
  10. Thats strange, because on my m20 swap that I am currently doing with the g260, which I had to create a new trans tunnel for from the shifter hole forward fits and the selector rod shows up right at the hole, is your engine sitting really far back?
  11. Will you sell just the bottom mirror? Paypal ready
  12. Please PM pics and price of your best condition early grilles and kidney grille and taillights please
  13. Prolly not, but wont matter anyway OP is MIA and won't return any of my PMs
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