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  1. Removed from 1976 2002 I have a young radiator available. NO TEXTING!!!!!! Is a 320i model radiator. Pictures on internet- CALL!!!!! Will ship con USA ONLY!!! Located in Amherst Mass. Traveling to N.H. next week-could bring along. CALL 925-322-3424 in Western Mass. if interested. No texting-just talking. Also have brandy new 2002 timming chain. Also have both sides rocker panel stainless trim. ----------- 925-322-3424. Location: Amherst Mass.
  2. Pictures available to phone callers ---925-322-3424 in Western Mass.
  3. No texting-just call 925-322-3424 in Amherst Mass. if interested. $600 plus shipping.
  4. Yes, be careful, be VERY careful. I was not careful and had a VERY bad experience with this seller. Yes-I think it likely he has made many people happy with his parts. Unfourtunatly I trusted him and was burned by him. Poor service like I experienced gives this site and all internet sites a bad rep. I hope anyone who buys from this seller the best of luck as denver tii tries to rebuild his good name. I also hope denver tii treats all his future buyers with top notch service, good comminication, and fast delivery as all sellers should.
  5. PHONE CALLS ONLY!!!! NO TYPING OR TEXTING!!!! Here in Amherst Mass. I have a YOUNG Behr radiator removed from a 1976 2002. Priced at $100 plus con USA shipping. Also have VERY YOUNG reman stock Alt. $45 and VERY YOUNG volt reg. for $25. Both together priced at $50 plus shipping. Pictures of radiator on Boston craigslist. autoparts. CALL 925-322-3424 in Western MAss. Also NEW E21-2.0 head for $600 plus shipping. Location: Amherst Mass.
  6. Here in Amherst Mass. I have a NEW BMW head for sale. My E21-2.0 head was bought as a spare for my 1976 49 state 2002. Was also factory installed on 2 liter 1977-79 320i cars. My head will bolt onto any 2002 block with FLAT TOP PISTONS. I have also heard a good BMW machine shop can slightly modify the E21-2.0 head to fit BMW blocks with raised piston tops. Head is still in origional box and can be shipped anytime in con USA ONLY!!!!!!! PHONE CALLS ONLY!!!!! Shipping extra . Head was made in 1987 and was made for car with regular mechanical fuel pump. PICTURES AVAILABLE TO PHONE CALLERS---------- CALL 925-322-3424 in WESTERN Mass. Location: Amherst Mass
  7. Yes I have a brandy new E21-2.0 head in box from Germany depot. Can be bolted to 2002 block with FLAT top pistons. Am also told that A good machine shop-one that knows BMWs inside and out can slightly modify the E21-2.0 head to fit onto 2002 blocks with NON flat pistons. Do your own research. Priced at 600 dollars plus shipping. Head located in Amherst Mass. 925-322-3424.
  8. Let's see. For the price of a Tesla, or 3 plus Passat diesels, or a Mercedes S class, or a new Sprinter 4 cyl. with new camper conversion and a warranty you can buy a little car designed in the fifties with poor ventilation, 100 horsepower, 13 inch tires, no airbags, 4 speed trans, that delivers about 20 miles to the gallon of gas. It's a no brainer unless 75K is lunch money for a buyer. -----Tesla. or a new BMW diesel, or Prius, or Porsche, or whatever.
  9. Allow six to eight months for delivery. Plus from what I read here, do not expect a refund if you are not happy as one might expect from other, easy to deal with honest sellers.
  10. If you think a NEW E21 2.0 head could work mine is available. See Boston craigslist before calling me if interested. 925-322-3424 in Western Mass. Priced at 600 dollars still in origional box with receipt from my local BMW dealer.
  11. Why not read my ad above and call me if you were really interested. 925-322-3424 in Western Mass.
  12. See my ad on craigslist Boston for pictures of 320i radiator removed from 1976 2002. Very young radiator. 925-322-3424 in W. Mass. 100 dollars plus shipping.
  13. I still have a Thule roof rack for sale with 50 inch crossbars in good condition but with no locks for 100 dollars plus con USA shipping. This rack is the raingutter model that fits older cars made at least 20 years ago like 2002s, e30, e28 etc. --------Also still have reman, clean, stock 2002 alt. with young volt reg. for 60 dollars plus con USA shipping. Also still have very young 320i radiator removed from 1976 2002--100 dollars plus con USA shipping. ---NO TEXTING-Shut off on my phone. Call 925-322-3424 in Western Mass if interested. Daron in Va. Please continue to make your stupid, childish comments below and keep my ad current.
  14. I have a NEW BMW head E21 2.0 never used with receipt from my local BMW dealer for sale. 600 dollars in origional box. Go to craigslist Boston for more info BEFOREcalling me. NO TEXTING-SHUT OFF. Head located in Western Mass. call 925 322 3424 NO TRADES. GAS TANK SOLD...

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