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  1. 3rd brake light is a must if you drive it on public streets
  2. lets see some pics that will really help 10-15k is about right for a non glass out higher end paint job also it's likely not the sun because ca has very mild temps except way inland, it's likely that your paint on the car is shitty
  3. i 2nd this. you jp logistics or intercity or reliable if you car about the car i know you get 10-20% off most shipping companies if you have a policy with chubbs or hagerty which you hopefully do jp has been used by a lot of the major auction houses like gooding and they are a local LA company https://jplogistics.net/
  4. i've towed 2002 from LA to Monterey with lancruiser it couldn't be easier
  5. i like the pch route better but its pretty long and its way too hot inland i'd start in santa cruz and take the 1 down to monterey then take a tour of 17 mile drive and take ocean ave out going east to baja cantina but don't mind me i'm in LA :)
  6. i've been with chubb for almost a decade i pay $250 a year for my 71 with a 40k agreed upon value with 0 deductible and ~3000 miles a year i also insure my turbo with them. so far chubbs has been great to me and love my agent she is awesome and treats me well
  7. its priced about 10-15k under market something doesn't look right to me.... if this was located here in socal it would've been a 25-30k car all day long
  8. i got 71 wahler from bavarian auto parts euro (bap euro) here in LA a few years ago they have them in stock or can get them in hours usually. they can get almost anything for vintage bmw's and i've worked with the owner for 20 years now https://www.yelp.com/biz/bap-european-north-hollywood-2?osq=bavarian
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