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  1. as long as they are all making money and staying in business that's all i care about even a bad choice at least is a choice for us in the vintage car game so lets be thankful for that :)
  2. was gonna give him a 3rd chance after all these years today but decided not worth it and he doesn't list it on his website anyway.... i'm looking for the spare tire metal clamp + nut for 66-74 2002's
  3. this is an unbelievable loss for the community he was the face and voice of the socal vintage meet for 15+ years please wear masks/wash hands/stay home and stay safe so we can make it to another day rip
  4. crazy guy you are. looks nice i helped swap a f22 into a local LA (Pasadena area) car almost 15 years ago likely the first in the usa at the time
  5. i've seen king of chrome's work on some cars at peb beach concours and it's the best in the country i'd say but also $$$$$$ LA has a bunch of great chrome places still that are all mostly family owned and ran and do incredible work even in 2020 I also have a guy here in LA that can rebuild 02 grills to high but not show standards pm me if you want his info
  6. my interior guy here in LA used gahh for everything except the headliner which came from bmw classic he rebuilt my door panels too which are original to the car (used incorrect flat silver instead of chrome for the trim)
  7. glad you safe be careful out there until after the holidays and this pandemic are over. i've seen too many crashes in the past 6 months
  8. i'm not too far from a few of you with my agave my vin 1674823 was manufactured on May 11th, 1970
  9. nothing fancy. did my annual oil/filter change and my yearly self inspection of the car. also fixed my pass side front side marker wiring by cleaning it up and squirting some electrical lube
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