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  1. simonr


  2. Good luck to you Andrew. I am sure you will do very well. Ireland will sorely miss you!!!
  3. I hope you have a quick recovery . Keep us posted
  4. Bruce Domek @ Unique Automotive is right up the road in Louisville 502 452 2688 . He is the nicest man you will ever meet . Take him the tranny and he will fix it . His reputation is the best and he is competent and reasonable .
  5. Find some shorter air horns and use sock foam type filters. A lot of us use an Ebay oil catch can. There are many threads and install pics on this subject
  6. I have a Summit racing solid steel battery safety box and a full size marine battery on the passenger side directly behind where the passenger seat would be . Running SVRA I have to be 2000 lbs. The car scales very well and is well balanced. Whatever ballast you use keep it as low as you can . Most of us have some kind of ballast on the passenger side.
  7. +1 on the Joe Gibbs break in oil . Brad Penn 20 -50 after that . That's what I use YMMV
  8. Its a nice set up. Redline does a good job. You could save yourself some time and money and just buy the carb. The cannon manifold needs the water heater jacket which doesn't come with it . I like the stock manifold set up much better. The Cannon fitment is terrible and a royal PIA to install. It can be done with the use of a grinder and modified bolts.
  9. IE coilover conversion . 450 lb eibach in front and eibach 275 rear .
  10. Hats off to Jeff Ireland for making up a rear disc brake kit after the SVRA made me get rid of my wildwood set up. This kit was no longer available at IE but he put one together for me anyway . I also had to go back to the girling front brakes with dual lines. Andrew made up all my brake lines to fit my tilton pedal set up . Very custom and solved a big problem for me .They are great to work with !!!
  11. I use the IE front bar full stiff and the rear ST bar full soft . I have found that combo to be the best set up. The Ireland rear bar was too stiff for my car even at full soft . YMMV
  12. Unless you are dead set on the DCOE set up you might consider the Weber 38-38 downdraft set up . A lot less hassle to install . Just about as good performance for a lot less money . I have had both set ups and there is no dramatic difference in performance . Its just not as sexy and cool looking .IMHO A nice ITG air filter mages the downdraft look much better and sound throaty
  13. No they havnt stopped making them . But when you call, the usual sources never have any. I need just one but cant connect. 14 inch wheels are readily available all day long .we have to run 13 inch wheels with SVRA and HSR
  14. Good luck with finding the wheels. Ive been searching for some genuine panasports 13X7 just a single or all 4. If you come across any in your search for your 13X6 let me know. I got hit by an alfa at the Indy vintage race and broke one of mine. Very bummed as they are hens teeth .
  15. I have used both . They are both very good pistons. JE will do custom stuff and do it well.
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