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  1. Interested in the front subframe. In Santa Cruz area, if available I could meet you in South Bay.
  2. Moving to short neck diff on my 68, and I need a new driveshaft. I have a Getrag 240 (not 245) I need a driveshaft I can shorten or if by an off chance you have one ready to go. Anybody in the Bay Area holding? Im in Santa Cruz area.
  3. I don't see the koni's on the site, should I call?
  4. I need struts and shocks and no one seems to have anything. Am I missing something?
  5. So I just looked closely at the pedal box and the vin number 1. vin is before the available master, which I believe means the e21 single isn't a bolt on replacement 2. it looks like they put in a late model pedal box, but cut and welded a plate so the original master would be used which means I have old ass single line brakes. So if I got a new pedal box I would need? New master, new booster and new brakes lines? because the master would be located in a different place. Then I could go with E12 master on the late model booster and E21 single line calipers up front with 320i drums. Correct? Or with all the pieces Ill be buying anyway, should i go and install two lines and go that direction.
  6. So I got my car with a 2 liter and 5 speed conversion but my brakes are weak and I'd like to get them up to par. Im not exactly sure what is stock and what has been updated over the years. Its an early 1968 model 1602 It has a hydraulic clutch (standard or upgraded to later model pedal box?) Can anyone give me info on what i would need to change to add some braking power to this car?
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