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  1. hi have you still those parts for sale ? and if yes can send it to Danmark ? Krister
  2. Hi Dos anyone know we're to bay new door pannels for my 2002ti , thanks Krister
  3. The sound of music IMG_3339.MOV
  4. 11716765-97F0-43CE-956A-818F26B8C8F8.MOV
  5. Very nice car like my 👍👍 but are you sure that is from 68 ? It looks like one of the latest years because it have od stick and new front Cassie my is from 71 768348E9-E196-472A-8485-B5AB77318458.MOV
  6. Christmas came early thes year 😊😊
  7. yes it is Bristol but the original color was agave but since I am not gone sale the car I do prefer my in Bristol 😊 dos any of you , know how much hp I can get out of my new build engine the set up is 46mm vale 292 cam 10,5 comp pistons , I do have Webers but I really like to run on my original solex phh 40 s
  8. Hi guys I am looking to bay a c bracket for my 5-speed gearbox, 245 OD, dos any know where to buy one, please help Thanks Krister from Copenhagen
  9. Some more picture to see still long way to go 👍
  10. Hi guys so my car is almost finished 🙂
  11. Hi guys so my car is almost finished 🙂 IMG_1539.HEIC IMG_1541.HEIC IMG_1545.HEIC IMG_1547.HEIC IMG_1550.HEIC
  12. Hi guys so my car is almost finished 🙂 IMG_1539.HEIC IMG_1545.HEIC IMG_1547.HEIC IMG_1550.HEIC IMG_1557.HEIC
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