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  1. Hi euro turn signals 300 us ink shipping
  2. Hi guys is there anyone ho need a 3 pic dashboard fra an early 02 . I do have a complete one but it has a crack over cluster console with a need to be refresh. and have a hole for the ti clock. (I do have I ti clock for sale ) so ride to me and I will send some more detail pictures thanks
  3. Very Nice euro signals no cracks 300usd ink shipping
  4. Sorry iam Danisch have no idés wath pm means 😳
  5. Par euro signals 150 $ plus shipping
  6. Org 2002 Tii clock price 300$ plus shipping
  7. Org. Bmw 2002ti clock very rarely clock Price 500$ Plus shipping take it or leave it 😊
  8. Cylender head is pressure tessted and keep the pressure . have to be renovated now very hard to finde these 121ti heads Price 600$ plus shipping
  9. Oh Yes because i have never seen those clocks in those clusters Heere i Europ those clocks onley come with the cluster withouth brake warning
  10. ok how about this as this will be
  11. ok there is something I do not understand how is it that all your houses have brake lights in the house is because they are us models or do you put these watches in Nyer houses? hope you understand what I write
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