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  1. Sorry for the very very very late response Attached better picture of measurements, anything you need just let me know!.
  2. I thought i was being such an stupid for not being able to change my vent gasket, i had all the same issues you guys listed. Will try to left the car under the sun and check if the vent can closes now, of course after aligning the winder and window as down as possible. My old gasket is in pieces, so i cannot re do. Regards
  3. Thanks everyone! I will try to use only one barrell to get the vacuum, in case it dont work properly i will take out from the dizzy! Thanks again
  4. Xhrismar


    Interested on one, can you give an email to talk about it? I need one with your coated bearings!.
  5. Good one Jimk So after all, it seems better to just leave the 123 vacuum port free, right?/
  6. Thanks for your answer, i get your point, maybe i will try to use small check valves for each vacuum port and see what happens, i will let you guys know.
  7. Where should i get a PORTED/METERED vacuum reading? Where should it be placed, there is a way to do it with a pair of DCOE's? According to your comment i was thinking of installed for vacuum take-off adapters, do you think it will work better? Should i do it? Regards.
  8. Do 123 really sells a mechanical advance? Are not all BMW equiped with vacuum? Im judging only for the serials which are: 123\4-R-V-BMW 123\TUNE-4-R-V-BMW 123\TUNE+-4-R-V-BMW So all have "V" which means they all have vacuum port. Im runing a pair of Spanish DCOE Now i understad, you think if i install four vacuum adaptar, the ones of my post and coveyed them to the dizzy, i will get something usable? Or should i leave it free? I just get an answer from 123ignition and they told me the vacuum will only improve the fuel economy, they are right? nothing with performance?
  9. Hi I have been looking for a decent answer last week and get nothing, so i hope some one here can help me. I'm running: 123\BMW-4-R-V, basic version 292 IE camshaft +1oversized SS IE valves ported e12 cylinder head 90mm 9.5:1 cast coated QSC pistons 71mm crankshaft wich give me a total of 1806cc Now i have two specific questions: 1) What to do with vacuum port on 123Ignition distributor? Just let it free? I did some research and it seems like i can take off the vacuum from one of the top ports on DCOE with this little fitting used for DELLORTO's but compatible with WEBER's, some one have used it? It can help me with something? I need your opinions. 2) I just found a 2.0-80mm crankshaft but it need to be machined 1mm/0.040/4th, i managed to find the corresponding rods and main bearings but i don't know if this will work, 4th undersize/oversize is too much? the machine shop told me it will work, my mechanic said it is junk, im taking my engine up to 7500 with no issues now, some one out there with a 4th sized crankshaft? I will be waiting for you comments.
  10. Ed Did you installed basic version of 123Ignition (no tune) right? Did you attached something to the little vacuum port on it? Or you just let it free, i have been looking for a good answer last week. Thanks in advance.
  11. Xhrismar


  12. Mike Maybe a picture of the modified oil filter housing? With the hole for the sender?
  13. Maybe a picture of the modified oil filter adapter? With the idendation?
  14. Some of you know which is the low alarm value for the original sender?

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