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  1. EPK, I’m sorry to hear about your surgery, Get Well soon!! I love this group, everyone has responded!! I have just glued the speedo in as Jeff did, and am reassembling the rest of the cluster now. Thanks Again to All who helped, and Responded!! Jeff 74 tii 70 2800CS
  2. Thanks, yes ..I figured.. ”disassembly” was required.. I like the “Flush look” Thanks for your reply’s! keep on 02’ing!!
  3. Yea....dropped in from the top, it sticks out quite a lot. All the other gages mount from behind, and thats a cleaner look. 🧐
  4. Hey All, I realize this is a 3-4 year old post, I bought a SpeedHut speedo, cause my speedo, failed, then came to life, and then went backwards, and promptly broke the speedo needle off! My question is on install help!! It looks like EPK’s install is behind the factory gage cluster, (Beautiful install!) My car is a 74, w/ the same wood grain background. the Bezel is too large to spin on from behind, so How did you secure the speedo into the Cluster?? Thanks! Jeff
  5. Idk, 75$ for the 3 ..? Comes w/ 4 tires!!

    3 mounted!

    1. Bavarian Deuce

      Bavarian Deuce

      Sounds like a deal. Would this weekend work? It seems it's going to sprinkle on Sat, so yard work would be out of the question and would be suited to head your way. Let me know.





    2. jmel02


      This weekend works, we can meet up

      jeff (c) 253-380-0729

      Venmo is good

    3. jmel02



      are you still interested in the wheels?

      let me know.


  6. For sale 74 big bumpers plus hardware early rear bumper , 3 e30 wheels, 4 Ohtsu tires Make offer, want them gone. Tacoma, WA area 98467
  7. PM sent



  8. Hah! i had a 68’ 1600 back when i was going to school. The old mechanical clutch pedal, push rod,brought back ......memories of working on the car. was Derby, originally a red color..?
  9. Thanks Brent. i was looking fwd to the drive/get together. ironically, I drove my wife & daughter up to Bellevue to look at wedding decor furniture instead! ( Same direction, tho the F150 isn’t comparable)
  10. Hey all, are we on for today? i finally got my car back, and want to go! jeff in Tacoma
  11. You don't happen to have a suitable 74 trunk lid for sale...?
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