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  1. Mike, I have had a set of Toyo Extensa AS tires in 185/70-13 on my street driven '02 for 6 years. Nice tire for that use. Not noisy on the highway. There is enough other noise. Don't know if they are still available.
  2. P.O. put the GTS II's in my car. They are very comfortable for both my wife and I. To my eye they look a little large for the car; but they are good seats, and I don't plan to change them.
  3. I hope you get it all figured out because I believe it will work out nicely for you. I purchased a fused relay wiring harness from Daniel Stern Lighting along with new H4 headlamps. When I installed the wiring harness, I almost didn't want to install the H4's. The sealed beams became quite a bit brighter when all the load was off the switch. Good Luck
  4. Just installed the Koito h4's from Daniel Stern in my '75. Also purchased his relay harness. Everything plugged in easily; but one of the provided relays was faulty, so things didn't work correctly, i.e. brights would not turn off once energized unless you turned off the car. Daniel worked through this with me, and provided new relays at no cost. Good guy to work with. Everything works just as designed now, and I'm very happy with the lights.
  5. Ian, It was a great day, and certainly worth my trip over from Buffalo to enjoy it. Thanks to you and Scott and all the others who worked so hard to make it happen. I really enjoyed meeting Mike and talking about '02's with him. Keep The cruise to Mid America in mind for next year.
  6. I've been running ethanol-free fuel in my '75 '02 for years with no problems at the advice of a guy who knows a lot more about cars than I do. I have also been advised to run it in lawn mowers, snow blowers, etc. It is a little more expensive; but I don't drive that many miles per year that it matters. Even long term storage of 4-6 months has not caused any problems.
  7. Me Too! Now who's got one for the ones that seal the sides of the air channel under the hood? The actual part seems to be NLA.
  8. Thank you for posting this. I replaced the stock steering wheel with a Momo wheel a while back, and started hearing this little squeak. I thought it was the wheel rubbing on the trim, so I just lived with it until this post. Took it apart today and greased the ring and stud a little. The result is blessed silence. Thanks again. Mike
  9. Does that mean it might be a good idea to hang on to the gift certificates?
  10. I'm in Buffalo NY, so I take the car off the road for several months. So far I have had good luck just removing the battery and putting it in the basement until spring. Usually don't even have to charge it. I guess it depends how long you want to store the car between uses. Good Luck
  11. Really would have liked to have it at Pittsbugh last July. Otherwise, not so much.
  12. Great summary. I had passed through Greer in late December and stopped to see the exhibit. Also, in pouring rain. What's up with that? Really enjoyed the exhibit, and wish I could have been there when you were for the finale.
  13. Haven't run into this problem on such an old car; but you might try contacting a dealer with the VIN number to see if they can cross reference the info. Or contact the BMW archives in Germany. Otherwise, a local locksmith is probably your only path.
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