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  1. I have a set of 5 wheels, if you are looking for some, need to find them in the garage first if interested, Kansas City John
  2. Got it Thanks a lot, it makes sense, as I tried every bolt? John
  3. Its a black flat plate approx 3"x 1: with a small bush in the middle that holds the pivot linkage, that goes to the carb.it makes sense as I have tried metric screws and will not start.
  4. Hello, what size are the 2- bolts that connect the flat plate to the bulkhead for the throttle linkage.Thanks John
  5. I have sent you a PM, I have one that I am selling (kansas City)
  6. I have a 1976 Mintgrun car, California blue plate, that I am selling, one of the forum members has "first dibbs" on the car. I live in Kansas City .

    Its at upholstery shop getting new carpet, headliner etc  and should be ready in 3-4 weeks. I can send you photos and description if you would like but as I said another member has the first choice.

    Thanks John 

    [email protected]  

    1. gregp553


      Thanks for the heads-up. I would love to see a few pictures and some details, in case I get a shot at it. 

  7. Hello, I have a 76 Mintgrun that I will sell, I have had it 10-12yrs. Body work excellent, no rust, new carpet, new Ricaro seats, new headliner,new rubber around windows and doors, new shocks, great brakes, a lot more done over the last 5-6 yrs. I have 5 speed gearboxs, also another complete engine rebuilt and also 4-5 other engines in various stages. I have several porsche projects that Im building and this one needs to move on as getting to old to do 3-4 off these. Still a California blue plate car. Im away in Europe at the moment , please call me after January 8th 2019, if interested. Live in Kansas City 816-807-2339. John
  8. Hello, wheels, tires and original center caps $300 Thanks John
  9. I have 5 steel wheels and center caps availiable from 1976 2002
  10. They are 1976 stamped on wheels. 5j x13 with Michelin tires and original center caps
  11. jdoc1949

    NOS Glass

    Hello I have a 1974 rear windos, Kansas City [email protected]
  12. I have 5 steel wheels from 76 that I will sell, Kansas City Thanks John [email protected]
  13. I have 5 steel wheels in good condition, if interested in Kansas City [email protected]
  14. I have 4 - 4 speeds in kansas city Mo John
  15. Hello I have a rear subframe not sure what year it is from, I will take $100. I can take photo and send you, I live in Kansas City, MO My email is [email protected]
  16. I have a complete set that I would sell
  17. Hello I have several in KC zip is 64106 and I can ship greyhound Please send PM to me joc.systems @gmail.com Thanks John
  18. Thanks for giving everybody price and location, that helps, best of luck with your sale. John
  19. I thought forum rules were if showing product you have to put price?
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