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  1. The car is at my house in Bothell, WA. Subie - I wish we could make it work as well. You sound like the right kind of person for the car. I'm just not willing to approach the sale the way you mentioned. Someone must be looking for a winter project..
  2. Kinda what i'm praying will happen. 😜 Keep the paint as is - have Car-Tender painted on the side and just drive it. I just don't need another project car - this one for me was one I was planning on keeping for life and was kinda relieved to finally decide to get rid of it.
  3. Me too! Part of me wishes that the car will just stay and I can finish it up on my own timeframe. I keep going back and forth between my life priorities and this car and I just feel I can't give it the time and love it deserves. If it comes down to it, it will just be a fun car to rip on during the weekends. Happy to answer any questions and at this point pretty negotiable on price. Spread the word!
  4. I hate to do it but I have to part ways with my 2002 project i've been tinkering with for the past 6 years or so. I've done my best to list everything with the car but as always i'm sure i'm missing some things both good and bad. I'm selling due to some life changes - my pup had surgery in October due to two herniated discs, trying to get married in the coming year, and another car came into the picture at the right price but the wrong time; so the 2002 has to go. I haven't posted the car up for sale on CL or FB, and really don't want to. It's important to me that another enthusiast get the car. Asking price is 2000.00. Check out the photos in the shared album and please reach out with any questions. The ad I put together is below: 1976 BMW 2002 – E30/2.7i Engine Swap - 2000.00 or best offer More photos here - https://photos.app.goo.gl/GEdMGtkjuUrLyhNJ9 *1976 BMW 2002 Automatic *Four Cylinder (M10) engine with Automatic Transmission has been swapped out in favor of a 2.7L BMW Inline Six Cylinder engine (325e bottom end, rebuild 885 Cylinder Head from a 1988 328 325iX). *Engine Management/Wiring Harness has been converted to run Motronic 1.3. *666Fabrication Turbo Manifold Adapter that needs a crack repaired – currently not installed and not needed. Just something I had in mind for the low compression 2.7i. *E30 Style Battery Junction/Jump Point has been mounted on firewall. *E30 C101 “Quick Disconnect” has been wired in and mounted on firewall. – Wiring needs to be tidied up. It is functional but leaves much to be desired in regards to tidiness and appearance. *E30 G260 5 Speed Transmission has been installed. This required the Transmission Tunnel to be cut out. I’ve left this unfinished and meant to finish it up but I no longer have the time, interest, or motivation to get it done. This is the biggest hurdle with this swap – someone with metal fabrication skills, body work skills, or deep pockets are what’s needed to get this part done. Clutch Slave and Master Cylinder have been replaced. Throttle Cable setup had to be reworked and fabricated – could be better but gets the job done. *E30 Driveshaft – installed using 2002underground Center Support Bearing Bracket. Factory 2002 Center Support Bearing Mounting Tabs need to be welded back in for full support (I had my own bracket made to prior to 2002underground making this solution). I have the factory tabs that need to be welded in. *Top-End Performance rear Strut Bar/Battery Holder has been installed with Hella Battery Disconnect. Battery was replaced two-three years ago and has been kept on a trickle charger. *Euro Turn Signals have been installed, as well as new sealed beam Headlights. I was in the process of getting all the exterior lighting working. Brand new Hazard Switch has been installed. *Brand new E30 318iS Fuel Pump has been installed. Fuel System has been redone with brass hardlines and E30 fuel filter. The lines and filter need to be secured better but are secure enough for now. *Lightened Flywheel *Miller Performance Center Console as well as a bunch of spare bits and pieces to cobble together a good set up. *Wink 5 Panel Mirror *Fuel Tank was removed, painted, rinsed/cleaned out/dried, and reinstalled. **The car does have some heavy rust in the spare tire well and appears to have been repaired some time in the past. Other areas seem to be mostly surface rust which I’ve tried my best to photo. The car runs and drives but needs to be towed to it’s new home. It has a clean title but is not currently registered or tabbed, it definitely needs some work before it’s road ready. It should have the Valves adjusted, The HVAC system has never been in use as long as I’ve had the car, and currently the Heater Core is not plumbed into the Cooling System. Brakes and Suspension need work. Exhaust is not the best as it was built to simply make sure the engine and running gear would work – ideally a new system from the exhaust back should be fabricated. Front Windshield is cracked at the left/lower corner. That being said, the car is rust free for the most part and has been in a garage for the last 6 years and loved as long as I’ve owned it. My asking price is 2000.00 which I’m fairly firm on. The car comes with a some spare parts. Interior is missing the back seat, and carpet but the rest of it is in fairly good shape for it’s age. I’m sure I’m missing a bunch – this has been a passion project of mine for the last 6 years. My priorities have changed and I know it deserves a better home at this point. It still has quite a bit of work ahead of it before it’s truly road ready and daily driveable but I believe the price reflects that. Please reach out via email, call, or text with any questions. - four two five 2 1 9 seven seven 7 1
  5. Are they just widened Steelies? Looking good!
  6. Tony - yup it's running now. Just tying up the loose ends and getting it road ready.
  7. Sorted out a large vacuum leak at the Brake Booster (I need that darn 90 degree Elbow - anyone have ideas? BMW says it's NLA!). Finally got the M20 idling correctly - funny it's much quieter idling at 700rpm as opposed to 1200. Who'd have thought? Cleared out the garage for more work during this week - hoping to drive it around quite a bit this weekend. Cheers!
  8. Been awhile since this thread was bumped - figure i'd check in with you guys! Been tying up loose ends which is nice. Anyone have any current engine bay shots?
  9. I was able to get my CSB situation sorted out and get the car back on the ground. Feels good to make some forward progress. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  10. Looks so good! Any reasoning on the flipped over AFM? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. Hey everyone, I'm in desperate need of a kidney grille for a 1976 2002a. I thought I had a lead on one but it fell through and i'm hoping to get the car back to the customer by end of day Monday. I know i'm going out on a limb here but my only other option is to pull the one off my car, which i'm prepared to do but it's got a small dent in the upper/center of it and i'm hoping I can find one in better shape. Thanks!! Feel free to reply here or call/text me if it's easier - 425 219 7 7 7 1
  12. Videos aren't showing up for me. Now that the garage is warming up I've got the car back up on jack stands. Got a a CSB support piece from 2002underground. Very nice, will post pictures after install. I need to reinstall the factory driveline csb mountint tabs I cut out when I installed the e30 driveline..damnit Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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