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  1. We just finished up today and cut and welded in an e30 tunnel. It’s tight without it but not impossible to bang out, really depends on the condition of the metal surrounding the tunnel
  2. Car started to act up on the way out there , so I turned around...have fun guys!
  3. I believe they are 14x6 ET 21, I have the same wheels setup on mine
  4. Looking for an IE front air dam, let me know what you have. Thanks
  5. Anybody use quick release removable steering wheel hubs? Probably a problem with people with stock steering wheels through....
  6. I also went with T3 with my coilovers, I just had to let them know the specs on spring length and sleeve length. I went 7" springs @ 300lbs. I stuck with stock diameter housings and KYB strut inserts to clear my wheel/tire setup (13x8 +11 offset).
  7. That looks awesome, I've been looking everywhere for the +10 offsets on the RKR but it seems they only stock them in the UK where did you find the +10 offset from if you don't mind me asking?
  8. Hi guys After sitting for a year waiting for a restoration, we tried to start the motor (M10) and other than a tired battery, it started up after a few tries! Question is, currently the crankcase breather is disconnected to the factory air box due to running a 32/36 carb, but the breather tube is shooting out a little bit of smoke at start up..is this normal?
  9. 1st post!, can somebody tell me how this guy fit 15x8 et0 on his car and if its actually driveable? Many wide setups i've seen required skinny tires, TIA!
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